L1: Leavesden Aerodrome, Leavesden Green

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Point of Destruction (Quentin Lawrence: 1959)
Brady arrives in his car to investigate a series of aircraft crashes.

L2: Gade Avenue, Watford

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Point of Destruction (Quentin Lawrence: 1959)
Stefan (Derren Nesbitt) and Katrina (Patricia Jessel) follow Brady's car down Gade Avenue and watch as he crashes his car into the River Gade. He escapes from the car and phones his sister from a call box as the police arrive.

L3: British Rail Centre, The Grove, The Grove Park, Grove Mill Lane, Watford

THE AVENGERS: Man-Eater of Surrey Green (Sidney Hayers: May 1965)
Laura Burford (Gillian Lewis) is lured away from her work with Alan Carter (William Job) at their greenhouses. Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits the country home of Sir Lyle Peterson in his Bentley, and almost sits on a deadly cactus when leaving. Steed, Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) and Dr. Sheldon (Athene Seyler) return to Peterson's armed with weedkiller.

THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers (Charles Crichton: November 1965)
Steed and Emma arrive at the gates of the Hospital in Steed's Bentley and drive in. Following a postcard clue of the house, Steed drives to Manton House, a war museum. Major Robertson drives Mrs Peel up to Manton House at speed, over the bridge. Steed and Mrs Peel depart to new adventures on go-karts.

THE AVENGERS: The See-Through Man (Robert Asher: November 1966)
Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) arrives too late to save Lord Daviot at Daviot Hall.

THE AVENGERS: Never, Never Say Die (Robert Day: February 1967)
Whittle (Christopher Benjamin) is driving in the country just before he first knocks down Professor Stone.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Beginning (Cyril Frankel: 1967)
Nemesis agents Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo), Craig Sterling (Stuart Damon) and Richard Barratt (William Gaunt) wait outside a Chinese research laboratory for a signal from an inside man, Ho Ling aka 'Julius Retford' (Rick Young). After breaking into the establishment and collecting samples of deadly bacteria the Nemesis agents are pursued by Chinese guards (lead by Anthony Chinn). Ho Ling manages to get a seat in one of the pursing trucks so he can report back to Geneva.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Invisible Man (Cyril Frankel: May 1967)
Hallam and Sumner arrive back at Hallam's country consulting rooms and clinic.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Experiment (Cyril Frankel: June 1967)
A man with super human strength and speed breaks into the Ministry of Technology Research Unit.

THE AVENGERS: The Positive Negative Man (Robert Day: August 1967)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits the derelict Risley Dale Electronic Research Laboratory, gets an electric shock from a van and - with Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) - meets Cresswell (Ray McAnally). Mankin (Peter Blythe) flees from the electrical killer along the railway lines and dies on the fence. Mrs Peel and Steed return to Risley Dale where Cresswell and Haworth (Michael Latimer) prepare to finish them off.

THE AVENGERS: They Keep Killing Steed (Robert Fuest: August 1968)
Baron Von Curt (Ian Ogilvy) drives Tara to the bridge where she jumps into the river - and Mother's HQ. The Baron collects Tara and they drive off.

DEPARTMENT S: The Bones of Byrom Blain (Paul Dickson: 1968)
An armed guard patrols the grounds of Marling Dale.

DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old (Leslie Norman: 1969)
Jason manages to steal a box of BHT from Ingrid Von Epsdorf’s house.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2018)


L4: Gatehouse, The Grove Park, Grove Mill Lane, Watford

THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers (Charles Crichton: November 1965)
Mrs Peel has a hairy drive with Major Robertson, in his Sunbeam Alpine, through the gates and up the road, narrowly missing another vehicle!

L5: Watford Town Centre

Watford Town Hall

THE SAINT: The Well Meaning Mayor (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
Templar's Volvo pulls up in front of the Seatondean Town Hall.

THE SAINT: Iris (John Gilling: 1963)
Extensive use of the interior of the Palace Theatre, Clarendon Road posing as “The Warwick Theatre” where the cast of ‘The Exit Room’ are in rehearsals.

THE AVENGERS: Two's a Crowd (Roy Baker: May 1965)
Webster (Patrick Macnee) arrives at the conference centre (Watford Town Hall) and is vetted by two security men. Later the two men see Webster back to his car and he drives off.

THE AVENGERS: The Girl From Auntie (Roy Baker: October 1965)
An old lady (Mary Merrall) leaves the chambers of solicitors, Barrett, Barrett and Wimpole (30 Clarendon Road, redeveloped) on a bicycle just as Georgie Price-Jones and John Steed arrive by taxi. They find Barrett, Barrett and Wimpole stabbed to death in a car parked outside the building  Later Ivanov bids farewell to Steed outside the offices of Art Incorporated (on the junction of Clarendon Road/Shady Lane) but Steed directs the taxi driver to drive around the block before he enters the building for a second time.

THE SAINT: Escape Route (Roger Moore: October 1966)
The Saint manages to escape from Teal and is chased by the Inspector in a police car (along Queens Road (now pedestrianised and adjacent to the Harlequin Centre) heading towards Watford High Street with Woolworths (now McDonalds) on the corner of Kings Street. It has now been redeveloped).
(Identified by John Capel, February 2012)

Watford Central Baths, current photo required

THE AVENGERS: The See-Through Man (Robert Asher: November 1966)
John Steed and Emma Peel exit the Ministry of Defence records Office (Watford Central Baths, Peace Prospect) during their investigation of the recent theft of documents. Steed Bentley sets off in his Bentley to interview Quilby whilst Mrs Peel takes her Lotus to visit Sir Andrew Ford. They are observed by Ulric, one of Major Vazin’s men, from a Mini parked near by.
(Spotted by David Noades July 19th,2005)

THE AVENGERS: Death's Door (Sidney Hayers: May 1967)
As Lord Melford (Allan Cuthbertson) and Steed (Patrick Macnee) get into the car that is to take them to the conference they witness an accident on the road opposite (on the junction of Clarendon Road/Shady Lane).

THE AVENGERS: The Return of the Cybernauts (Robert Day: 22nd May, 1967)
A strange spire is shown as the cybernaut approaches on it's first mission (St. John's Church, Sutton Road).
(Spotted by Mike Richardson, 22nd May 2012)

Star House, Clarendon Road

THE AVENGERS: You Have Just Been Murdered (Robert Asher: July 1967)
Rathbone arrives at his bank (Star House) to collect one million pounds watched by Mrs peel from her car.

THE AVENGERS: Wish You Were Here (Don Chaffey: September 1968)
Steed and Tara arrive at the office of Tara's Uncle Charles in Steed's yellow Rolls. They wait until Kendrick leaves before entering.

THE AVENGERS: Homicide and Old Lace (Vernon Sewell: November 1967)
Tara, in the Lotus Elan +2, is pursued by the Intercrime men down the spiral ramp of Church Car Park, Exchange road.

THE AVENGERS: Love All (Peter Sykes: November 1968)
Coordination and Control meeting takes place in ministry building (Watford Town Hall). Steed parks his yellow Rolls outside and enters. Sir Rodney (Robert Harris) escapes from the ministry in his grey Rolls avoiding capture by the guards.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: That's How Murder Snowballs (Paul Dickson: November 1968)
Establishing shots of the Palace Theatre, Clarendon Road. (Extensive use is made of the interior of the theatre in this episode).

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water (Leslie Norman: September 1968)
Marty visits a number of London theatres and clubs looking for Fay Cracken(sequence includes footage shot inside the Palace Theatre for That's How Murder Snowballs).

HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS!:The Go-Karters (Harry Booth: 1969)
Spring finds himself in the Magistrates Court (Watford Town Hall).

UFO: Confetti Check A-O.K. (David Lane: November 1969)
The Strakers (Ed Bishop and Suzanne Neve) arrive in their American saloon, and carry out 'Confetti Check' before entering the building (Dean Park Hotel, St. Albans Road). Straker (Ed Bishop) picks up Nina Barry (Dolores Mantez) in his Jensen on the top level of Church Car Park, Exchange Road. They leave by the spiral ramp followed by a detective in a Ford Corsair. Lower High Street seen in back projection as the detective follows Straker's car.

L6: Shakespeare Street/Milton Street, Watford


THE AVENGERS: The Morning After (John Hough: October 1968)
At the Rostarn Trading Company (the junction of Shakespeare Street and Milton Street) Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Tara wait to ambush Merlin when he arrives. Next morning Steed wakes to find the street (Milton Street) deserted. He goes to make a phone call outside the local shop (Garfield Street) but is unable to get through. Having no luck in contacting his superiors, Steed handcuffs Merlin (Peter Barkworth) to his Rolls Royce and they drive off down Shakespeare Street. After they find the street blocked they proceed to walk on foot handcuffed together. The television van drives down Stanmore Road. The patrol of troops led by Sergeant Hearn (Brian Blessed) stop on Milton Street and search the houses. They then enter the Rostarn Trading Company offices. Steed, Jenny, Yates and Merlin arrive at the offices.

L7: Watford Football Ground, Vicarage Road

SABER OF LONDON: Saber's Bow and Arrow (Max Varnel: 1958)
James Street Edinburgh, next to the arena (Watford Football Club). Pete Paulson (Neil McCallum) waits for the kidnappers to use the telephone box. Frank (Michael Bryant) and Mark Saber (Donald Grey) wait in Saber's Porsche 356 cabriolet nearby. When Freddy (Geoffrey Hibbert) uses the phone Saber, Pete and Frank pounce.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: But What a Sweet Little Room (Jeremy Summers: ??)
The van carrying Rawlings, Elliot and a captive Jeff arrives in a side street next to a football stadium (Occupation Road). They use the noise of the football crowd in the adjacent stadium to cover Jeff's cries as they beat him up.
(Spotted by Claire and Michael Saunders, August 1995)

THE PERSUADERS!: Read And Destroy (Roy Ward Baker: 1971)
Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) arrives for a meeting with Pfeiffer (Elliott Sullivan), the CIA man, but they are being eavesdropped upon by Ivan Ivanov (Harvey Hall).

L8: The Royal Oak, Kitters Green, Abbotts Langley

INSPECTOR MORSE: Masonic Mysteries (Danny Boyle: 1989)
Morse (John Thaw) rewards Lewis (Kevin Whately) for his support by taking him for a pint of beer at a local pub.

L9: Gypsy Lane, Watford

THE AVENGERS: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station (John Krish: March 1967)
The train passes through a tunnel (Watford Tunnel to the North of Watford Junction station) on the way to Norborough Junction with Lucas aboard.
(Identified by Philip Langton and confirmed by Alan Field, December 2007)

THE AVENGERS: Bizarre (Leslie Norman: February 1969): Helen Pritchard recalls how she went to feed her dog in the guards van of her sleeper train and was thrown off the train by a corpse.
(Spotted by Alan Field, December 2007)

L10: Watford Junction Railway Station

THE AVENGERS: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station (John Krish: March 1967)
The train arrives at Norborough Junction. Later the same station is seen after Mrs Peel is saved from being thrown onto the tracks and in various shots of trains passing through stations.
(Identified by Philip Langton and confirmed by Alan Field, December 2007)

L11: Ebury Road, Watford

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Struggle for a Mind (Sidney Hayers: Feb/Mar 1964)
Dr Jimmy Davis (Michael Johnson) arrives at the Kross family home (Ottoman Terrace), where he is admitted. Upon leaving, Davis returns to his car, where he is joined briefly by Mrs Kross (Kay Walsh). Later, Dr Roger Corder (Herbert Lom) and Liz (Joan Collins) arrive in his Humber Super Snipe and leaving the vehicle she walks across the road to some terraced houses, where she is met by Mrs Kross and Angie (Margaret Whiting). Corder then drives the Humber away towards a tunnel (Radlett Road and Ebury Road). After being deceived, Liz runs down some steps and along the pavement, before walking alongside a brick wall. Looking for her daughter, Mrs Kross also runs down the steps and then walks up a rise towards her home, where she finds Corder’s parked car. Having failed to locate Liz, Dr Roger Corder parks his Humber Super Snipe and walks across the road to a telephone box (corner of Shaftsbury Avenue and Ebury Road), where he calls Dr Tate to give him the news.

L12: Durrants House, Lincoln Way, Croxley Green

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung (Jim O'Connolly: March 1967)
Joanne drives spring to the safe house followed by Templar in his Volvo. Templar is captured. Later Joanne Dell (Toby Robins) and Colonel Hannerley (Allan Cuthbertson) leave in a hearse with Spring aboard. Before they leave Vulanin (George Pastell) orders a Russian guard (Peter Brace) to kill Simon Templar.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May, 2012)

NEW TRICKS: God's Waiting Room (2007)

L13: Oxhey Park, Watford

THE AVENGERS: The See-Through Man (Robert Asher: November 1966)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives in his Bentley to talk to Ackroyd (Jonathan Elsom).

THE AVENGERS: Game (Robert Fuest: June 1968)
Merton Park children's playground, where Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Tara (Linda Thorson) find the bodies of Dexter, Averman and Witney.

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