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Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany
Building site between Sussex Gardens and Cambridge Square, London W2 - Identified by Phil Draper, May 2021

Unknown 2

Unknown 3
Farnborough, Hampshire - Farnborough in September 1948 identified by Brian Burrage of The Vickers Viscount Network
Heathrow Airport –
Unknown 4 - 
Unknown 5 - 
Unknown 6
The Westbury, Bond Street, Mayfair, London W5 - Identified by Marishka von Saatz, February 2013
Unknown 7
Aerial Hotel, Heathrow Airport
Clarendon Crescent, London W2 (redeveloped) - Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2021
Rowington Close, London W2 - Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2021

Unknown 8

Gloucester Place, on to Park Road
Westbourne Park Crescent onto Hills Road, London W2 (redeveloped as Westbourne Green Open Space)
Kinnaird Road (formerly Chichester Street and now a footpath) on to (Upper) Westbourne Terrace , London W2

Unknown 9
Kurfüstendamm, Berlin, Germany
Unknown 10

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