THE ZOO GANG, The Twisted Cross

Researched and compiled by Paul Stroud

All locations in Nice unless otherwise stated

Please help find the Missing Locations for this episode

Boulevard de la Croissette, Cannes

Nice at night.

Quai des Docks

André walks past les Pêcheurs and walks up the steps leading to Schroder’s flat.

Ruelle des Moulins

 André attacks Schroder in the alleyway behind les Pêcheurs. Manouche and Hercule raise the alarm.

Boulevard de la Croissette, Cannes 

Nice again.



Phillipe approaches Tommy’s house. After shooting Tommy he jumps into a car driven by André.

Promenade des Anglais/Rue Constadt

Newspaper van delivers papers with the headline referring to Tommy’s shooting.

Quai des Docks

Hercule chases the tramp he believes can identify Phillipe and Andre.


Quai de la Douane

Now on the other side of the dock, Hercule locates the tramp, then telephones Phillipe and Andre.When they arrive Alec and Steve block their car, then Manouche controlling a crane hoists the car into the air until the police arrive.

Voiture suspendue

Missing locations


Hélène Schroder’s Hairdresser, reputedly at 23 Rue Moreau

Separate shots from inside and out show the same door and handle suggesting it’s all filmed at the same location.

Shop signs:
Coiffure pour Dames
Salon Camille

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