A1: Hampden House, Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire


HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Title sequence (1980)
The house appears in both the opening and closing title sequence.

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Witching Time (Don Leaver: 1980)
Mary (Prunella Gee) visits a local church to talk to the Rector (Lennard Pearce) about the witch, Lucinda.

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Thirteenth Reunion (Peter Sasdy: 1980)
Ruth Cairns (Julia Foster) investigates a mysterious death at the Chesterton Clinic.

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Two Faces of Evil (Alan Gibson: 1980)
Janet (Anna Calder-Marshall), Martin (Gary Raymond) and David Lewis (Paul Hawkins) stop at a crossroads on the way to their holiday. Janet Lewis wakes up in hospital after a car crash. Her husband and son are also in the hospital. After answering questions from P.C. Jenkins (Mike Savage), she and her son leave the hospital watched by the sister (Pauline Delany).

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Children of the Full Moon (Tom Clegg: 1980)
Sarah (Celia Gregory) finds sanctuary from the creatures of the night in a mysterious mansion.

A2: Halton House, RAF Halton, Halton nr. Wendover

Photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Abductors (Jeremy Summers: ??)
Madeline is kidnapped and taken in a Citroen to Chateau Bellville.

A3: Wendover, Buckinghamshire

GIDEON’S WAY: Morna (Cyril Frankel, October 1964)
Gideon and David Keen drives to Wendley (High Street, Wendover) to help the Chief Inspector Budd with the case. Later Gideon interviews Green and Usher at Wendley police station.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2007)

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