London N


Alwyne Road

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One (Don Chaffey: 1968)
An air raid has started and Crichton (Clive Francis) rushes to the Chelsea home of Alison with a marriage licence (Awyne Place/Alwyne Road) after getting leave unexpectedly. Crichton rushes into the house (31 Alwyne Road) and lets himself in. Decades later Mr. Barrett (Larry Noble) helps Jon Holden move into the house that he has rented.
(Identified April 2013 by Tavistock of the Britmovie forum)

Baring Street

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One (Don Chaffey: 1968)
A woman covers the windows of her shop with blackout shutters and nearby pub (The Baring) is evacuated as an air raid is announced by the sound of sirens and the drone of aircraft engines.
(Identified April 2013 by Tavistock of the Britmovie forum)

Bingfield Street

GIDEON’S WAY: The Reluctant Witness (Jeremy Summers, April 1965)
Red Carter races into London to put his plans in to action. The police van and escort are not far behind.

Camden Passage

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One (by Don Chaffey: 1968)
After deciding to rent a new house Jon Holden (Robert Lansing) takes Kit Beaumont (Gabrielle Drake) shopping to celebrate.

Caledonian Road

DANGER MAN: The Sisters (Seth Holt: 1959)
Drake is sent to interview Prof. Nadia Sandor in prison (H.M. Prison Pentonville).
(Identified by Paul Stroud, March 2014)

THE CHAMPIONS: Full Circle (John Gilling: September/October 1967)
Craig Sterling sent to watch Paul Westerman in Birch Hill Prison (H.M. Prison Pentonville) posing as a fellow prisoner.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

Cannonbury Square

THE SAINT: The Contract (Roger Moore: October 1964)
Simon drives Dunstan to the back of Eileen Ballinger’s home as they suspect Farnberg might be there.
(Identified by Peter Astaire, September 29th 2009)

Goods Way

THE BARON: There's Someone Close Behind You (Roy Baker: December 1965)
Mannering follows the car following Wilde's police car in his Jensen. They find themselves on a quiet street where two young punks on motorcycles are waiting (Goods Way and Pancras Road).
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, July 2001)

Hoxton Street

GIDEONS WAY: Boy With Gun (Jeremy Summers: May 1965)
Establishing shot of London Market (corner of Hoxton Street and Purcell Street, redeveloped). Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) is cornered by a gang of youths in Moore Alley (Dormer Mews, redeveloped). Mick Murphy (Roger Foss) is shot. Chris runs into the street (Hoxton Street, opposit Purcell Street), but has to turn back when he sees two of the gang members talking to a police man. Later, Doctor Kirk (Anthony Bate) goes to the crime scene to attend to the injured boy.
(Identified by Phillip Judge, March 2024)

Islington High Street

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One (by Don Chaffey: 1968)
After leaving Camden Passage Jon Holden (Robert Lansing) and Kit Beaumont (Gabrielle Drake) rush to catch a bus.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July2007)

Kings Cross Station

GIDEONS WAY: Gang War (Quentin Lawrence: January/February 1965)
The bullion delivery arrives at Kings Cross Station and is picked up by the security van.

Northdown Street

Photo: Stephen Carter

GIDEONS WAY: Gang War (Quentin Lawrence: January/February 1965)
Ronald Lacey (Jerry Blake) and his gang Lefty (Patrick Durkin) and Cowboy (James Chase) pay a visit to a local barbers shop to demand protection. The barber, Tony Mazzo (Will Stampe) runs out of the shop after being attacked.

Popham Road

THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung (Jim O'Connolly: March 1967)
Simon Templar buys some rockets from a corner shop (totally redeveloped, from the phone book Certainly there was an R. Collings Chemists at No.3 Popham Road and a Barley Mow pub at 31).

Randells Road

GIDEON’S WAY: The Reluctant Witness (Jeremy Summers, April 1965)
The prison van approaches the ambush and soon the prison van is almost at the ambush corner.
(Identified by William Pitt-Jones, July 2007)

Wilton Square

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One (Don Chaffey: 1968)
The peace of a quite Chelsea square is broken by the sound of air raid sirens.
(Identified April 2013 by Tavistock of the Britmovie forum)


The Bishops Avenue

GIDEON’S WAY: To Catch a Tiger (Leslie Norman: April 1965)
John Borgman tries to relax at home with his second wife Charlotte. Later John Borman arrives back at his house after being questioned by Commander Gideon.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2023)

GIDEON’S WAY: The Perfect Crime (Leslie Norman: May 1965)
Spender Todd (Patrick Allen) and Jimmy Casey (Patrick Bedford) arrive at the home of the Danes (Dane Court, 60 The Bishops Avenue) and proceed to break in. A policeman is cycling by and takes the number of Casey’s stolen car. The policemen arrive and are able to arrest Casey whilst Todd escapes.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)

THE AVENGERS: Game (Robert Fuest: June 1968)
Steed arrives at the home of Professor Witney (East Weald) in his yellow Rolls.

High Road (East Finchley)

Photos: Wyn Roberts

GIDEON’S WAY: The Alibi Man (Cyril Frankel: February 1965)
The Carroway and Grant Garage (redeveloped as retirement flats called Mulberry Court) where Cathy Bellman (Nicola Padget) goes looking for clues to her sister’s whereabouts. After being fobbed off she sees Eric Little (James Culliford) driving away and flags down a passing taxi to follow him.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, June 2007)

Holne Chase

THE SAINT: The High Fence (James Hill: December 1963)
Simon chases after the two crooks, Anworth and Fasson, in his Volvo. They start to fire at him from their car (Holne Chase turning into Rowan Walk).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

Winnington Road

THE SAINT: The Scorpion (Roy Baker: December 1963)
Eddie Black follows Wilfred Garniman’s car after it leaves Deverest’s house (turning into Holne Chase).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

THE SAINT: The High Fence (James Hill: December 1963)
After finding that they have left the theatre tickets behind Simon does a U-turn (at the Norrice Lea roundabout) to return back to the house with Gabriel. After the two crooks drive off from Gabriel’s house Simon gives chase (along Winnington Road to the Norrice Lea roundabout and up Norrice Lea). Simon has to give up the chase when his tyres are shot out and he watches Anworth and Fasson drive away.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

THE CHAMPIONS: Full Circle (John Gilling: September/October 1967)
Mr Booker’s arrives at his house (17 Winnington Road) and enters. Later, following up on Pickering’s information Richard (William Gaunt) drives to Booker’s house (between Winnington Close and Norrice Lea).Richard see’s Garcia’s car. As he approaches the house he senses that Craig is in trouble inside.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old (Leslie Norman: 1969)
Annabelle and Stuart arrive at the house (12 Winnington Road) set up for Ralph, Albert and Spenser by Dr. George Kent. A little later Dr. Kent arrives and sees Stewart’s car.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2004)


Embassy Lodge, Regent's Park Road

GIDEON’S WAY: The Perfect Crime (Leslie Norman: May 1965)
Todd arrives back at his flat and leaves as Spender. “Highfield Court near The Angel”. Sandra Casey (Jean Marsh) takes a taxi to Todd’s flat. She tells the taxi river (Richard Davies) to wait whilst she talks to the janitor (George Merrit). Fortunately Todd (Patrick Allen) is just leaving. Sandra gets back into the taxi and they follow Todd’s car.

THE SAINT: The Man Who Liked Lions (Jeremy Summers: July 1966)
Franco (Michael Wynne) drives Simon Templar to Tony Allard's apartment block in Rome. While they are there, they are attacked by two villains who then make their escape through the lobby and across the car park. Later Claudia Molinelli (Suzanne Lloyd) arrives at the apartment block to pick up Tony's diary.

THE SAINT: The Persistent Patriots (Roy Baker: October 1966)
Simon Templar arrives in his Volvo at the flat of Mary Bannerman (Jan Waters). He is just in time to see Mary leave with Jeff Peterson (Mike Pratt).
(Source: Sam Mitchell)

THE SAINT: The Master Plan (Leslie Norman: 1967)
The Saint delivers Jean Lane to her apartment in his Volvo.

THE AVENGERS: Something Nasty in the Nursery (James Hill: March 1967)
Sir George Collins (Patrick Newell) leaves his home.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, May 2000)

Current Photo required


Finsbury Park

THE PROTECTORS: Petard (Cyril Frankel: 1973)
Scudder (Mark Jones) meets Sir Charles Engleton (Basil Dignam) to discuss the appearance of Harry Rule at IMA. They are observed and photographed by Paul (Tony Anholt). Later Scudder arrives with details of the selling price and Engleton drives away with the information in his Rolls Royce.
(Identified by Tamara Cartwright-Loebl, August 2005, confirmed by Alan Field, June 2008)

Lennox Road

THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
The stolen Security Van drives into a yard (Fonthill Mews) where it is re-sprayed white while the police continue to search the area in their patrol car.
(Identified by Alan Field, March 2024)


Petherton Road

THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung (Jim O'Connolly: March 1967)
Joanne drives spring to the safe house followed by Simon Templar in his Volvo (between the junctions of Poets Road and Ferntower Road).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2024)


Archway Road

DANGER MAN: Colony Three (Don Chaffey: July 1964)
Robert Fuller (Peter Jeson) leaves his flat and gets on a bus (134 Pimlico) and is followed by Drake in his Mini (between Holmesdale Road on the left and Cholmeley Park). Later Drake returns to take Fuller in for questioning. Robert Fuller arrives at his destination on the bus (134 Pimlico) and opens the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (opposite Waterlow Road and the spires at the right hand corner of the photo are part of the Whittington Hospital complex. All the buildings on the left were demolished for the dual carriageway).
(Identified by Frank Gadd, April 2008 who also supplied location details)

Fitzroy Lodge, The Grove, Highgate

DANGER MAN: Have A Glass Of Wine (Peter Maxwell: 1964)
Sits in his Mini watching a flat at 75 Baron’s Street, the house of courier Kathleen Mary Martin (Kathleen Breck). After talking to base he gets administration to drop off a suitcase in case he has to take a trip. When Martin leaves the house he follows.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, October 2005)

Hampstead Lane

THE BARON: Samurai West (John Moxey: ??)
Raymond Huntley follows Asano and Samantha back to their home (Hampstead Lane going into Courtenay Avenue). The Baron visits Asano (the house was 'Three Oaks' on Courtenay Avenue which has been redeveloped) the following day to ask about his role in Japanese prison camps. Later Huntley breaks into the house and kills Asano. As he leaves he is seen by Yasugi.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, December 2006)

THE PROTECTORS: Balance of Terror (Jeremy Summers: Autumn 1972)
Colonel Krassinkov watches as The Contessa and Harry leave the Soviet Embassy (Beechwood House) and take a taxi at the gates.
(Identified by Sietse Postma, January 2024)

High Sheldon, Sheldon Avenue

(Photo: Wyn Roberts May 2000)

THE AVENGERS: The Winged Avenger (Sidney Hayers: January 1967)
A mysterious figure with razor-sharp claws stalks the offices of Simon Roberts before starting to scale the side of the building with deadly intent.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, May 2000)

High Point 2, North Hill, Highgate

DANGER MAN: The Key (Seth Hold: 1959)
Drake goes to see Harry Logan at flat in Vienna (back of High Point 2).

DANGER MAN: The Professionals (Michael Truman: 1964)
Drake goes with Milos Kaldorand Ira back to her flat after being released by the police (back of High Point 2).

THE AVENGERS: The Girl from Auntie (Roy Baker: October 1965)
Emma Peel's flat.


Highgate Cemetery

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Madison Equation (Rex Firkin: 1968)
The funeral of Ralph Madison is well attended. Inga Madison (Barbara Bel Geddes) is joined by her boss, Sir Gerald Walters (Richard Vernon) and her assistant Barbara Rossiter (Sue Lloyd). As they return to their cars they are observed by insurance investigator Adam Frost (Jack Hedley).

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Debt Collectors (Leslie Norman: 1978)
Jimmy Wilson (Bob Sherman) drops Christine Hansen (Diane Keen) off at a cemetery in his TR7. Christine walks into the cemetery where she meets Forbes (Stephan Chase) and Sir Charles (Geoffrey Keen).

North Hill

Photo: Wyn Roberts

THE PROTECTORS: A Kind of Wild Justice (Jeremy Summers: early 1972)
On the trail of the girl who shot him, Harry Rule arrives at Jordan’s Hotel in his yellow MGB and drives down to the underground car park.

THE PROTECTORS: Balance of Terror (Jeremy Summers: Autumn 1972)
Professor Alexander Schelpin skulks in his hotel room. Later Harry and Paul arrive looking for the Professor, but he has already left. Later still Harry decides to search the hotel once more.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, September 2004)

Pond Square

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Madison Equation (Rex Firkin: 1968)
Private investigator Frederick Shea (Aubrey Morris,) arranges to meet Insurance investigator, Adam Frost (Jack Hedley), at a London Square. Shea offers Frost the file containing his report on the activities of Inga Madison in return for future remuneration.
(Identified by Alan Field, July 2006)

Swain’s Lane

GIDEON’S WAY: Morna (Cyril Frankel, October 1964)
Gideon and David Keen leave the Copthorne’s home after asking about possible blackmailers.

GIDEON’S WAY: To Catch A Tiger (Les Norman, April 1965)
A police constable guards the gates of the cemetery as the body of Leah Anne Borgman is disinterred by the police.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)

Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill

GIDEON’S WAY: Morna (Cyril Frankel, October 1964)
Gideon Michael Usher (Norman Bowler) arranges to meet Morna (Angela Douglas) in the park by their ‘special’ bench.
(Identified by Andrew Chilcott, July 2006)


Brandon Road

THE SAINT: The Contract (Roger Moore: October 1964)
Simon drives his Volvo to meet with Friste at his warehouse 12a Manning’s Wharf, E14 (redeveloped). Later Major John Dunstan arrives just in the nick of time in Simon’s Volvo and rescues Simon from Friste and Farnberg (they drive past The Albion pub as they drive away).
(Colin Jordan, March 2008)

H.M. Prison Holloway

THE AVENGERS: Intercrime (Johnathan Alwyn: December 1962)
Establishing footage of HMP Holloway, Parkhurst Road (old frontage since redeveloped).
(Spotted by Mike Richardson, February 2010)

Market Road, Islington

DEPARTMENT S: The Man in the Elegant Room (Cyril Frankel: April 1968)
"Islington, London, May 12th" - An estate agent takes his client to see a warehouse property (viewed from Caledonian Road junction).
(Identified by Pat Walsh, August 2004)

Offord Road

GIDEONS WAY: Gang War (Quentin Lawrence: January/February 1965)
The barber, Tony Mazzo (Will Stampe) runs over to The Angel Club to see Frank Romano. Later Weasel (Louis Mansi) waits on the street corner for Browning and Keen. Weasel is picked up in a police car by Browning and Keen (at the junction of Crescent Street and Offord Road).
(Identified by Colin Jordan, March 2009)

Wheelwright Street

THE CHAMPIONS: Full Circle (John Gilling: September/October 1967)
Booker and Sarah arrive outside the prison. They are signalled from inside the prison and warned about Steriling’s presence. Later Richard Barrett drives to his position outside the prison (Wheelwright Street looking towards Roman Way).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)


Barrington Road

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Debt Collectors (Leslie Norman: 1978),
Jeffrey Conaught's men force Templar's car of the road (Junction of Barrington and Abbeville Road), whilst Conaught (Anton Rogers) talks to Templar (Ian Ogilvy).
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2008)

Myddelton Road

RETURN OF THE SAINT: Tower Bridge is Falling Down (Leon Griffiths: 1977)
The Coroner's court where the inquest in to Charlie Stewart’s death is taking place (Hornsey Coroner’s Court).


Fortis Green

Photo: Wyn Roberts

GIDEON’S WAY: The Alibi Man (Cyril Frankel: February 1965)
Cathy Bellman follows Eric Little’s Sunbeam Alpine in a taxi, but the traffic lights at the junction (with Tetherdown) foil her attempt.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, June 2007)

Queen's Avenue

Photo: Wyn Roberts

GIDEON’S WAY: The Alibi Man (Cyril Frankel: February 1965)
After Cathy Bellman’s taxi is stopped at the light Eric Little’s Sunbeam Alpine carries on down Queen’s Avenue.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, June 2007)


New Southgate Cemetery, Brunswick Park, Southgate

Photo: Alan Field

THE AVENGERS: The Murder Market (Peter Graham Scott: December 1964)
Steed and Lovejoy attend the 'funeral' of Mrs. Peel - NEEDS CONFIRMATION.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, February 2010)

THE AVENGERS: The Grave-Diggers (Quentin Lawrence: March 1965)
The sexton (Victor Platt) watches as a funeral of Dr. Marlowe comes to an end in Pringby churchyard. After he finishes filling in the grave a small aerial ascends unnoticed from the ground. Later Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits the churchyard in to investigate and finds out from the sexton the Dr. Marlowe has just been exhumed by the undertakers. Steed gives chase in his vintage Vauxhall.
(Identified Alan Field, June 2007)

THE BARON: Epitaph for a Hero (John Moxey: October 1965)
John Mannering and David attend Jim Carey's funeral. Helga (Patricia Haines), Charlie (Nosher Powell) and Owen Davies (Artro Morris) pay their respects also.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Body Snatchers (Paul Dickson: Late 1967)
Frank Nicholls (J.G.Devlin) and a local reporter break into a secret laboratory concealed beneath a Welsh churchyard. Richard Barrett meets up with Nicholls in the crypt of the church after dodging armed patrols. Squires (Bernard Lee) and Yeats (Philip Locke) lead their men in an attack on the church.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (Ray Austin: Late 1968)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) drives through the gates of the cemetery where Marty (Kenneth Cope) is about to be exorcised by Purley (Charles Lloyd Pack) under the instructions of Hellingworth (John Fraser) and Carol (Alexandra Bastedo). A fight breaks out and Inspector Large (Ivor Dean) turns up to arrest the criminals.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave (Cyril Frankel: Summer 1969)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) and Marty (Kenneth Cope) go to investigate the previous night's occurrences at Marty's grave and are met by Jeannie (Annette André); they go the the gate house. Later Jeff is attacked by Harper (Geoffrey Hughes) and is picked up by Mandrake (George Murcell). Young Harry Mandrake (Nigel Terry) is taken by Dighton (Bernard Kay) and Harper from the tunnel after escaping from the house; next morning Marty and Jeff investigate.

THE ADVENTURER: Mr Calloway is a Very Cautious Man (Barry Morse)
Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) and Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) visit the grave of George Frederick
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, January 2005)



Dennis Parade

DEPARTMENT S: The Last Train to Redbridge (John Gilling: 1968)
Stuart and Jason set off from the hospital to race across London at night to Post Office Station to save Annabelle.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, June 2007)

Hampden Square

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Whoever heard of a Ghost Dying? (Ray Austin: October 1968)
Jeff drives back to the office in his Vauxhall.
(Identified by John Holburn and Wyn Roberts)

Park Road

DEPARTMENT S: Last Train to Redbridge (John Gilling: 1968)
A train enters a surface tunnel on the London Underground (Piccadilly Line between Southgate and Oakwood).
(Identified by Alan Field, July 2007)


Amhurst Road

GIDEON'S WAY: The The Perfect Crime (John Gilling: 1968)
The police eventually find the taxi driver (Richard Davies) at a mobile cabmen's cafe (Amhurst Road looking towards Stoke Newington Road).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2022)


Archway Bridge, Horsey Lane
51°34'15.97"N, 0° 8'19.31"W

GIDEON’S WAY: The Prowler (Robert Tronson, March 1965)
Alan Cambell-Gore (Davis Collings) contemplates suicide and climbs onto a road bridge (ArchwayBridge). He is interrupted by a couple and rushes away.
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, December 2006)

Macdonald Road

(Photo: Sam Denham)

THE AVENGERS: You Have Just Been Murdered (Robert Asher: July 1967)
George Unwin (Barrie Ingham) leaves the Offices of Unwin Enterprises and is threatened by Shelton (Simon Oats) in his car. As Unwin leaves Steed arrives in his Bentley.
(Identified by Kim Hawkins, August 2003)

THE AVENGERS: Homicide and Old Lace (John Hough: January 1969)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) is taken by Taxi to meet Dunbar at the offices of Intercrime. Later Steed and the rest of the Intercrime representatives are taken by Dunbar (Keith Baxter) and Fuller (Edward Brayshaw) in a mini bus to engaged in The Crime of the Century. Later Tara (Linda Thorson) escapes from the offices in the same mini bus.
(Identified by Kim Hawkins, August 2003)


Friern Barnet Lane

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain (Charles Crighton: ??)
General Platt (Laurence Naismith) follows The Gent (Christopher Timothy), in his Mini, back to his suburban home (Corner of Friern Barnet Lane and St James Close).
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2008)

High Road, Whetstone

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Smart Detective (John Moxey: February 1965)
After Simon swerves his Volvo around a series of London streets he quickly drives into the repair shop of roadside garage (1105-1111 High Road),. He and Janice Dixon watch as Swann and Miller’s car drives past. They then leave to continue their journey unobserved.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July 2008)

THE SAINT: The Queen's Ransom (Roy Baker: April 1966)
Simon Templar and Queen Adana arrive at the Schweizer National Bank (1255 High Road), and later depart followed by the villains.

Photo: Wyn Roberts

THE BARON: The Long, Long Day (Roy Baker: April 1966)
The Baron and Cordelia make their way to the Jensen in The Ministry of Justice car park (Northway House) and are followed as they leave by a red Citroen.

THE CHAMPIONS: (February 1967 - March 1968)
1255 High Road, with appropriate optical printing of background, appears as Nemesis HQ in various establishing shots.

Photo: Wyn Roberts

THE PROTECTORS: The Insider (Don Leaver: 1973)
The Contessa follows Smith's car in a taxi as he leaves the studios and heads out of town towards the country.

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain (Charles Crighton: 1977)
General Platt (Laurence Naismith) confronts Robbie (Kim Fortune) at The Lantern Coffee Shop. He chases the young boy round the back of the shop and gives him a hiding.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2002)

North Middlesex Golf Club on Friern Barnet Lane

THE BARON: The High Terrace (Robert Asher: September 1966)
Mannering is taken to Hospital after his car crash. Johnny and Rhys break into the hospital in an attempt to finish what they started.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2013)

Oakleigh Park South, Whetstone

The location Commander Gideon's House (this was No. 34 Oakleigh Park South, but had been demolished and the site is now 34A and 34B)
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, January 2022)

Oakleigh Road North

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Debt Collectors (Leslie Norman: 1978)
Christine and Jimmy return to Jimmy Wilson's flat at Barrydene Mansions. Forbes (Stephen Chase) catches Christine Hansen (Diane Keen) a she leaves the flat. Later Simon Templar (Ian Ogilvy) and Jerry (Mary Tamm) arrive in Simon's car. Simon leaves in order to lure a watching man (Chris Dillinger) away and in the process meets a girl in a negligee (Cheryl Gilham).

Totteridge Village, Totteridge

DANGER MAN: Whatever Happened to George Foster (Don Chaffey March 1964)
John Drake visit Peter Jones’ home village and talks to a clergyman in the churchyard.

DANGER MAN: Colony Three (Don Chaffey: July 1964)
Richardson (Peter Arne) shows Janet Wells (Catherine Woodville), John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and James Randall (Glyn Owen) around the church (St. Andrew's Church) where Alan Bayliss is buried. Richardson takes the opportunity to tell Janet that she will be filling Bayliss' position.

THE SAINT: The Fiction Makers (Roy Baker: June 1966)
Warlock's car drives past Long Pond as he takes Simon to visit Hermetico.

THE AVENGERS: Return of the Cybernauts (Robert Day: June 1967)
John Steed arrives in his Bentley at High Pines (Totteridge Park, Totteridge Common), Eddington to interview Hunt, the solicitor, Dr. Armstrong's lawyer. Unfortunately Bronson (Frederick Jaeger) is already there with a cybernaut.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2009)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water (Leslie Norman: Autumn 1968)
Jeff drops Fay Cracken off at her hotel, The Orange Tree public house.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (Ray Austin: Late 1968)
Jeff's car follows Hellingworth's car to Marty's graveyard and passes the gates of Pembury.

THE AVENGERS: Requiem (Don Chaffey: January 1969)
Tara (Linda Thorson) is taken by Major Firth (John Cairney), Jill (Kathja Wyeth) and Lieutenant Barrett (Mike Lewin) to the church where Mother's funeral is taking place (St. Andrew's Church).



Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green

DANGER MAN: The Galloping Major (Peter Maxwell: 1964)
John Drake visit the television station (Alexander Palace transmitter mast) to talk to his contact Kassawari.

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