London SE


Addington Street

Photo: Wyn Roberts

STRANGE REPORT: Report 1553: Racist: 'A most dangerous proposal' (Peter Duffell: August 1968)
Rick (Ram John Holder) is chased onto the ruins of a demolished house (the location overlooked the Addington Street entrance to Waterloo Station, now redeveloped) and beaten by thugs. Jill Crowley (Jane Merrow) and Margaret (Cleo Sylvester) do the best they can for Rick after they find him.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, April 2005)

Albert Embankment

THE AVENGERS: Six Hands Across a Table (Richmond Harding: March 1963)
Establishing shot of Hampton House, as the offices of the Reniston Group shipbuilders.
(Identified by Tavistock, May 2010)

Photo: Alan Field

GIDEON’S WAY: The Firebug (Roy Baker: September 1964)
Fire brigade called out (fire engines leave London Fire Brigade Headquarters).
(Identified by Alan Field, August 2007)

GIDEON’S WAY: The Millionaire's Daughter (Cyril Frankel, ??)
Alan Blake (Don Borisenko) and Nina Henderson (Lans Traverse) look across the Thames at Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament from the Embankment footpath.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, July 2005)

STRANGE REPORT: Report 0649 SKELETON: 'Let Sleeping Heroes Lie' (Peter Medak: August/September 1968)
Contractors clearing an old bomb site (for new St Thomas Hospital buildings) discover a skeleton and a gun in amongst the rubble.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Just For the Record (Jeremy Summers: ??)
Establishing shot of the Palace of Westminster.

THE ADVENTURER: The Not-So-Merry Widow (Cyril Frankel: ??)
Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) meets Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) to discuss Lady Diane Battersley.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, November 2001)

Anchor Public House, Bankside

Photos: Stephen Carter

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Man from the Dead (Pat Jackson: August 1966)
Rachel walks beside the river and comes to an outdoor, rooftop area (demolished) run by The Anchor public house. She then enters a pub as McGill (Richard Bradford) deals with the man who was following her. He then chases down a corridor/tunnel (under the railway bridge) after a mysterious figure that could be Harry Tyson. McGill makes his way to the pub to talk with Rachel.
(Spotted by Alan Leventhall, September 1994)

Photo: Stephen Carter

STRANGE REPORT: Report 3424 Epidemic: 'A most curious crime' (Daniel Petrie: October/November 1968)
Captain Tork (Graham Haberfield) thinks he sees Hamlyn Gynt on the corner of the street and grabs him.
(Identified by Stephen Carter, June 2007)




THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Security Van drives along Bankside, and enters Saunders Chemical Works (redeveloped site possibly The Globe theatre). After the robbery the Security van and a Land Rover with the villains aboard leave the scene of the crime.

Bermondsey Wall

GIDEON'S WAY: The Tin God (Directed by John Gilling: June 1964)
John ‘Benny’ Benson (Derren Nesbitt), Syd Benson (Michael Cashman) and Freddy Tisdale (John Hurt) are on the roof of the warehouse and watch as police cars begin arriving.
(Identified by Stepen Carter, September 2007)

Chicheley Street

THE ADVENTURER: The Case of the Poisoned Pawn (Cyril Frankel 1972)
Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) and a Police Superintendent (Paul Williamson) watch from an unmarked police car as Brian Hamilton (Stuart Wilson) enters the bank (Lloyds Bank on York Road).
(Identified by Jaz Wiseman, March 2006)

Finck Street

STRANGE REPORT: Report 1553: Racist: 'A most dangerous proposal' (Peter Duffell: August 1968)
Glynn Crowley (Guy Doleman) is addressing a gathering of the Pure British League in London. He retinue includes his political manager, Drake (Karl Held). Tom Brant (Clive Francis) soaks up ever one of Crowley’s words in the crowd. Later Rick (Ram John Holder) is chased down the same street by thugs. (The location has been redeveloped.)
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, April 2005)

Greenham Close

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Rude Awakening (Peter Sasdy: 1980)
Norman Shenley (Denholm Elliot) and Lolly (Lucy Gutteridge) go to visit a block of flats as part of their estate agency duties, Campbell Building C Block, but they have visited the wrong block and it is being demolished (the flats have been demolished in reality).

H.M.S. Belfast

RETURN OF THE SAINT: Yesterday's Hero (Roy Ward Baker: 1978)
Roy Gates (Ian Hendry) and Michael (Matthew Ryar) talk on the deck before Gates leaves in a Landrover.
(Spotted by Sam Mitchell)

Lambeth Palace Road

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow On The Screen (Pennington Richards: 1958)
Dee drives towards Lambeth Road past the Palace of Westminster.
(Spotted by Sam Mitchell, September 2000)

Lambeth Pier

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Trouble With Women (Cyril Frankel: Autumn 1968)
It's early in the morning and Jeff has had a successful night at Alan Corder's gambling club (establishing shot of morning by the River Thames).
(Spotted by Stephen Carter, March 2002)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Never trust a Ghost (Leslie Norman: December 1968)
Marty is wandering the streets of London alone at night (establishing shot of Albert Embankment near Lambeth Pier).
(Spotted by Stephen Carter, August 2000)

Leake Street

THE ADVENTURER: The Case of the Poisoned Pawn (Cyril Frankel 1972)
Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) and a Police Superintendent (Paul Williamson) stop and arrest Brian Hamilton (Stuart Wilson) on the corner of Leake Street and York Road.
(Identified by Jaz Wiseman, March 2006)

London Bridge

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Variation On A Million Bucks - part 2 (Robert Tronson: November 1966)
Bert makes a telephone call instructing all his agents on ships to Lisbon to kill McGill.
(Identified by Stephen Carter)

Riverside Walk

THE PROTECTORS: Wheels (David Tomblin: 1973)
Under south bank of Hungerford Bridge Harry Rule (Robert Vaughan) and the Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) meet with Sneider (George Pravda) and he explains why the documents must be photographed rather than stolen.
(Spotted by Paul Stroud, April 2009)

The Royal Festival Hall

THE SAINT: The Crime Of The Century (John Gilling: January 1965)
Establishing shot of the hall at night.
(Spotted by Sam Mitchell)

Royal Street

THE ADVENTURER: Somebody Doesn't Like Me (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) and Krista Magnus (Penelope Horner) go to Johnny Morgan's (Jim Norton) flat (Canterbury House) for more information about the contract on Bradley's life. While Bradley discovers that Morgan has been murdered, Krista sees the murderers, Roberts (Peter Vaughn) and Buckley (Robin Hawdon), escape via the front entrance of the apartment block.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, November 2001)

Saint Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Success Machine (Sidney A Hayers, Jan/Feb 64)
Tim Gotha (Edward Judd) joins his foreman Blackie (Harold Goldblatt) on the construction site to discuss work practices. Blackie voices an opinion that the union will object to a larger crew because of safety factors of high-rise working. Having implemented the new work practices, Gotha pays Blackie another visit on the partially built building the next day, where the foreman voices his concerns. Seeing the shop steward Red (Jack Smethurst), Gotha walks over to him, but the union representative appears to have no problem with the larger crew causing working conditions to become more dangerous. The following day an Ambulance arrives at the site, where one of the workers has been struck by a rivet that has fallen from the construction above. A crowd of workmen, Gotha, Blackie and Red, all watch as the two Ambulance men put the injured man into their vehicle and then drive away. Having been informed that the workman died of his injuries, Gotha later goes back to the top of the construction intending to call the crew down, but Blackie arrives to reveal that the death was an accident not connected to the increased manning levels. Even so, Gotha quits his job as site manager and heads down to ground level.
(Spotted by Mike Richardson: March 2011)

THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers (Charles Crichton: November 1965)
Gordon Lamble, head of the Chemical Warfare Establishment, climbs out of the hospital window, stands on the ledge and looks at the view (East Wing, St. Thomas’ Hospital under construction).
(Identified by Geodd Dodd, October 2013)

Shad Thames

Carlos Varell (Carlos Thompson) drives his Aston Martin over the bridge crossing (southbound) on his way to The office of Mercury International (by Butler’s Wharf).
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, February 2011)

THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT: All That Jazz (Charles Friend, 1962)
A delivery boy (Wilfred Downing) rides his bike along Shad Thames before turning into the wharf that is home to the Mercury International offices (by Butler’s Wharf).
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, February 2011)

THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT: Meet My Son, Henry (John Paddy Carstairs, 1962)
Miss Susie Carter (Clemence Bettany) arrives back in a taxi at the offices of Mercury International
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, March 2011)

Southbank Centre

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Stranger In The Family (Peter Duffell: 1968)
After visiting an exhibition on space travel, Boy (Anthony Corlan) accidentally bumps into Paula Wilde (Janice Rule) who is being photographed by her agent Sonny (Maurice Kaufmann). Charles Wilson is engrossed until he notices he is being followed by one of Dr Evans’ men, Hall. Charles tries to escape Hall, but ands up confronting him on the stairs to Waterloo Bridge (Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery and Queen Elizabeth Hall).

Upper Marsh

Photos: Wyn Roberts

STRANGE REPORT: Report 1553: Racist: 'A most dangerous proposal' (Peter Duffell: August 1968)
The headquarters of the Pure British League (Stangate House) where Adam Strange (Anthony Quayle) arrives to see Jill Crowley (Jane Merrow), Rick (Ram John Holder), Margaret (Cleo Sylvester) and others protesting against the League. Later Strange breaks into the building as Hamlyn Gynt (Kaz Garas) distracts the guard (Michael Goldie). Later still Glynn Crowley (Guy Doleman) and Drake (Karl Held). are arrested and takes away by the police.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, April 2005)

Waterloo Railway Station

THE SAINT: The Miracle Tea Party (Roger Moore 1965)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) walks up and down the main entrance steps. An aerial shot of the station precedes the arrival of Geraldine McLeod (Nanette Newman) by train She is followed from the train by Franklin (Edward Jewesbury) who is stopped by Barlow (Michael Standing) at the ticket gate. After talking to Geraidine, Franklin slips a packet of tea into her bag. Both cross to the phones where Barlow kills Franklin. He reports to Atkins (Robert Brown) and both tail Templar and Geraldine when they leave the stationmaster's office. Templar and Geraldine leave the station in The Saint's Volvo, followed by Atkins and Barlow in a Jaguar. A few days later The Saint, in his Volvo, arrives at the station to meet the train with Dr. Osbert (Patrick Westwood) aboard he follows Dr. Osbert as he leaves the station in a taxi.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman)

THE BARON: You Can't Win Them All (Don Chaffey: March 1966)
Cordelia is sent to Waterloo Station to wait for The Baron who is hoping to get the Petrograd Icons from a left luggage locker. She is followed to the station by Seftan Folkard who sends one of his thugs after her. He returns to Folkard, who sends his girlfriend to inject Cordelia with a sedative and steals her clothes. Disguised as Cordelia, she waits by the locker, for The Baron to arrive.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman)

DEPARTMENT S: A Small War of Nerves (Leslie Norman 1968)
Sir Curtis and Doctor Stickney are picked up in a Rolls Royce from Waterloo Station. Later Scientist Greg Halliday (Anthony Hopkins) arrives on a train after escaping from Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) and Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) and walks through the entrance of platform 13
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman)

York Road

THE ADVENTURER: The Case of the Poisoned Pawn (Cyril Frankel 1972)
Brian Hamilton (Stuart Wilson) arrives at the bank (Lloyds Bank) to collect the money he owes Gene Bradley (Gene Barry).
(Identified by Jaz Wiseman, March 2006)


Lambeth Palace Road

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow On The Screen (Pennington Richards: 1958)
Dee drives towards Lambeth Road past the Palace of Westminster.
(Spotted by Sam Mitchell, September 2000)

MAN IN A SUITCASE: The Bridge (Pat Jackson: ??)
McGill races in his Hillman towards the Albert Bridge.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: But What a Sweet Little Room (Roy Ward Baker: June 1968)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) drops of Jeannie (Annette André) at Arthur de Crecy's apartment. Whist he is waiting Jeff is kidnapped by Elliot (Norman Bird) and Rawlings (Raymond Young) who drive off with him in their van.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Money to Burn (Ray Austin: January 1969)
After the discovery that the used bank notes had been switched a police car races out of Battersea Power Station and out into the night (along Lambeth Palace Road).


Bermondsey Wall West

GIDEON’S WAY: The White Rat (Roy Baker, August 1964)
Establishing shot of London warehouses where a robbery is just about to take place.

Surrey Docks (redeveloped as Surrey Quays shopping centre)

GIDEON’S WAY: The White Rat (Roy Baker, August 1964)
Mickey Keston waits on a cargo ship at the docks for the boat to sail.

GIDEON’S WAY: Big Fish, Little Fish (Cyril Frankel: October 1964)
Establishing shot of docks as Police car ZB4 arrives at the Stone Warehouse looking for “Happy”.

GIDEON’S WAY: How to Retire Without Really Working (George Pollock: November/December 1964)
The Greshams find their way to meet their contact in Docklands.

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