D1: Woolmers Park, Essendon Road, Letty Green

GIDEON’S WAY: Morna (Cyril Frankel, October 1964)
Commander Gideon (John Gregson) goes to interview Sir Robert (Ronald Adams) and Lady Copthorne (Shelagh Fraser) at their home near Wendley.

THE SAINT: To Kill a Saint (Robert Asher: November 1966)
Simon Templar is driven at gunpoint to Fellows' mansion.

THE AVENGERS: Return of the Cybernauts (Robert Day: June 1967)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) arrive at Beresford's house and leave as the Cybernaut (Terry Richards) arrives carrying Neville. Garnett (Anthony Dutton) flees from the house later down to the main road. Later Steed, in his Bentley, follows a remote-controlled Mrs. Peel, in her Lotus, along Woolmer's Lane past the gate house and through the gates to Bereford's house after she crashes through them.
(Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989)

THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues (Don Sharp: January 1968)
Earle (Anthony Bate) and Gardiner (Kenneth Cope) arrive in a Citroen and place false number plate on a waiting Roll Royce. Later Earle and Gardiner watch from their Citroen as John Steed (Patrick Macnee) leaves Flanders' house and talks to Janice (Tracy Reed) before driving off in his Bentley. Later Steed is called back to the house by Janice. Steed drops Janice off and sees the Citroen loading up with paintings and driving off, he follows. Later Steed's Bentley breaks down on a country road and a breakdown truck arrives driven by Stanley (Toby Selby). Steed overpowers Stanley and sets off in the breakdown truck. He stops off at a phone box on the way to warn Tara.

DEPARTMENT S: The Man Who Got a New Face (Cyril Frankel 1968)
At night a mysterious figure makes his way through the grounds of Kolliatis' villa. He gets to the villa and climbs a drainpipe before entering.

THE PERSUADERS!: Five Miles To Midnight (Val Guest: 1970)
Establishing shot of the home of Count Sangallo (taken from The Man Who Got a New Face).
(Identified by Paul Stroud, March 2010)

D2: Hatfield Country Club, Bedwell Park, Essendon

THE AVENGERS: The Rotters (Robert Fuest: September 1968)
Tara (Linda Thorson) arrives at the offices of Wainwright Timber Industries.

D3: Essendon

THE AVENGERS: Invasion of the Earthmen (Don Sharp: November 1967)
Steed and Tara come under surveillance from Huxton (Christian Roberts) and Trump (Warren Clark) as they search Grant's room (The Salisbury Crest, Glebe Cottages,) and are followed when they leave.
(Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989)

THE PROTECTORS: Wheels (David Tomblin: 1973)
A point on the route of Harry’s Ford Escort rally car. The route also takes a turn into a farmyard (Essondonbury Farm – on the B158) and continues through to fields beyond.

D4: St. Andrew's Church, Little Berkhamsted

(Robert Fuest: September 1968)
Kenneth (Gerald Sim) and George (Jerome Willis) arrive at the church where Pym is at work, and destroy the bell tower that night before Steed and Tara can arrive.

D5: Knebworth House, Old Knebworth, nr. Stevenage £

DANGER MAN: The Sanctuary (Charles Frend: 1959)
Drake and Mrs. Crawford arrive at Loch Doon house in a Humber estate. The following day, Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and Crawford (Kieron Moore) leave by Landrover for Ranoch Point. Pursued by Crawford and his men, Drake returns to the house on foot, and attempts to escape in the Humber. Forced to reverse by Mrs. Crawford's Hiliman, his escape is blocked by Crawford's Landrover. Leaving Brannigan (Shay Gorman) on guard, Crawford follows Drake and Mrs. Crawford (Wendy Williams) into the house. After talking to Mullins (Peter Murray), Crawford leaves for the station with his wife and Drake.

GIDEON’S WAY: Morna (Cyril Frankel, October 1964)
A fisherman finds shoe whilst fishing he finds a body (lake by Wintergreen Woods), to the home of the village constable (Gardener's Cottage) to raise the alarm.
(Identified by Sietse Postma, January 2024)

THE CHAMPIONS: The Night People (Robert Asher: June 1967)
Whilst on holiday Sarron (Alexandra Bastedo) arrives at Trennick House to lookround, as she leaves she notices strange marks on the drive. Richard (William Gaunt) calls in at the house when Sharron goes missing and tries to contact her as he leaves. Craig (Stuart Damon) follows Mrs. Trennick (Adrienne Corri) into the county witchcraft museum. That night Richard and Craig break into the house to rescue Sharron. The two agents manage to solve the riddle of Trennick house and arrest Douglas Trennick (Terence Alexander), Jane Soams (Anne Sharp) and Hoad (Jerold Wells).

THE AVENGERS: Invasion of the Earthmen (Don Sharp: November 1967)
The Alpha Academy students in their Land Rover escort Tara and Steed in his AC 427 to the main building.

HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS!: Happy Haunting (Harry Booth: 1969)
Albert (Melvyn Hayes) drives Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley Forde), Billie (Gillian Bailey), Brains (Michael Audreson), Doughnut (Douglas Simmonds), Sticks (Bruce Clark), Tiger (Debbie Russ) and Albert (Melvyn Hayes) to look round a newly opened stately home. The butler, Hodge (Clive Dunn) shows the gang around the house whilst Doris, the maid (Pat Coombs) helps The Duke (Frederick Peisley) and Dutchess (Ruth Kettlewell) with the preparations.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave (Cyril Frankel: Summer 1969)
Lord Mandrake takes Jeff back to Mandrake House for some first aid. Jeannie arrives in the Mini to pick up Jeff. Later Dighton (Bernard Kay) and Harper (Geoffrey Hughes) deliver their ransom note to the house but Dighton is seen by Sandra (Patricia Haines). Eventually they persuade a young boy to deliver the note.

The house is seen in the opening title sequence for each episode.

THE ADVENTURER: Action! (Barry Morse: 1972)
Ann Somerby (Natasha Pyne) follows the limousine carrying Bradley (Gene Barry) chauffeured by John Campbell (John Collin) to a meeting with Carl Bruner (David Lampton), Lola Wells (Alexandra Bastedo) and Peter Maller (Bob Cartland) where he is told that he is there to discuss a script for a film.

HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: Black Carrion (John Hough: Spring 1984)
Cora (Season Hubley) and Paul (Leigh Lawson) discover the country retreat of the Verne Brothers, Ray (Allan Love) and Ron (Julian Littman). This triggers memories of the events that led to the death of her mother, Ellen (Linda Hayden) when Cora was a little girl (Jessica Marshall-Gardiner). The estate manager (Oscar Quitak) is too late to prevent the landlord (Forbes Collins) and the rest of the villagers from lynching Ron. The police (John Patrick, Geoffrey Leesley) arrive just in time to save Paul and Cora from the same fate.

LOVEJOY: Montezuma's Revenge (William Brayne: 1990)
Bikers escort Eric (Chris Jury) to meet Lovejoy (Ian McShane) and Tinker (Dudley Sutton) who are watching the Dead Lizards (Cougar) perform. Jeff Diamond (Trevor Byfield) introduces himself and later Lovejoy confronts Diamond and Rosita Lusemillo (Katia Caballero). Lady Jane (Phyllis Logan), Alexander (Pavel Douglas) and Mrs. May arrive and they all leave together as Nick Bellenger (Mark Crowdy) turns up.

IN THE NICK (1960)
THE V.I.P.S (1963)
WILT (1989)
BATMAN (1989)

CARRY ON LAUGHING: Under the Round Table (1975)
CARRY ON LAUGHING: Short Knight, Long Daze (1975)

D6: A1 Junction 4/A414 nr. Hatfield

THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Bailey drives his yellow sports car north to pick up his hoard of gold.

D7: St. Giles Church, Codicote

THE AVENGERS: Invasion of the Earthmen (Don Sharp: November 1967)
Tara is driven by Steed in his AC 427 to the Alpha Academy and passes the church on the way, followed by an Academy Land Rover.

D8: Heathmount School, Woodhall Park, Watton-at-Stone

INSPECTOR MORSE: Fat Chance (Roy Battersby: 1990)
Freddy Galt (Kenneth Haigh) is visited at his health farm by Emma (Zoe Wanamaker). Later Galt, watched by Hank Briardale (William Roberts), is attacked by Dinah Newberry (Caroline Ryder) just as Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) and Det. Sgt. Lewis (Kevin Whately) arrive.

D9: Old Hatfield

photo: Geoff Dodd

DANGER MAN: Colony Three (Don Chaffey: July 1964)
Richardson (Peter Arne) shows Drake (Patrick McGoohan), posing as the defector Fuller, around the colony (Fore Street).

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: The Morning After (John Hough: October 1968)
Steed and Merlin handcuffed together walk through the deserted streets (Fore Street, Park Street and Salsbury Square), passing a looted shop. An army Landrover drives through the town and later the two men steal a Landrover and drive off with it.

INSPECTOR MORSE: Driven to Distraction (Sandy Johnson: 1989)
The murderer follows his next victim as she leaves the shopping precinct car park in her Volkswagen and drives up Church Street.


D10: Sherrardspark School, Lockleys, Hertford Road (B1000), Welwyn Garden City

THE SAINT: The Imprudent Politician (John Moxey: July 1964)
Sir Christopher Waites drives by the Hertford Road viaduct on his way home. Later Simon arrives at the Waites' house for the weekend.

D11: McMullen & Sons, The Hertford Brewery, Hertford

INSPECTOR MORSE: The Sins of the Fathers (Peter Hammond: 1989)
Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) goes to Farmer's Brewery to talk to George Bird about the proposed buy out of Radford and Son's.

D12: Splashland, Stanbrough Park, Welwyn Garden City £

THE AVENGERS: The Bird Who Knew Too Much (Roy Rossotti: October 1966)
A sniper, Robin (Clive Colin-Bowler), uses a diving platform as a vantage point to shoot at Mrs. Peel and Jordan. Mrs Peel manages to approach the swimming pool unseen and overpowers Robin.

D13: Stevenage Moat House, Stevenage £

THE SAINT: The Fellow Traveller (Peter Yates: 1962/63 ??)
Simon Templar's Volvo pulls up in front of the hotel and he enters with a suitcase.

D14: Viaduct, B1000, High Welwyn

THE SAINT: The Rhine Maiden (James Hill: November 1964)
As The Saint's Volvo approaches the viaduct, the Rhine Maiden passes overhead.

D15: St Albans Road East, Hatfield

photos Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Fellow Traveller (Peter Yates: January 1963)
The Saint arrives in his Volvo at Stevenage Police Station (corner of St Albans Road East and Ground Lane, the actual police station has been demolished) to report a murder.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, June 2005)

D16: Panshanger Airfield nr. Welwyn Garden City

photos: Goff Dodd

THE SAINT: Where the Money Is (Roger Moore: Summer 1968)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) drives to the deserted airfield to meet the kidnappers German (Derek Newark) and Jean Latour (Sandor Elés).
(Spotted by Ivor Williams, May 2004, confirmed by John Viney, August 2006 and Geoff Dodd May 2007)

THE CHAMPIONS: Project Zero (Don Sharp: Autumn 1967)
Richard Barrett joins other top scientists of a charter flight to Scotland. When they loose contact with Richard, Sharron and Craig follow in his steps. When they arrive they are taken to the control tower to be briefed. After the scientists start to question the aims Dr. Voss, the Project Zero leader, he has the fission gun loaded aboard the plane. Sharron (Alexandra Bastedo) manages to escape and she watches as the the guns is fitted to the plane. Later Voss attempts to obliterate the laboratory before the rest of the staff can escape, he has the plane low above the project base.
(Spotted by Ivor Williams, February 2007)

D17: Sue Ryder Care Home, Stagenhoe, St. Paul's Walden

photos: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Art Collectors (Roy Baker: November 1966)
Simon Templar drives Countess Natasha Wanova and her driver, Hans, to her house 30km outside Paris. Joseph (James Maxwell) posing as Marcel Legrand visits the house to view the paintings. Later, Bernard (Bryan Kendrick) and Serge (Peter Bowles) arrive to collect the paintings.
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, January 2007)

THE SAINT: Invitation to Danger (Roger Moore: March 1967)
Simon drives Reb Denning, in his Volvo, to a party at a country house.
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, January 2007)

D18: B651, St. Paul's Walden

THE SAINT: The Art Collectors (Roy Baker: November 1966)
Marcel Legrand (Geoffrey Bayldon) is followed by Mundt (Garfield Morgan) and Gunter (Richard Shaw) who have been waiting for him on a country road (B651 near Stagenhoe). They overtake him and block the road ahead. After forcing Legrand out of his car at gunpoint they knock him out and kidnap him.
(Geoff Dodd, January 2007)

D19: Water Hall, Quarry, B158 nr. Bayford

THE PROTECTORS: Wheels (David Tomblin: 1973)
The quarry on the route that Harry’s Ford Escort rally car takes.

D20: Rye House Kart Track, Hoddesdon

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Quick and the Dead (Roy Baker, ???)
Dr. Roger Corder (Herbert Lom) and Dr. Jimmy Davis (Michael Johnson) take Jimbo Harris (Richard Johnson) to a go-kart track so he can prove his fitness to race. As soon as he gets into the kart his wife Paula (Joanne Dainton) and their son Bobby Harris (David McAlister) arrive. Doctor Corder is trying a little experiment.

HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS!: The Go-Karters (Harry Booth: 1969)
(Spotted by David Noades, 2000)

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