G1: Camfield Place, Wildhill Road/B158, Wildhill

GIDEON’S WAY: The Lady-Killer (Leslie Norman: September 1964)
After their marriage Robert Carne (Ray Barrett) takes Marion Grove (Rosemary Leach) back to her country mansion where they relax by the pool and discuss their future.

THE BARON: The Seven Eyes of Night (Robert Asher: April 1966)
Mannering's Jensen enters the gate of the Villa de Fleur, pulls up outside the house and he enters.

THE BARON: The Man Outside (Roy Baker: September 1966)
Whilst touring in his Jensen, searching for the killer of his friend, Mannering spots Cordelia by the gates of a large house and he stops to compare notes.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Iron Man (John Moxey: June 1967)
A car full of revellers arrive at the gates of El Caudillo's villa looking for the Villa Humoresque. As the guard gives them directions they attack him and make their way to the villa.

THE AVENGERS: Split! (Roy Baker: January 1968)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits Lord Barnes' house in his Bentley. Lord Barnes enters the house followed by Peter Rooke and Tara King.

THE AVENGERS: Requiem (Don Chaffey: January 1969)
Tara (Linda Thorson) arrives at the gates of Steed's hide out in her Lotus and after checking, enters.

THE AVENGERS: Bizarre (Leslie Norman: February 1969)
Steed arrives at the gates of The Happy Meadows in his yellow Rolls Royce.

G2: West Lodge, Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood

HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: The Late Nancy Irving (Peter Sasdy: Spring 1984)
Nancy Irving (Christina Raines) arrives at her hotel and is observed by a waiting motorist who follows her when she leaves next morning.

G3: Northaw

THE AVENGERS: They Keep Killing Steed (Robert Fuest: August 1968)
Arcos (Ray McAnally) and Zerson (Norman Jones) watch a car arrive at Ye Olde Sun Hotel (The Sun), and Tara watches them by the church from her window. When Steed leaves the hotel, he is kidnapped in their fake taxi cab.


G4: Brookmans Park Transmitting Station, Brookman's Park

THE AVENGERS: Super Secret Cypher Snatch (John Hough: June 1968)
MI12 agent, Roger Jarret (Clifford Earl) is shot by a group of men from Classy Glass Window Cleaners at the headquarters of the Cypher Division as Cypher personnel watch on. Betty (Anne Rutter), a secretary from Cypher Division arrives and shows her pass to the guard, Masters (Alec Ross). Steed later arrives in his yellow Rolls Royce to check on security. Ferret (Ivor Dean) visits Cypher HQ and finds it deserted. The next day the Classy Glass Cleaners arrive led by Maskin.

G5: Woodside Lodge, Wildhill Road, Welham Green

THE AVENGERS: Invasion of the Earthmen (Don Sharp: November 1967)
After being followed by Alpha Academy students in their Land Rover Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Tara (Linda Thorson) in the AC 427 are confronted at the gates to the academy by more students who eventually allow them to enter.

G6: Longmeadow, Woodside Lane, Welham Green

THE AVENGERS: Look - (Stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers ... (James Hill: March 1968)
Tara (Linda Thorson) in her AC 427 follows Maxie Martin (Jimmy Jewel) and Jennings (Julian Chagrin) in their taxi to Vauda Villa and is captured when she tries to 'phone Steed. Posing as Gentleman Jack, Steed visits the Villa in his yellow Rolls and is met by Merlin (Robert James).

G8: Brewhouse Farm, Wildhill, nr. Essendon

THE PROTECTORS: Wheels (David Tomblin: 1973)
The Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) arrives in her car at the farm where Harry (Robert Vaughn) and Paul are tuning up their Ford Escort rally car.

G9: Princes Park Manor (former Friern Hospital), Friern Barnet Road, Friern Barnet

THE SAINT: The Frightened Innkeeper (Roy Baker: December 1964)
Simon takes Julia to see where the tunnel under the inn leads. They find it that it finishes below the local prison.

G10: New Southgate Cemetery, Brunswick Park, Southgate

Photo: Alan Field

THE AVENGERS: The Grave-Diggers (Quentin Lawrence: March 1965)
The sexton (Victor Platt) watches as a funeral of Dr. Marlowe comes to an end in Pringby churchyard. After he finishes filling in the grave a small aerial ascends unnoticed from the ground. Later Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits the churchyard in to investigate and finds out from the sexton the Dr. Marlowe has just been exhumed by the undertakers. Steed gives chase in his vintage Vauxhall.
(Identified Alan Field, June 2007)

THE BARON: Epitaph for a Hero (John Moxey: October 1965)
John Mannering and David attend Jim Carey's funeral. Helga (Patricia Haines), Charlie (Nosher Powell) and Owen Davies (Artro Morris) pay their respects also.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Body Snatchers (Paul Dickson: Late 1967)
Frank Nicholls (J.G.Devlin) and a local reporter break into a secret laboratory concealed beneath a Welsh church yard. Richard Barrett meets up with Nicholls in the crypt of the church after dodging armed patrols. Squires (Bernard Lee) and Yeats (Philip Locke) lead their men in an attack on the church.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (Ray Austin: Late 1968)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) drives through the gates of the cemetery where Marty (Kenneth Cope) is about to be exorcised by Purley (Charles Lloyd Pack) under the instructions of Hellingworth (John Fraser) and Carol (Alexandra Bastedo). A fight breaks out and Inspector Large (Ivor Dean) turns up to arrest the criminals.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave (Cyril Frankel: Summer 1969)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) and Marty (Kenneth Cope) go to investigate the previous night's occurrences at Marty's grave and are met by Jeannie (Annette André); they go the gate house. Later Jeff is attacked by Harper (Geoffrey Hughes) and is picked up by Mandrake (George Murcell). Young Harry Mandrake (Nigel Terry) is taken by Dighton (Bernard Kay) and Harper from the tunnel after escaping from the house; next morning Marty and Jeff investigate.

THE ADVENTURER: Mr Calloway is a Very Cautious Man (Barry Morse)
Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) and Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) visit the grave of George Frederick
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, January 2005)


G11: Directorate of Technical Services and Directorate of Housing and Environmental Services, 1255 High Road, Whetstone

THE SAINT: The Queen's Ransom (Roy Baker: April 1966)
Simon Templar and Queen Adana arrive at the Schweizer National Bank, and later depart followed by the villains.

THE CHAMPIONS: (February 1967 - March 1968)
This building, with appropriate optical printing of background, appears as Nemesis HQ in various establishing shots.

G12: Northway House, High Road, Whetstone

THE BARON: The Long, Long Day (Roy Baker: April 1966)
The Baron and Cordelia make their way to the Jensen in The Ministry of Justice car park and are followed as they leave by a red Citroen.

G13: The Bee Hive, Church Street, nr. Epping Green

THE SAINT: The Frightened Innkeeper (Roy Baker: December 1964)
Simon arrives in his Volvo at 'The Weary Traveller'. That same night Tom Kane (Percy Herbert) arrives at the inn carrying a large case. During the early hours of the night Simon observes Martin Jeffroll (Michael Gwynn) and Weems (Norman Bird) pushing an army truck from the inn to the lane before driving off. In the morning Mr Yesterman (John Gabriel), a friend of Jeffroll's, arrives at the inn. Simon and Julia leave in the Volvo to find out where the tunnel Simon has found during the night leads. After Simon returns to the inn Kane plants a bomb in the Volvo. When Simon and Julia leave in the Volvo to fetch the police, Jeffroll follows in his car in an attempt to warn them about the bomb. Jeffroll is followed by Weems and Kane who races out after him with a gun. A few days after the adventure is over Simon arrives back at the inn with a cheque for Julia and a new Volvo for himself.

G14: Broadgates Avenue, Hadley Wood

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Vendetta for a Dead Man (Cyril Frankel: Autumn 1968)
Marty and Jeff go to check out Emil Cavello-Smith. By questioning a neighbour they discover he is married. As Jeff and Marty discuss this in the Vauxhall, they observe Sam Grimes (Timothy West) leaving the Cavello-Smith's house after visiting Mrs. Cavello-Smith (Ann Castle). They follow him as he drives away.
Spotted by John Holburn

G15: Well Road, Northaw

Photos: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues (Don Sharp: January 1968)
Earle and Gardiner follow Flanders, Bentley. Flanders turns right at a junction (Well Road and Judges Hill) while the villains drive straight on. Flanders' engine begins to fail as he passes a post box.
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd: January 2002)

Photos: Geoff Dodd

DEPARTMENT S: The Man Who Got a New Face (Cyril Frankel 1968)
On the night of August 16th Gerhard makes his way at night to the Kolliatis' villa. Later Annabelle Hurst and Jason King follow behind Sullivan's car as he makes his way to a meeting with Nicole (Judge’s Hill). The Department S team race to get to the Italian border before the blackmailers (Judges Hill/Well Road junction). Once the Department S team get to the Italian border they decide to double back along the coast road (Judges Hill/Well Road junction).
Identified by Geoff Dodd: July 2009

G16: East Barnet Road, New Barnet

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Nightmare Man (Peter Sasdy: July 1977)
Simon Templar (Ian OgiIvy) arrives in his jaguar at a pub (The Railway Bell) to see Dolby. Jan Gunther (Joss Ackland) arrives in a taxi at a junk shop to see Dillon (Roy Evans) about buying a gun. Later Simon Templar (Ian OgiIvy) arrives in Jaguar.
Identified by Wyn Roberts July 2002

G17: The Lantern Restaurant, 1284 High Road, Whetstone

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain (Charles Crighton: 1977)
General Platt (Laurence Naismith) confronts Robbie (Kim Fortune) at The Lantern Coffee Shop. He chases the young boy round the back of the shop and gives him a hiding.
Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2002

G18: Newmans Hill, Hadley Wood

Photo: Geoff Dodd

THE CHAMPIONS: The Fanatics (John Gilling 1967)
Sharron Macready and Craig Sterling follow Richard Barratt and his escort over a railway bridge.
(Suggested by Keith Howard, September 2006, confirmed by Geoff Dodd)

Photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: Where the Money Is (Roger Moore: Summer 1968)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) is driving his rented convertible on his way to meet the kidnappers. He finds the road blocked by another car and a sniper waiting for him and the million dollars he is carrying.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, August 2007)

DEPARTMENT S: A Cellar Full of Silence (John Gilling: June 1968)
Vic Kent and Stewart Sullivan narrowly miss crashing into each other on a country road as Stewart races to find out what has happened to Jason King.

G19: Whetstone

GIDEON’S WAY: The Reluctant Witness (Jeremy Summers: April 1965)
Red Carter (Mike Pratt) and his gang use a garage (Whetstone Garage, Whetstone High Road) as their base. Tiny Bray (Frederick Peisley), a police informer, goes to the garage to listen in to Red's latest plans but is seen and hides in a car on the forecourt before running away.
Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, July 2005

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain (Charles Crighton: ???)
General Platt (Laurence Naismith) confronts Robbie (Kim Fortune) at The Lantern Coffee Shop (The Lantern Restaurant, 1284 High Road). He chases the young boy round the back of the shop and gives him a hiding.
Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2002

G20: High Street Barnet

GIDEON’S WAY: The Reluctant Witness (Jeremy Summers, April 1965)
 Rachel Gully (Audrey Nicholson) walks to the florists and chats to a Policeman, PC Moss (Trevor Banister) on the way (St. Alban’s Road/High Street).

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Obona Affair (Peter Sasdy:??)
Simon Templar (Ian Ogilvy) and Colonel Dyson (Jack Hedley) go to see Sid in his antique shop at 206 High Street.
Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2004

G21: Alston Road Barnet

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Obono Affair (Peter Sasdy:??)
Simon goes to see the Bentley Brothers at 30 Layton Street and follows them in his Jaguar as they make their way to see Michael Wright (they travel along St. Albans Road. The Avenue, Alston Road, Falkland Road, Strafford Road and Carnarvon Road).
Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2004

G22: Victoria Road. New Barnet

Photo: Wyn Roberts

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Obono Affair (Peter Sasdy:??)
Pub where Simon Templar (Ian Ogilvy) goes to a pub (The Bailey) to look for information about rebels and meets Colonel Dyson (Jack Hedley) in the car park.
Identified by Wyn Roberts, September 2004

G23: Railway Tunnel, Ganwick Corner, nr. Bentley Heath, Potter's Bar

THE BARON: Farewell to Yesterday (Leslie Norman: September 1965)
Mannering threatens to smash Nick's henchman against the wall of an oncoming tunnel unless he reveals the location of Nick's cabin.
(Identified by Andrew Chilcott, 25th August, 2013)

G24: Junction of Woodside Lane and Wildhill Road
51°44'43.26"N,  0°11'33.82"W

Photo: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers (Charles Crichton: November 1965)
Dressed as a Hell’s Angel, General Groves, lurks at a crossroads on his motorbike playing chicken with the passing traffic. Unfortunately his antics lead to him being killed by a truck.
Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2004

THRILLER: In Possession

G25: Union Street, Barnet, at the junction with Stapylton Road

Photo: Mark Littlefield

GIDEON’S WAY: The Reluctant Witness (Jeremy Summers, April 1965)
Rachel Gully (Audrey Nicholson) walks to work from home. Later Syd Carter (David Gregory) corners Tiny Bray (Frederick Peisley) at a call box. Rachel Gully sees everything.
Identified by Mark Littlefield, November 2007

G26: Kingswood, Clay Hill, Enfield

current photo required

DANGER MAN: The Professionals (Michael Truman)
John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) arrives at the Prague home of Milos Kaldor (Alex Scott) for a swimming party (swimming pool has been filled in). Here he is introduced to the beautiful Ira (Nadja Regin). The following day he returns to ask a favour of his new friend.


G27: Silver Street Goffs Oak (redeveloped)

THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Villains Birch (Stanley Meadows) and Slater (Maurice O’Connell) drop off the crushed security van at country workshop. They are watched by the police Inspector (Peter Jeffries). After the villains leave Glen Bailey (Christopher Neam) arrives in his Lotus. The police move in and Bailey attempts to flee. After brief chase he is captured by Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn).
(Suggested by Sam Denham, confirmed by ‘Stevie Gee’, at the Britmovie Forum)

TIMESLIP (1970) – see www.timeslip.org.uk

G28: The Ridgeway, Northaw

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues (Don Sharp: January 1968)
The Citroen with Earle and Gardiner on board leaves Flanders' house carry a number of expensive paintings with them (towards the Well Road junction). Later Steed driving the breakdown truck back to London weaves across the road (in the opposite direction).
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd: March 2010)

G29: Hadley Wood South Tunnels

THE PROTECTORS: Shadbolt (John Hough: 1973)
On the train, Shadbolt reveals to Harry Rule that he is a contract killer just as the train enters a tunnel (left hand tunnel). Seconds later the train emerges (right hand tunnel).
(Spotted by Alan Filed, June 2008)

G30: Trent Park, Cockfosters Road, Enfield

photos: David Solan

THE SAINT: The Angel's Eye (Leslie Norman: March 1966)
Malone and Corbett watch as Jeremy Cranmore arrives at the gates of Cranmore House in his E-Type Jaguar. The gates are opened by the park ranger and he drives through.
(Identified by David Solan, April 2011)

G31: Theobalds Park, Lieutenant Ellis Way, Cheshunt

THRILLER: Kiss Me and Die (1973)
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, June 2011)

G32: Waltham Cross

photos: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: The £50,000 Breakfast (Robert Day: 26th June 1967)
The wreck of Dusty Rhodes' car has been stolen by Pegram's assistant who has tekn it to a scrap yard (W.C. Jones and Co., Britannia Road, redeveloped) where it is being rushed.
(Spotted by Mike Richardson, June 2012)

THE SAINT: The People Importers (Ray Austin: 1968)
Suresh Gupta (Salmaan Peer) is pursued to a junkyard (Britannia Road)where he is able to telephone for his sister. Bonner (Neil Hallett) and Slater (Gary Miller) in the Bentley see Suresh and chase him further into the junkyard. Simon Templar (Roger Moore) and Mailia (Nik Hassal) arrive in Simon's Volvo. Mailia telephones the police while Simon deals with the villains.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2007)

THE PROTECTORSBlockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn) walks around Baliey's Car Breakers in Thames Street (W.C. Jones and Co., Britannia Road, redeveloped) and asks a workman (Ron Pember) if a van had recently been put through the crusher.
(Identified by Alan Field, April 2023)

G34: Camlet Way, Hadley WoodG34: Camlet Way, Hadley WoodG34: Camlet Way, Hadley WoodG34: Camlet Way, Hadley WoodG34: Camlet Way, Hadley Wood

photo: Geoff Dodd

DEPARTMENT SThe Duplicated Man (Paul Dickson: Spring 1969)

Russian agents in a “Joe’s Television Service” van watch as Stewart Sullivan drives past on his way to find Jason King who has just jumped with a parachute.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2023)

G34: Camlet Way, Hadley Wood

THE SAINT: Staring the Saint (James Hill: 1963)
Simon gets a call from Byron Ufferlitz to meet him immediately so Simon drives there and parks his Volvo on a side road next to the house (Wood Ride). After finding Ufferlitz dead and Peggy Warden in the house (4 Camlet Way) he helps her escape as the police arrive. They both make their escape in the Volvo.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2024)

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