Mapping Avengerland

There are four maps, the first two, of Outer Avengerland, are divided into squares labelled A to H, with one square left unlabelled. This blank square represents Inner Avengerland, seen in the second set of maps, which have squares I to R. The locations in each of these maps are numbered, the numbers corresponding to those in the guide.

The numbers in each section refer to the reference number of the location in that square, e.g. location 3 in square B refers to locations B3 the guide. Road numbers and motorway junction numbers are also given on the maps e.g. A1000 and j23, and should not be confused with location references.

The Maps here are from the 1993 edition of A GUIDE TO AVENGERLAND:

A Google Earth file with all the current Avengerland locations can be found here: Google Earth File. Just download and save this file and open with Google Earth.

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