Q1: Mill Hill Golf Club, Barnet Way/A1, nr. Highwood Hill

THE AVENGERS: The Thirteenth Hole (Roy Baker: Autumn 1965)
Reed (Patrick Allen) and Jackson (Victor Maddern) shoot a man at the 13th hole, and when Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) arrive to investigate at Craigleigh Golf Club, they are met by Collins (Francis Matthews). Mrs Peel, watching Adams (Peter Jones) play Reed, is attacked by a golf cart, but later helps Steed to win against Reed. Reed captures Mrs Peel when Steed plays Adams, and Jackson plants a bomb at the 12th. Steed drives a ball to stop the fleeing Colonel Watson (Hugh Manning).

DEPARTMENT S: Handicap Dead (John Gilling: Summer 1968)
At During a tournament at Colindale Golf Club, Scotland, an official (Tony Thawnton) asks Bill (James Drake) if he has seen Johnnie Collins. Later Eddie has to inform Mrs Lynne that Johnnie is missing.

Q2: Stirling Way, Borehamwood

DANGER MAN: Under the Lake (Seth Holt: 1959)
John Drake is in Zurich with Colonel Keller watching the ex-Nazi general Von Klaus (Christopher Rhodes) and his daughter, Mitzi (Moira Redmond) leave an office block (Bonus Print building, demolished) and drive off in a chauffeur driven car.

DANGER MAN: The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (Don Chaffey: September 1964)
John Drake is seen driving his car past the A1/Barnet Lane Roundabout and North up the A1 on his way to a meeting at London Airport.

THE SAINT: The Rhine Maiden (James Hill: November 1964)
Simon Templar and Julia Harrison race to Offenberg in Simon's Volvo

THE AVENGERS: How to Succeed ... at Murder (Don Leaver: February 1966)
Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) in her Lotus follows Mary Merryweather in her car along Ripon Way on to Stirling Way as they head towards the keep fit class.

THE AVENGERS: Super Secret Cypher Snatch (John Hough: June 1968)
Vickers (Donald Gee) and Maskin (Simon Oats) follow Peters (John Carlisle) back to his flat (corner of Ripon Way & Stangate Crescent, now demolished) in a CGC van and Vickers shoots him through a window. Later Tara King (Linda Thorson) slides down a ladder from the same window.
(Identified by Patrick Walsh, October 2003)

photo: Geoff Dodd


Q3: The Rise, Borehamwood

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (Vernon Sewell: ???)
A police car arrives to investigate a suspected burglar who calls himself ‘William Jones’ (Vladek Shaybal). Detective Constable Cowan (John Bonney) takes him in for questioning.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, October 2013)

THE AVENGERS: Quick-Quick Slow Death (James Hill: October 1965)
Willi Fehr (Michael Peake) chases his pram as it runs down hill. It crashes depositing the corpse inside onto the pavement (corner of Deacons Hill Road and The Rise and shots of Fehr running after the pram along The Rise).
(Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989)

THE AVENGERS: Requiem (Don Chaffey: January 1969)
After Mother's funeral Tara (Linda Thorson), Major Firth (John Cairney) and the Jill (Kathja Wyeth) a nurse drive the a hearse to the home of Steed's friend Cleaver (Harvey Ashby). Murray (Denis Shaw) and Rista (Terence Sewards) leave the house and drive off in the van just as the hurse arrives. Firth goes to the house, 25 Cranbrook Road (25 The Rise) but when Bobby Cleaver (Harvey Ashby) opens the door he collapses and dies.

Q4: Allum Lane Cemetery, Allum Lane, Borehamwood

DEPARTMENT S: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen (John Gilling: Summer 1968)
Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) arrives at the gates of Villa Fantelle in his maroon Bentley and attempts to talk his way past the guards. Later Curtis (Dennis Alaba Peters) persuades the guard to allow him and the rest of the team into the villa.

DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old (Leslie Norman: 1969)
Spencer Bodily's remains are stolen and taken to be disposed of at Fernvale Crematorium.

DEPARTMENT S: The Duplicated Man (Paul Dickson: Spring 1969)
Annabelle Hurst arrives at the gates of 'Lucy Williams Home' for retired gentlewomen to talk to Mrs Harvey. She is observed entering by two Russian agents.

JASON KING: A Page Before Dying (Jeremy Summers: 1971)
Ryland watches from across the border as a hearse carries a coffin into a West Berlin cemetery.

Q5: Elstree Hill Lodge, Watling Street/Allum Lane, Elstree

THE AVENGERS: Epic (James Hill: February 1967)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) turn down Fitzroy Lane in the Lotus to keep their appointment.

Q6: Elstree Lawns, Edgwarebury Lane, Barnet Lane, Elstree

THE PROTECTORS: The Tiger and the Goat (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Commander Whiting lures the Contessa to a meeting in a derelict house.

Q7: Chantry, Barnet Lane, Elstree

photo: Geoff Dodd

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: All Work and No Pay (Jeremy Summers: Early 1969)
Jeanie is summoned to the Foster brothers’ mansion to start her work with them (she drives along Barnet Lane outside Chantry heading West).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, September 2009)

HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: Mark of the Devil (Val Guest: Spring 1984)
Matt Halston's (John Paul) family home where he celebrates the engagement and marriage of his daughter Sara (Jenny Seagrove) to Frank Rowlett (Dirk Benedict), although the wedding party is interrupted by a visit from Detective Inspector Grant (George Sewell) and Sergeant Kirby (Peter Settelen).


Q8: Edgwarebury Hotel, Edgwarebury Lane, Elstree

SABER OF LONDON: The Missing Hours (Ernest Morris: 1957)
Saber and Pete arrive at Bowden Manor to talk to Mrs Cartney.

SABER OF LONDON: Cheating Cheaters (1957/59)
Mr Danbury (Neil Hallet) arrives at the house of Stephen Barnard.

THE MAN FROM INTERPOL: Soul Pedlars (Max Varnel: 1957/59)
A trusted servant is caught stealing at Rossington Manor.

SABER OF LONDON: Ordeal Of Fear (Godfrey Grason: 1957/59)
Sir Charles Orden arrives home with his new wife.

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Picnic With Death (Pennington Richards: 1958)
Brady visits Fox Grange, the Norton family home with Dee (Lisa Daniely) only to find that the Nortons and Sally have left on a picnic. He follows on horseback.

DANGER MAN: The Vacation (Patrick McGoohan: 1960)
Georges (John Wynyard) shows Drake (Patrick McGoohan) down to the tennis court where he meets Veronica Baron (Jaqueline Ellis) and asks her to demonstrate her game with Marcel. They are interrupted by the arrival of Ricki Clermont (Richard Clarke) who is warned off by Baron (Esmond Knight).

THE AVENGERS: You Have Just Been Murdered (Robert Asher: July 1967)
Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) watches Rathbone leave Unwin's house. Steed arrives at Unwin's and later fires a tracer onto the money case as Unwin (Barrie Ingham) leaves his home.

The Norwegian Barn - destroyed by fire

THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues (Don Sharp: January 1968)
Using a rifle wrapped in plastic, Earle (Anthony Bate) guns down Scott as he waters plants by his log cabin (The Norwegian Barn - destroyed by fire). Earle (Anthony Bate) and Gardiner (Kenneth Cope) watch Steed and Burgess at Burgess' home from their Citroen. Later they observe as Doyle arrives to arrest Burgess. Later Steed (Patrick Macnee), in his Bentley, follows Earle and Gardiner to their cottage (Edgwarebury gate house). He later escapes only to have his car break down just as Stanley (Tony Selby) turns up in his break-down van.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Who Killed Cock Robin? (Roy Ward Baker: August 1968)
Jeff's Vauxhall arrives at the Howe family home. Beeches (David Lodge) goes on the run, is returned by the police and tends to the rear lawns.

THE AVENGERS: Wish You Were Here (Don Chaffey: September 1968)
Tara (Linda Thorson) arrives at the Elizabethan Hotel in her Lotus, but is unable to leave when her car fails to start. Basil (Brook Williams) arrives and unloads his Austin 7 with the help of Mellor (Richard Caldicott), but later finds his tyres let down. After the guests have left the hotel, Maxwell (Robert Urquhart) makes an escape bid after his staff are dealt with but is stopped by Tara and Basil.

DEPARTMENT S: A Ticket to Nowhere (Cyril Frankel: Early 1969)
The hotel is the villain's HQ, Westerly Grange.

DEPARTMENT S: The Perfect Operation (Cyril Frankel: February 1969)
Jason talks to Sir Curtis whilst they play croquet.

DEPARTMENT S: The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine (Cyril Frankel: Spring 1969)
Gerrard (Clinton Greyn) arrives at the villa and later leaves by the rear steps.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The House on Haunted Hill (Ray Austin: Summer 1969)
Walter and Henry (Dermot Kelly) flee from the haunted Merston Manor, as does Jeff (Mike Pratt) later on his visit. Jeff returns and breaks in at the rear of the building. (There is also extensive use of the interior of the hotel in this episode)

THE PERSUADERS!: A Death In the Family (Sidney Hayers: 1971)
Uncle Lance's house.

THE PROTECTORS: The Numbers Game (Don Chaffey: 1972)
Dr. Lawrence Savage (Richard Easton) arrives at his home, The Old Barn, in his Bentley and washes it before entering the house. Luigi (George Innes), who has been hiding in the garage, removes a package from underneath the car but is caught in the act by Harry (Robert Vaughn).

THE PROTECTORS: The Bodyguards (Don Chaffey: 1972)
Chino (Anthony Chinn) delivers Harry (Robert Vaughn) and the Contessa to the late Ralph Corder's house. Later Harry is watched by Allan Mason (Manning Redwood) as he patrols the grounds.

THE PROTECTORS: Chase (Harry Booth: 1972)
Harry Rule (Peter Vaughn) and the Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) arrive at her log cabin (the Norwegian Barn - destroyed by fire) in Harry's Jensen.

THE ADVENTURER: Somebody Doesn't Like Me (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Brady arrives in his car at a country club to meet Krista Magnus.

THE PROFFESIONALS: In the Public Interest (Pennant Roberts: 1978)
George Cowley (Gordon Jackson) visits a restaurant to meet with Chief Constable Gerry Green (Paul Hardwick). Later Cowley visits Green at home to discuss his replacement.

HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: Mark of the Devil (Val Guest: Spring 1984)
The Rowlett honeymoon hotel.

HAWKS (1988)

THRILLER: A Coffin For The Bride (1974)
EASTENDERS (1987,1991,1992)
SHRINKS (1991)
CHANDLER AND CO.(First episode) (1994)

Q9: Windermere Hall, Stone Grove, Edgware

UFO: Survival (Alan Perry: July 1969)
Foster (Michael Billington) arrives at his girlfriend's flat. Later Alec Freeman (George Sewell) goes there to tell her about the loss of Foster.

UFO: The Responsibility Seat (Alan Perry: September 1969)
Straker's car arrives at Jo Fraser's flat.

Q10: RAF Stanmore Park, London Road/Brockley Hill, Stanmore (redeveloped)

THE AVENGERS: All Done With Mirrors (Ray Austin: May 1968)
Watney (Dinsdale Landen) drives Tara to Cramadoc Research Station and stops at the gate (Berry Hill Side) to show their passes. Tara tries to contact Watney and Major Sparshot (Peter Copley) at the base by using the device in his lighthouse.

Q11: Stanmore Hall, Wood Lane, Stanmore

photo: Annette Hill

THE SAINT: The Hi-Jackers (David Eaby: June/July 1964)
Hans Lasser's country house. Jopley turns through the main gates and returns to the house with Templar and Pargo.

THE SAINT: The Rhine Maiden (James Hill: November 1964)
The Schreiber Clinic.

THE SAINT: The House on Dragon's Rock (Roger Moore: February 1966)
Carmen (Annette Andrť) arrives at the Dragon's Rock Research Institute in her car after first being checked by a guard (Anthony Blackshaw) at the gate house, Simon Templar (Roger Moore) also visits the Institute in his Volvo after passing the same guard. Later Carmen sneaks Simon past the guard into the Institute in her car.

THE BARON: The Man Outside (Roy Baker: September 1966) Vince arrives at the villain's hide-away with news of the inquest. The Baron drives through the gates in his Jensen and approaches the house. After talking to the only apparent occupant he leaves, then doubles back to investigate the stables. He is eventually captured when he returns to his car.

THE AVENGERS: From Venus With Love (Robert Day: October 1966)
Venus Browne leaves Brigadier Whitehead's house watched by Steed (Patrick Macnee) from his Bentley.

THE AVENGERS: The Winged Avenger (Gordon Flemyng/Peter Duffell: December 1966)
Mrs Peel and Steed arrive in the Bentley to see Professor Poole (Jack MacGowan) testing out his wings. Mrs Peel is lured to Poole's house but Steed and Stanton arrive with the next strip to see Packer (Neil Hallett) fall to his death.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown (John Gilling: Early 1968)
The Nazis work on their atom bomb at their headquarters.

photo: Annette Hill

THE SAINT: The Ex-King of Diamonds (Alvin Rakoff: Summer 1968)
Janine Flambeau arrives at her father's house in her Citroen 2CV.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Trouble With Women (Cyril Frankel: Autumn 1968)
To get help for Jeff, Marty has to queue for a seance at the Society of Spiritualists - North London Division.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: All Work and No Pay (Jeremy Summers: Early 1969)
The strange Foster brothers (Alfred Burke and Dudley Foster) arrive back at their huge house in their classic sports car.

THE ADVENTURER: Icons Are Forever (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Bradley infiltrates himself into the Castle Delguado whilst investigating the mysterious death of a private investigator in Italy.

THE PROFFESIONALS: Blind Run (Tom Clegg: April 1978)
Doyle (Martin Shaw) arrives at the second meeting place with his Doctor Hanish (Kevork Malikyan) and Anwhar Handhal a.k.a. Tinkerbell (Ahmed El-Shenawi). There they meet Sinbad (Yashar Adem) and Leia (Jasmina Hilton). Soon after a car carrying Georgio (Tariq Yunis) and assorted assassins arrives.

THE PROFFESIONALS: Need to Know (William Brayne: 1979)
Bodie (Martin Shaw) and Doyle (Lewis Collins) take Cowley (Gordon Jackson) to the mansion to which Cowley will be interrogated about Andy Drake by Manton (Patrick O’Connell) and Tully (Simon Oats).

VOICES (1973)

THRILLER: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are (1974)

Q12: A41 Roundabout, Elstree


THE PRISONER: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (Pat Jackson: April 1966)
Potter follows Number 6 in his Lotus as he drives round a roundabout and along the A20 to Dover (“A20 Dover” sign is stuck over the existing “A41 Watford” sign).

Q13: Watford Road/Aldenham Road Junction

photo: Geoff Dodd

GIDEON'S WAY: The Alibi Man (Cyril Frankel: February 1965)
Eric Little drives Margorie Bellman to the airport.

Q14: Edgware

GIDEON'S WAY: The Housekeeper (Leslie Norman: 1965)
Martha Smallwood (Kay Walsh) is followed (along Station Road) by Dept. Supt. Warr (John Dearth). She walks into the grounds of a church (on Hale Lane) to lose him.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman October, 2005)

GIDEON’S WAY: To Catch A Tiger (Les Norman, April 1965)
The offices of John Borgman Enterprises Ltd. (Premier House, 112 Station Road).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2006)

THE BARON: Countdown (Robert Asher: October 1965)
Mannering and Cordelia accompany the police back to this police station (rear yard of Edgeware police station on Whitchurch Lane) after White is killed.
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, December 2006)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: You Can Always Find a Fall Guy (Ray Austin: July 1968)
Jeff negotiates his car out of the garage (junction of High Street and Deansbrook Road) in exchange for Marty's mini and drives away past the garage.
(Spotted by Sam Denham)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Trouble with Women (Cyril Frankel: October 1968)
In the Vauxhall Marty quizzes Jeff about his motives for taking on the case and why he is following Paul Lang, in his limousine (back projection from junction of High Street and Deansbrook Roaddown Burnt Oak Broadway passing gates of Edgware General Hospital).

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
Caroline (Nyree Dawn Porter) checks out Glen Bailey’s spending habits at an exclusive car dealership (London Sports Cars, Gemini House, 25-27 High Street).
(Identified by Bob Rocca, July 2008)

Q15: Barnet Lane at the junction with Oak Tree Court

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Well Meaning Mayor (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
George Hackett is arrested and taken to the Seatondean Police Station.

GIDEON'S WAY: Subway to Revenge (Roy Baker: January 1965)
Ellen Winters chides Jimmy Lane for not reporting his attempted murder to the local police.

GIDEON’S WAY: The Great Plane Robbery (Leslie Norman: March-April 1965)
Gideon is at Bamford Police station when Kautsky is brought in for questioning.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Fanatics (John Gilling: July 1967)
Craig and Sharon report the kidnapping of Richard Barrett to Tremayne from a village police station.

THE SAINT: Legacy For The Saint (Troy Ward Baker: February 1968)
Simon arrives at the police station (8 Barnet Lane) in a police car disguised as a policeman in order to foil Claude's plan.
(Confirmed by Geoff Dodd)
Q16 St Johns Church, Great Stanmore
THE SAINT: The Time to Die (Roy Baker: April 1968)
After following the kidnapper's instructions, Simon Templar is driven to a derelict church (the” Old Church”).
(Identified by Ian Pearse, November 2003)

Q17 Spring Lake, Stanmore

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE SAINT: The Man Who was Lucky (John Gilling: 1962)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) takes Jane in his Volvo so that she can show him the home of Lucky Joe Luckner. They park across the street and Simon is not surprised to see a Scotland Yard car parked outside. He also watches as a disappointed Inspector Teal leaves with his men. Later Simon returns in his Volvo to set a trap for Luckner.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July 2005)

THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung (Jim O'Connolly: March 1967)
Simon drives Joanne Dell to her destination on the Corniche.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July 2005)

Q18 Stonegrove House, Stonegrove, Edgware

GIDEON'S WAY: Subway to Revenge (Roy Baker: 1965)
James Lane (Donald Churchill) escorts Ellen Winters (Anne Lawson) to her a bedsit at Stonegrove House, 86 Wells Avenue. Late one night John Stewart (Bryan Pringle) arrives to take revenge on Lane by killing Ellen.
(Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, August 2005)

Q19 St Nicholas' Church, Elstree Hill North, Elstree

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (Ray Austin: October 1968)
The clock on the church seen late at night.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, 27th May, 2006)

Q20: The Limes, Warren Lane, Stanmore Comon

photo: Geoff Dodd

THE PROTECTORS: Vocal (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Staking out the Pine Vale Country Club (private residence formerly The Limes Country Club), , The Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) and Paul (Tony Anholt) are both disguised as chauffeurs. Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn) watches from his car. A limousine pulls up with John Azon (David Buck) and Gregg (Ian Hogg) aboard. When someone from the country club tries to deliver a consignment of drugs to Azon things go horribly wrong.

Q21: Barham Avenue, Borehamwood

photo: Geoff Dodd

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Flight into Darkness (Peter Maxwell: 1959)
Wilson and Sewell of the World Peace Organisation, break into the Stephens' house and are searching it as Pat Stephens arrives home.

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Skeleton in the Cupboard (Roy Baker. ???)
The home of Dr Fisher (Allan Cuthbertson) where Dr. Corder (Herbert Lom) goes to talk about the Brindley family (Hispania,1 Barham Avenue).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2013)

RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Debt Collectors (Leslie Norman: 1978)
Simon Templar (Ian Ogilvy) takes Jerry (Mary Tamm) home after her accident in the park. After the adventure is over Sir Charles (Geoffrey Keen) arrives just in time to thank Templar.
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2008)

Q22: Hale Lane / Deans Lane, Edgware

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: The Rocket (Quentin Lawrence: 1959)
The lorry carrying the disguised rocket drives through the centre of town, right past a policeman on point duty.
(Identified by Bob Rocca, July 2008)

Q23: Warren Lane, Stanmore

photo: Alan Field

GIDEON’S WAY: The Lady Killer (Leslie Norman: September 1964)
Robert Carne drives to the country cottage where he and Marion Grove are to stay.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

THE SAINT: The Damsel In Distress (Peter Yates: Aug/Sep 1964)
Allesandro and Guido see Simon Templar being driven unconscious by Guyiseppe Rolfieri (Harold Kasket) away from his villa. They give chase, but loose him at a junction. Guyiseppe and Arthur (Ray Austin) attempt to stage an accident for The Saint, but Simon is able to steer his runaway vehicle. Later Simon, Allesandro and Guido kidnap Guyiseppe and take him to Florence Aero Club.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

GIDEON’S WAY: The Great Plane Robbery (Leslie Norman: March-April 1965)
After leaving the Airport with the stolen gold the robbers drive along the A134 where a decoy van driven by Kautsky is waiting for them.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

THE SAINT: The Saint Bids Diamonds (Leslie Norman, April/May 1965)
Simon Templar is driven to Graner’s villa by Madame Calliope. The next day, Graner travels the same road on his way home. Later Christine Graner’s drives Simon into town.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

photo: Alan Field

THE SAINT: The Fast Women (Leslie Norman: September 1966)
After driving away from his hotel Carl Tordoff is perused by Simon Templar and Paddy in Templar’s Volvo through the countryside.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

THE SAINT: Flight Plan (Roy Baker: September 1966)
Simon drives his Volvo to RAF Blakewell. Later the villains drive in a taxi to RAF Blakewell and drive off the road to deliver Mike Gregory to the waiting Osprey.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

THE AVENGERS: False Witness (Charles Crichton: June 1968)
John Steed drives to a nearby wood with Mellville in his yellow Rolls Royce. Steed (Patrick Macnee) parks the car (in Warren Lane car park opposite the cricket pitch), tells Melville (Barry Warren) to follow him and then punches Melville in the face.
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2012)

DEPARTMENT S: Soup of the Day (Leslie Norman: Spring 1969)
Fernando Segres is taken from Lisbon to be thrown into sea. Jason Follows in his car (cars enter from Warren Lane and pass behind the traffic island into ‘The Grove’).
(Identified by Alan Field, September 2008)

Q24: Canons Park, Canons Park

GIDEON'S WAY: The Housekeeper (Leslie Norman: 1965)
Percy Whitehead (Oliver Johnson) visits the park with his dog and is greeted by Geoffrey Carr (Middleton Woods) by the gazebo.
(Identified by Alan Field, April 2009)

Q25: Junction of Warren Lane and Wood Lane, Stanmore

THE BARON: There's Someone Close Behind You (Roy Baker: December 1965)
After Wilde's jailbreak Mannering stows away in the yellow van Wilde is driving to Seldon Village.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2009)

Q26: Deacons Hill Road

THE AVENGERS: Quick-Quick Slow Death (James Hill: October 1965)
Willi Fehr (Michael Peake) parks his pram outside a telephone box and steps in to make a call. The brake on the pram fails and it runs off down hill with Willi chasing it.
(Spotted by Al Samujh, July 2009)

Q27: Hankins Lane/Stockton Gardens, Mill Hill

photos: Geoff Dodd

THE AVENGERS: Who's Who??? (John Moxey: April 1967)
After escaping from Doctor V Krelmar’s home, The Manor House, Hambledon, the transformed Steed and Mrs Peel drive toward London in Steeds Bentley. Later they are pursued by Tulip as they leave London.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, September 2009)

Q28: Woodcock Hill Farm, Barnet Lane, Borehamwood

photo: Geoff Dodd

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: All Work and No Pay (Jeremy Summers: Early 1969)
Jeanie drives her mini to the Foster brothers’ mansion for a demonstration of their spiritualist powers (filmed opposite Woodcock Hill Farm looking west towards Deacons Hill Road).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, September 2009)

Q29: Garrick Court, Green Lane, Edgware

photo: Geoff Dodd

DANGER MAN: The Mirror's New (Michael Truman: 1964)
Drake and Esser follow Edward Bierce to the flat of Penny where he make a call to hi wife from a nearby telephone box before entering. The following morning Bierce leaves and Drake enters.
(Identified by Greg Mishevski, a.k.a. SainT and Mark O on the Britmovie Forum)

Q30: Nutt Grove, private road off Edgware Way (A41), Edgware

THE SAINT: Marcia (John Krish: 1963)
Simon Templer arrives in his Volvo at the Reeland Nursing Home to interview Frank Landon.
(Identified by Simon Coward, March 2010)

Q31: Apex Corner, Mill Hill

GIDEON'S WAY: The Housekeeper (Leslie Norman: 1965)
In the back of a police car Detective Superintendent Warr is told to investigate the late Mr. Henderson’s accounts by Commander George Gideon (back projection of Apex corner driving towards Borehamwood).
(Identified by Ian Rogers, March 2010)

Q32: Radnor Hall, Allum Lane, Elstree (demolished, the site is now Elstree Household Waste Recycling Centre)

DANGER MAN: The Lonely Chair (Charles Frend: ??)
John Drake, posing as Patrick Laurence, and Noelle Laurence are delivered by ambulance to the house where Sally Laurence is being held.
(Identified by Simon Finch, April 2011)

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Man Who Fell Apart (Roy Baker: ??)
After her fall a Bedford ambulance arrives at a country hospital with Joy on board (same footage as seen above).
(Identified by Simon Finch, April 2011)

MURDER SHE SAID (1961) - Ackenthorpe Hall

Q33: Deacon’s Hill Road, Elstree

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (Vernon Sewell: ???)
Dr Charles Dunn and his wife Anna arrive home, 14 Church Road (59 Deacon’s Hill Road), to find their babysitter, Mary, tied up. Later Jennifer Corder (Sally Smith) drops Mary Thomas (Francesca Annis) off at her home (89 Deacon’s Hill Road) and invites her to join a motorised treasure hunt which they call a 'Goose Chase'.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, October 2013)

Q34: Brockley Hill Farm, Brockley Hill

THE BARON: Something for a Rainy Day (Cyril Frankel: November 1965)
John Mannering (Steve Forest), Cordelia Winfield (Sue Lloyd) and Charlotte Russell (Lois Maxwell) track Seldon to a caravan at the Beau Rivage camp site.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2015)

Q35: Aldenham Reservoir causeway, Elstree Road/Watford Road, Elstree

THE BARON: Something for a Rainy Day (Cyril Frankel: November 1965)
After the leaving the caravan site, John Mannering, Cordelia Winfield and Anne Seldon leave in a CitroŽn looking for something familiar.

Q36: Broadlawns, Barnet Lane, Elstree

DEPARTMENT S: The Perfect Operation (Cyril Frankel: February 1969)
Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) joins Sir Curtis Seretse (Dennis Alaba Peters) for a game of croquet as they discuss Haslet-Wood case.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, March 2022)

Q37: Boreham Holt, Borehamwood

THE CHAMPIONS: The Perfect Operation (Cyril Frankel: September 1967)
Craig is driving in his Mercedes as he realises that Richard is being kidnapped from his flat.
(Identified by Michael Richardson, July 2022)

Q38: New Elstree Studios, Elstree Road (demolished)

: Flight Into Darkness (Peter Maxwell: 1959)
The entrance to Castle Hill Laboratory.

THE CHEATERS: The Fine Print (Max Varnel: 1961)
THE CHEATERS: Libel (MaxVarnel: 1961)
THE CHEATERS: The Schemers (Max Varnel: 1961)
THE CHEATERS: Fire (Frank Marshall:1961)
THE CHEATERS: A Tale of Two Ships (Max Varnel: 1961)
THE CHEATERS: Flash in the Sky (Frank Marshall:1961)
THE CHEATERS: Affairs of the Heart (Max Varnel:1961)
THE CHEATERS: A Hood from Canada (Frank Marshall:1961)
THE CHEATERS: A Hair of the Dog (Max Varnel:1961)
THE CHEATERS: Case of George Peterson (Bill Lewthwaite: 1961)
THE CHEATERS: Knight of the Road (Max Varnel:1961)


Q39: Station Road/Hale Lane, Edgware, HA8

SABER OF LONDON: Strong Man Out (Max Varnel: 1959)
After failing to find Joe Ward in his office (Natwest Bank, Penshurst Gardens/Hale Lane) Mark Saber (Donald Grey) drives off to see the bookmaker in his 'usual haunts'.

Woodside, Allum Lane (redeveloped)

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Dual Control (Roy Baker, ???)
Jane Harris (Mary Steele) arrives at Rest Harrow School for Handicapped Children in her Hillman Imp to interview the Matron (Peggy Marshall) on behalf of Dr Corder. Later Jane Harris takes Jane Falcon (Annette Andre) back to work at Rest Harrow, but things to not work out well.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July 2023)

Q41: Dukes Avenue, Stanmore

GIDEON'S WAY: Subway to Revenge (Roy Baker: January 1965)
As he is in the area Commander Gideon (John Gregson) takes the opportunity to visit Martha Robson’s home (15 Dukes Avenue).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2024)

Q42: Peter’s Close, Stanmore

GIDEON'S WAY: Subway to Revenge (Roy Baker: January 1965)
Commander Gideon (John Gregson). and Detective Chief Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion) are at number 29 (redeveloped) arresting the leader of a gang involved in an armed robbery..
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, February 2024)

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