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THE SAINT: The Damsel in Distress (Peter Yates: Aug/Sep 1964)
Unknown 1 - Allesandro and Simon Templar arrive in Florence and take a taxi to see Guido.

Unknown 2 - Simon Templar drives Barbara Astral into the local village near Florence where Guyiseppe Rolfieri has his villa.

THE BARON: The Long, Long Day (Roy Baker: April 1966)
Unknown 1 - The Santa Moneta – where Maria Pullerno is hiding.

Probably a Tuscan mountain village

DANGER MAN: The Hunting Party (Pat Jackson: 1965)
Unknown 1 – Establishing shots of the Loire where the Jordans have their chateau.


THE PROTECTORS: A Case for Right (Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Summer 1972)
Unknown 1 - The Contessa’s villa near Rome

Unknown 2 - At house owned by Prince Carpiano about five miles outside Rome,Harry (Robert Vaughn) drives The Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) to one of The Prince’s exclusive costume parties in his car. (Anthony Chinn) parks the Rolls in the car park just in case.


Unknown 3 - Harry follows in has car as one of the black-shirted men from the party races down the hill from the villa.


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