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GIDEON’S WAY: The Perfect Crime (Leslie Norman: May 1965)
Unknown 3Todd (Patrick Allen) and Patrick Bedford (Patrick Bedford) arrive back at Casey’s home after the job.


Unknown 5Todd (Patrick Allen) meets Casey (Patrick Bedford) in a park to hand over his share of the takings and plan the next robbery.


Dane Court, 60 The Bishops Avenue, N2Spender Todd (Patrick Allen) and Jimmy Casey (Patrick Bedford) arrive at the home of the Danes and proceed to break in. A police man is cycling by and takes the number of Casey’s stolen car. The policemen arrive and are able to arrest Casey whilst Todd escapes.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)



Boscobel Place, SW1Todd (Patrick Allen) arrives back at his mews apartment. He has been followed by Sandra Casey (Jean Marsh) in a taxi. She pays off the taxi driver (Richard Davies) and proceeds to confront Todd. She soon discovers that Todd is not the man’s real name.
(Identified by Greg Mishevski, aka SainT on the Britmovie Forum, 3rd February 2011)


Unknown 9A young couple in Hampstead Heath come across the body of Sandra Casey (Jean Marsh) in the park.

Sloane Square SW1The police interview taxi drivers to find the one that drove Sandra Casey.
(Identified by Alan Field, November 5th 2009)

Westferry Road at the junction with Napier Road and Harbinger Road, E14The police eventually find the taxi driver (Richard Davies)
(Identifed by Geoff Dodd, May 2022)


Ladbroke Road turning into Ladbroke Mews, W11Gideon arrives in a police car – just too late.
(Identified by Greg Mishevski, aka SainT on the Britmovie Forum, 6th February 2011)

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