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JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Do Me A Favor and Kill Me (Gerry O'Hara: 1968)
Unknown 1 – Showing off to the guests at his party, Jeff Wheeler, climbs out onto the roof of his penthouse and looks down on the street below.

Brompton Road at the junction with Hans Crescent appears later as the view from the Jeff Wheeler’s window.

Unknown 4 – After escaping to the country Jeff Wheeler (Joseph Cotton) takes the opportunity to play a little golf. One day whilst playing a sniper decides to make Wheeler his target. Jeff escapes the sniper by hiding behind a group of passing golfers.


: Jane Brown's Body (Alan Gibson: 1968)
Unknown 1 – Paul Amory (David Buck) attempts to help Jane Brown (Stephanie Powers) regain her memory. She is drawn back to the place where she last saw Robert (Clive Graham). She recalls how they met on the day there were to run away together and hoe she accidentally caused is death. She is able to take Paul to the spot where Robert fell to his death. She then collapses suddenly and is carried away by Paul.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, March 2014)



JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Poor Butterfly (Alan Gibson: Alan Gibson: October 1968)
Unknown – Farmer, Ben Loker (Bernard Lee) and his wife (Susan Richards) help commercial artist, Steven Miller (Chad Everett) with petrol for his his1929 Bugatti and watch as he drives off.

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Eve (Robert Stevens: 1968)
Unknown – Albert Baker (Dennis Waterman) fantasises about the life he and Eve (Carol Lynley) would share together.


JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Stranger In The Family (Peter Duffell: 1968)
– After walking out on his parents Charles Wilson (Anthony Corlan) runs to Paula Wilde’s flat.

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Paper Dolls (James Hill: 1968)
Unknown 1 – After leaving the Blakes’ house Craig Miller (Michael Tolan) finds himself coming under the mind control of Stephen’s brother.


Unknown 2 – Craig Miller (Michael Tolan) and Jill Collins (Nanette Newman) find there way to the home of Mrs Latham (Dorothy Alison) and manage to speak to one of the mysterious brothers, Peter (Roderick Shaw).

Unknown 3
– After Albert Cole and Elsie Cole are killed in a fire at the Wagon and Horses a villager goes to collect the locals for a meeting at Nathan’s Farm. He calls at the cottages of Ned and Will.

Unknown 4 – Craig Miller (Michael Tolan) and Jill Collins (Nanette Newman) are on their way to Wortley Ridge, but they are stopped by Mayhew (Jerold Wells) who has joined an angry mob at Nathan’s farm determined to stop the whelp.


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