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DANGER MAN: Loyalty Always Pays
BP Research Centre, Chertsey Road, Sunbury– Drake goes to visit the Ministry of Defence Building to speak to Enugu. Later, when Drake and Major Barrington attempt to steal a copy of the treaty with China Enugu drives over to deal with the situation. With the help of Beyla (Johnny Seka), Drake is able to get a copy of the plans out of the building.


Alan Field - I’m pretty certain that this was one of the buildings of the BP Research Centre in Sunbury but can’t prove it as the whole complex has been completely rebuilt. The same building appears as the Tranquilax factory in the film HEAVENS ABOVE.

Unknown 2 – Beyla (Johnny Seka) sabotages the power supply to the alarm system of Ministry of Defence Building.

Could be inside the Shepperton Studio complex.

Unknown 3 – Drake goes to visit the ministry of defence.

Could be inside the Shepperton Studio complex.

place Braconnier near boulevard du 30 Juin, Kinshasa, Congo-Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo - Various stock shots from Africa.
(Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 2023)

Unknown 4 to 9 – Various stock shots from Africa.



DANGER MAN: Whatever Happened To George Foster? (Don Chaffey: November 1964)

Bogota, Columbia – Riots in Santa Marco. (Headquaters of the Pan-American Conference attacked 1948 (https://youtu.be/FFIre7C9ONo?t=46) *

Park Lane – John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) follows Certhia Cooper in his Mini Cooper, from London Airport, through London, to her home.
Confirmed by Geoff Dodd, June 2021

Unknown 4 – Drake goes to see Lord Ammanford at his London apartment.

Park Lane?

Unknown 5 – The home country home of Mrs George Foster.

DANGER MAN: A Man to be Trusted (Peter Maxwell: June 1964)
Unknown 1 – The home of the Corlanders in Topeka Bay.

Unknown 3 – Drake is taken by Mora To Robert Corlander’s house.

Unknown 5 – Drake is taken by to the home of British agent Dorset.

DANGER MAN: The Galloping Major (Peter Maxwell: 1964)
Unknown 1 – The capital city of the African country.

DANGER MAN: The Colonel's Daughter (Philip Leacock: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Khan takes Drake through Dehli to police headquaters.

Piccadilly, W1 - Khan takes Drake through Dehli to police headquarters.



Looks like a London street with lots of Airline companies.

Unknown 3 – Drake visits the expartiots club in Dehli to find out more about Cloenel Blakeleyand his daughter.

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