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THE SAINT: The Gentle Ladies (Jeremy Summers: 1963)

Unknown 1 – The house of the Warshed sisters.


THE SAINT: The Romantic Matron (John Paddy Carstairs:1962)

Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires, Argentina -
Simon Templar is visiting Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina -
Simon Templar is visiting Buenos Aires.
(Identified by Sietse Postma, May 2022)

Unknown 1 -

Unknown 2 -

Unknown 3 -

Unknown 4 -


Unknown 5 -


Unknown 6 -

Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome, Italy -

Unknown 7 -


Unknown 8 -

Unknown 9 -

THE SAINT: Where the Money Is (Roger Moore: Summer 1968)
Unknown 1 - Simon and Jenny Kersh take refuge from the kidnappers in a deserted farmhouse.

O2: Ridge Farm, Crossoaks Lane/Deeves Hall Lane - At the end of the episode the kidnappers take Simon to pick up the ransom money from this barn.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, 4th May 2013)


THE SAINT: A Double in Diamonds (John Gilling: February/March 1967)
Gloucester Terrace, W2 - Simon follows Valerie's taxi and watches as she enters her flat.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, 27th November 2009)

Geoff - "Gloucester Terrace with the white edged building being on the corner of Orsett Terrace. I was a bit stuck at first but then realised that they flipped the image, the black & white posts are the traffic lights at the junction with Bishops Bridge Road"

Unknown 1 - When he hears the train coming, Nicholas (Ferdy Mayne) drives his car to the nearby wood. The train comes to a halt Garton (John Clive), Pierre (Anton Rogers), Kate (Yolande Turner) and the kidnapped Veronica (Cathy Graham) jump out and scramble up the embankment and get into the car.

Unknown 2 - Nicholas drives away with Garton, Pierre, Kate and the kidnapped Veronica.

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