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THE CHAMPIONS: Full Circle (John Gilling: September/October 1967)
Unknown 1 - Paul Westerman (Patrick Allen) is intercepted in his Jaguar by a police car on a country road. The road block is supervised bySergeant Fairfax (Lawrence James) of SpecialBranch. They find the camera but there is no film in it.


THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown (John Gilling: January 1968)
Giaglione, Piedmont, Italy - The conspirators track down the pilot of Heinkel that dropped the bomb and pay him a visit (establishing shot of church of San Vincenzo).
(Identified by Sietse Postma, January 2024)

THE CHAMPIONS: The Beginning (Cyril Frankel: 1967)
Various mountains near the India/China border.

Unknown 1:

Unknown 2:


Unknown 3: World Backgrounds 1829.


Unknown 4:


World Backgrounds clip 1408 “panoramic view of Austrian alps with snow, showing clouds beneath camera in places.” Also seen in DEPARTMENT S: Dead Men Die Twice

Unknown 5:


Unknown 6:

Unknown 7:

Unknown 8:

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