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GIDEON’S WAY: To Catch A Tiger (Les Norman, April 1965)
Bushey High Street/Park Road, Bushey- Nurse Smith is rushed to hospital in an ambulance after being knocked down.
(Identified by the Artful Teacake, February 2010)

Unknown 3 – John Borgman tries to relax at home with his second wife Charlotte. Later John Borman arrives back at his house after being questioned by Commander Gideon.


Oxford Street- Commander George Gideon drives his family to the cinema after a meal in town (footage of C&A Oxford Streetopposite Selfridges, now a Primark).
(Confirmed by Geoff Dodd, October 2010)

Unknown 5- On the way to the cinema with his family, Commander George Gideon notices John Borgman crossing the road and entering an apartment block.


Unknown 6 – Samuels watches from his house as a police constable approaches.

The east side of Highate Cemetery, Swain’s Lane- A police constable guards the gates of the cemetery as the body of Leah Anne Borgman is disinterred by the police.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)

GIDEON’S WAY: The Rhyme and the Reason (John Gilling, August 1964)
Unknown 1– Bill Rose takes his girl, Winifred Norton for a romantic ride in the countryside.

Unknown 2- Bill Rose (Alan Rothwell).and Winifred (Carol White) are interrupted by a gang of rockers who decide they don’t like the ‘mod’ Bill.


Butterfly Lane, Elstree -  Chief Inspector Keen and Mary Henderson just happen to be in the area driving.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)


Unknown 5- When she is discovered by Fred Norton (Edward Evans), Mary Rose (Jo Robottom) runs from the Norton’s house in to the back alleyway. Fred follows in hot pursuit.

Stephen Carter – “Might be Oulton Street, SW11 (Demolished), looking east towards the hall on Doddington Road.  The terrace of houses on neighbouring Longhedge Road was one of the few in the area to have back gardens which exited onto the street (in this case, Oulton Street).
[Source: 1913 OS map reproduced at 1:4340 scale and 1950s aerial photo.  Needs verification.”

Unknown 6- Fred Norton (Edward Evans) continues to chase Mary Rose (Jo Robottom) through the streets.


Stephen Carter – “Might be Longhedge Road, SW11 (Demolished). Corner shop on junction of Doddington Rd/Longhedge Rd.  First pic looking E along Longhedge from Doddington.  Second pic looking W, towards Henley St.
[Evidence: (1) 1913 OS map reproduced at 1:4340 scale. (2) There are 5 houses next to the corner shop, then what looks like a single storey building (prefab?) - this is consistent with 1950s aerial photo.  Needs further verification.

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