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DEPARTMENT S: Handicap Dead (John Gilling: July 1968)
Unknown 2 - Johnny Collins is found dead on the beach by Colindale Golf Course, Scotland.

DEPARTMENT S: The Bones of Byrom Blain (Paul Dickson: April 1969)
Unknown 1 - Annabelle goes to investigate Vale End Garage in her search for Jason.


Unknown 2 - The train with Sir Curtis aboard approaches Gare du Norde, Paris.

Unknown 4 - Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) goes to se general Crawley (Patrick Barr) at his squash club. He is refused access until Annabelle (Rosemary Nicols) arrives with news of ‘Operation Groundsheet’.


DEPARTMENT S: The Perfect Operation (Cyril Frankel: February 1969)
Unknown 2 - Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) joins Sir Curtis Seretse (Dennis Alaba Peters) for a game of croquet as they discuss Haslet-Wood case.


Unknown 3 - Jason King flies back from Istanbul.

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