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THE SAINT: The Angel's Eye (Leslie Norman: March 1966)
Unknown 1
- Malone (T.P. McKenna) arrives in the woods opposite Cranmore House and whistles for Corbett (Frederick Abbott) who has been staking out the house.

Unknown 2 - Malone (T.P. McKenna) and Corbett (Frederick Abbott) attempt to break into the grounds of Cranmore House by climbing a high wall, but they are interrupted by the appearance of Jeremy Cranmore in his Lotus. After attempting to steal the Angel's Eye diamond they are chased from the house by Simon Templar (Roger Moore) and Jeremy Cranmore (Donald Pickering), but they fail to prevent Malone and Corbett climbing the wall and making their getaway.



G30: Trent Park, Cockfosters Road, Enfield - Malone and Corbett watch as Jeremy Cranmore arrives at the gates of Cranmore House in his Lotus. The gates are opened by the park ranger and he drives through.
(Identified by David Solan, April 2011)


THE SAINT: Judith (Robert Lynn: 1963)
Unknown 1
- Simon Templar finds himself in trouble with the law whilst visiting Montreal and ends up in this police station

Unknown 2 -Establishing shot Montreal?

Rue Sainte-Catherine West - Establishing shot Montreal at night.

Unknown 4 - The Montreal hotel where Simon Templar is staying.

THE SAINT: Marcia (John Krish: 1963)
C26: M1 Junction 10 -Simon Templardrives to Birmingham from London to interview Frank Landon

C27: M1 Junction 8 -Simon Templar drives to Birmingham from London to interview Frank Landon

Unknown 2 -Simon Templar drives to Birmingham from London to interview Frank Landon

Nutt Grove, off Edgware Way- Simon Templer arrives in his Volvo at the Reeland Nursing Home to interview Frank Landon.
(Identified by Simon Coward, March 2010)


Unknown 5 - Claire Avery's flat.

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