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THE SAINT: The Noble Sportsman (Peter Yates: 1963)
Unknown 2 - Driving daughter, Rose, to his country house in his Aston Martin, Lord Yearly nearly crashes into to oncoming trucks blocking the road because his rakes have been tampered with.


Burnham Beeches?

Unknown 3 - During the hunt Bates (Martin Wyldeck) refuses to let Lord Yearley (Anthony Quayle) cross his land. He intends to hold the bridge by force, but yearly knocks him to the ground. Lady Anne Yearley (Sylvia Syms) turns up in a Landrover to talk sense to her husband.


THE SAINT: Luella (Roy Baker: 1963)
Unknown 2 - Then a night on the town with Bill including The Club Panama.

Unknown 3 - Then a night on the town with Bill including La Cote d’Azur

THE SAINT: The High Fence (James Hill: December 1963)
Unknown 6 - Back projections as Simon chases after Anworth and Fasson in his Volvo.

Unknown 7 - Robins (Richard Poore) goes to buy a cup of tea for Answorth form the café across the road from the police station but Quincy (Peter Jeffrey) is watching and follows him in.

Could well be near Newcourt Street, NW8.

Unknown 9 - Back Projection as  Gilden Quincy forces Enderby to drive himself and Simon Templar to The High Fence.


THE SAINT: The Miracle Tea Party (Roger Moore: March 1964)
Unknown 1 - Volvo from station with Geraldine McLeod aboard.


Similar street lights seen just before Leicester Square Underground station other footage.

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