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THE PRISONER: Living in Harmony (David Tomblin: September 1967)
The stranger rides his horse as the story begins.

Stock footage from a Western, but which one?

THE PRISONER: The Chimes of Big Ben (Don Chaffey, 1967)
Unknown 1: Number 6 and Nadia escape from the village in a jerry-rigged boat. They are spotted by the village authorities and have to jump overboard to avoid Rover.

The Gunrunners' ship in Many Happy returns has similar cliffs featured, filming occurred near Abersoch, North Wales.

This episode also featured location filming around Folkestone.

Unknown 2: Number 6 and Nadia are nailed into a crate destination London via Danzig (Gdansk) and Copenhagen. They are first taken by lorry to Gdansk.

Unknown 3: The lorry continues its journey.

This road is next to a railway line.

A major clue from The Unmutual web site: Cameraman Robert Monks confirmed filming near Folkestone for The Chimes of Big Ben near Folkestone.

Unknown 4: The crate carrying Number 6 and Nadia is loaded onto a boat in Dazing (World Backgrounds 782).


This takes place in one of London’s docks - other footage would suggest Tilbury - can we confirm this from the buildings?

Nice copy of this posted by Kino Library - they identify this as "1950s, 1960s Belfast, Quay Cargo Loading Crates, 35mm"https://youtu.be/LIAt93INbRk

This is the ship that features in 'THE PRISONER'


The clips also feature the ship 'The Amazon' on a different reel - so there is the chance that this is a different port.


Unknown 5: Number Six cuts down a tree in the forest  for purposes unknown.


Stock footage from Wrold Backgrounds?

THE PRISONER: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (Pat Jackson: August 1967)
Unknown 1: One of the images in a set of “36 dreary and badly shot colour shots” which include this image of “Loch Ness” and could lead to the whereabouts of Professor Seltzman.

Suggestted by Sietse Postma, August 2023 : Verzegnis Lake

Gotthardstrasse, Hospental, Uri, Switzerland
: Number 6 enters Kandersfelt  in his Lotus looking for Seltzman, Potter is not far behind (probably unsued footage from GOLDFINGER).
Furka Pass, Uri, Switzerland: Number 6 makes his way through the mountians to Kandersfelt in his Lotus, followed by Potter, to find Seltzman (footage from GOLDFINGER).


Unknown 2: Number 6 sets off across Europe to find Seltzman.

Other stock footage used in this episode features Salzburg and Seefeld in Austria. This is listed by World Backgrounds as: 7286 - Full Front eyeline along Autobahn..”

THE PRISONER: Many Happy Returns (Patrick McGoohan: March 1967)
Unknown 1: After being shown the way to the road by the travellers Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) stumbles upon across a police road block. and, thinking they are looking for him, he jumps into the back of a passing lorry.



My guess was the A2103 near Beachy Head as this was the only local road anything like this.

 If Unknown 6 is Dunstable Downs I would look at the area on Whipsnade Road (B4541) north of Dunstable Downs Golf Course.

Robert Monks has confirmed that these sequences were filmed in the Folkestone area.

Unknown 2: Thinking they are looking for him Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) jumps into the back of a passing lorry


Note that there are two sets of power lines crossing this road.


The next scene we see the same lorry on Silver Hill, could this be close by?

Folkestone, South Downs Way/Beachy Head: After being washed ashore the civil servant (Patrick McGoohan) climbs to the cliff top and meets a man with a dog (Larry Taylor). He follows the man to his camp and is later shown the way to the road.

Folkestone, South Downs Way/Beachy Head?

: A Change of Mind

Unknown 1: Number 6 goes into the woods to consider his unmutual status and ponders the freedom of a passing birds has he gases across the bay.

Probably Scotland as there are no islands like this near Portmeirion.

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