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DANGER MAN: The Affair At Castelevara (Quentin Lawrence: 1964)
8th Avenue/W. 17th Street, New York USA - Crowds gather to protest the imprisonment of Ramos Torres.(Labour Day, 1950) https://youtu.be/TYApGxBziPs?t=17) 

DANGER MAN: Such Men Are Dangerous (Don Chaffey: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Drake and his comrades are told to ‘live it up’ in London and are sent to this luxurious hotel.

Unknown 2 – Drake emerges from a lake in scuba gear and fires a harpoon gun at a dummy during a training exercise.


Unknown 3 – Whilst walking the grounds Drake finds Diana clay pigeon shooting.

DANGER MAN: Have A Glass Of Wine (Peter Maxwell: 1964)
Unknown 1 - John Drake follows Kathleen Mary Martin as she travels by train from Paris to Burgundy.

Unknown 2 - John Drake has followed Kathleen Mary Martin from Paris to a hotel in Burgundy. He checks in.

DANGER MAN: You’re Not In Any Trouble, Are you? (Don Chaffey: February 1965)
41 Reisnerstraße, Vienna - John Drake goes straight to the British Embassy when he arrives in Rome to investigate the death of Bill Ellis.
(Identified by Sietse Postma, August 2023)

DANGER MAN: The Brothers (Charles Frend: ????)
Unknown 1 – Establishing shot of Sicilian countryside.

DANGER MAN: The Gallows Tree (Michael Truman: 1959
Unknown 1 – John Drake contemplates just how rocky the cliffs are.

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