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DANGER MAN: The Man on the Beach (Peter Yates: September 1965)
Unknowns 1 to 3 - Shots of The Royal Jamaican Hotel where Drake is working undercover


Unknowns 4 to 5 - Establishing shots of Jamaica.


Unknown 10 – Drake flies around the islands looking for suspicious activities and intent on a meeting with Sir Alan Gross.

Unknown 11 – Drake goes to the Kilrush holiday home looking for Sir Alan Gross.

Unknown 12 – Drake looks out to sea from Native hut near the Kilrush residence.

World Backgrounds colour footage 303275

Unknown 13 – Drake goes to Fern Gulley looking for Sir Alan Gross.

DANGER MAN: Someone is Liable to Get Hurt (Michael Truman: October 1965)
Plaza de la Independencia/Plaza Grande, Quito, Ecuador – Drake travels to South American country to expose plans of Doctor Sawari.

Unknown 1 – Drake goes to the home of Dr. Sawari posing as a newspaper man. He finds the Doctor playing tennis.

Unknown 2 – Drake is driven off to a helicopter by Fortiuato.

DANGER MAN: The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk (Michael Truman: September 1965)
Unknown 1 – Drake arrives at Istanbul Airport


Hotel Richemond, Rue Adhémar-Fabri, ‎Geneva, Switzerland – Drakes Hotel in Sofia
(Identified by Paul Stroud, October 2014)


Unknown 2 – Drake tries to sneak back into his hotel up the fire escape, but is observed by a cleaner in an office block opposite..

Unknown 3 – Drake engineers the escape of Meredith from Drake’s hotel in an ambulance. Drake follows the ambulance in a police car.


DANGER MAN: Dangerous Secret (Stuart Burge: November 1965)
Unknown 1 – Barham yacht Club – Fenton (Derek Francis) and Drake (Patrick McGoohan) go to Barham to look for Colin Ashby


Shepperton Marina, or one of the nearby Thames marinas.

Unknowns 2 and 3 – Barham Harbour


Unknown 4 – Establishing shot for antiques shop M. Barbier.

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