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GIDEON’S WAY: The Big Fix (James Hill: September 1964)
Unknown2- Jimmy Watson (Griffith Davies) leaves the racecourse stables early. He is intercepted by Dandy Johnson (Brian Phelan) who quizzes him about not fixing the race.


Unknown 5 – After Jo Short leaves the Kings Head and is he is offered a lift home by Dandy Johnson. Dandy offers Short two hundred pounds to make sure the horse Port Arthur does not win its next race at Sandown park.


Unknown 6 - Colonel Aleck Middleton (Maurice Hedley), Janet Middleton (Penelope Horner) and Jo Short (Michael Ripper), watch Port Arthur at the gallops and discuss his prospects for Wednesday’s race.

Unknown 7- Posing as a friend of Janet Middleton (Penelope Horner), Detective Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion) arrives at the Middleton residence.


Unknown 9 - Late at night at the Middleton stables Keen and Janet wait in Hilarion’s stall watching for signs of doping.

Unknown 10 – Jo Shorts cottage ‘near the Middleton place. Jo Short (Michel Ripper) is dropped off at his home by Dandy Johnson (Brian Phelan) after offering him money to dope a favourite. After the doping of Hilarion goes wrong Janet Middleton (Penelope Horner) helps Jo and his family including Mable Short (Margery Mason) and Alice Short (Sandra Payne) by driving them to safety. Jo is forced to run for his life when Dandy Johnson and his thugs arrive.



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