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These are the locations listed as unknown by the Hammer House of Horror web page. Also visit the Forum at the web site where new discoveries are being made.

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Rude Awakening (Peter Sasdy: 1980)
Scotsgrove House, Scotsgrove Hill, Thame, Oxfordshire -Lower Moat Manor.
(Identified by www.hammerhouseofhorrortvseries.co.uk)


HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Mark of Satan (Don Leaver: 1980)
Unknown 2 - The road in which Edwyn's house is situated


HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Carpathian Eagle (Francis Megahy: 1980)
Unknown 1 - Detective Inspector Clifford (Anthony Valentine) and Natalie (Suzanne Danielle) arrive at the house of Mrs. Henska.

Unknown 2 - The house of Mrs. Henska.


Unknown 3 The police keep an eye on Mrs. Henska from an inconspicuous van.

Unknown 6 The home of aforementioned businessman.


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