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THE SAINT: The Saint Bids Diamonds (Leslie Norman, April/May 1965)
Unknown 1: The Saint is on Tenerife intent on recovering a stolen diamond.

Unknown 2: Posing as Graner’s man, Simon Templar kidnaps George Felson at the airport with Madame Calliope’s help. Only as they drive away from the airport does Felson become suspicious.

The previous stock footage is of Las Palmas Airport, Gran Canaria.

Unknown 3: Christine Graner and Simon stop for drink in local hotel.

THE SAINT: The Old Treasure Story (Roger Moore, May/June 1965)
English Harbour, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda: Duncan Rawl’s yacht waits at the dock for the other treasure hunters to arrive.
Identified by Philip Doyle, Sepember 2020

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda: Rawl’s yacht sets out to Corda Cay.

Unknown 1: From Rawl’s yacht, the treasure hunters spot Corda Cay for the first time.

Unknown 2: Rawl suspects that the rock above the bay is “the table top” mentioned in Blackbeard’s.

Unknown 3: After a night on the island the treasure hunters prepare to enter the cave.

This could well be stock footage of Cornwall.

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