A - Studio Administration Building

Admin Offices, Accounts,
Studio Operations Office,
Resturant/Canteen Bars


B - Ancillary Building
Production Facilities
Dressing Room - Hair/Make-Up Rooms


C - First Aid Station


D - Studio Estates Department


E - Miscellaneous Building

Stores 1 and 2, Cars (was a water tank)
Workshops (Huts)


F - Scene Docks

Woodmill: Carpenter Shop
Storage: Riggers and Scaffold Store


G - Miscellaneous Building
Plasterers C and D, Workshop C


H - Maintenance Building
Storage: Misc. Companies
Art Departments: Spray Shop


J - Boiler House


K - Plasterers Shops A and D


L - John Maxwell Building

Offices/ Art Departments (3 Floors)

Workshops: Woodmill,
Carpenters Shops A and B, Storage

Conference Room


M - Miscellanious Building

Power House, Fire Department,
Car Hire, Elstree House


N - Administration Building
Production Offices, Offices,
Conference Room, Viewing Theatres,
Art Department, Foam Lab, Main Reception


P - Post Production Building
Stills Department, Sound Department
Dubbing/Viewing Theatres


R - Miscellaneous Buildings
Pathe Library, Film Vaults
Storage: Props A and B


S - Miscellaneous Buildings

Cutting Rooms New/Old,
Film Vault Storage


T - Storage Building
Carpenter, Props D, Workshop B
Hair/Make-Up Department,
Crowd Wardrobe


U - Special Effects Building
Offices, Workshop
Bungalow Building


Z - Security Main Gate



Above: 1980ís guide to the studios, Below: the studios today