Associated British Studios
a.k.a EMI Studios, EMI/MGM Studios, Thorn-EMI Studios, Cannon Studios and Goldcrest Studios

A - Studio Administration Building and entrance to underground car park as seen from Shenley Road


N - Administration Building frontage Shenley Road (demolished). There were gates at both sides of this building.


Passage running behind A - Studio Administration Building and along B - Ancillary Building behind stages 7 to 9


H - Maintenance Building seen from Supermarket showing truncated workshops behind.


H - Maintenance Building seen from Stage 9.


M - Elstree House (demolished)

Road running between stages 7, 8 and 9 and J - Boiler House. Looking towards Shenley Road.

F - Scene Docks


M Power House


G - Miscellaneous Building

Looking towards E - Miscellaneous Building from the roof of B - Ancillary Building. The slope of the rear entrance to the underground car park can be seen in the lower right hand corner. This is where the standing town set was located

View of land formerly occupied by tank (back of supermarket).

Panorama of back-lot from E. Click on image for more detail.

Photo dated August 1966


The Star Wars Stage 1978.


Some older photos of the site:

British International Pictures Ltd. Studios with contstuction starting on British and Dominion studios (left) 1928

British and Dominion studios (left) and British International Pictures Ltd. studios (right)







1936 - Fire destroys British and Dominion studios. The fire brigade mange to prevent it spreading to British International Pictures Ltd. Studios. The site was not redeveloped until the Studio Administration Building and Stages 7, 8 and 9 were built on the site in the mid 1960s.



 In the bottom left hand corner you can see sets on the original back-lot

1947 - Reconstruction after the war (and demolition of wartime structures)




1961 - Stages 1 and 2, road between substation and scene docks (looking east), and Shenley Road from Admin Block/Reception



1970s after the building of Stage 6, but before the John Maxwell Building

Note the repairs to the roof of Stage 3 after it caught fire during the making of The Shining in 1978.

2009 - Only the boiler house the electricity sub station remain of the original British International Pictures Ltd. studio.