Pinewood Studios – Studio Buildings

Heatherden Hall and Gardens


Offices in Front of Stage A on Main Road

Carpenters Shop and Photographic Centre, Main Road

Backlot by Pinewood Road

Area now covered in sheds, Stages L and M in background

Car Park 4 and Water Tower

Corner of TV Studio 1


Goldfinger Avenue/Carpenter’s Road


Goldfinger Avenue


Theatre 7, Goldfinger Avenue

TV Studio 1 and 2


Between Theatre 7 and the Lamp Store, looking towards Goldfinger Avenue


Back of TV Studio 2/007 Drive



007 Drive/Goldfinger Avenue

Vaults and Casting Rooms with Stage D in the background


Set built near Car Park 4, opposite TV Studio 2, seen in The Breaking of Bumbo (1970) and Zeppelin (1971)


Looking towards TV Studio 2 and Car Park 4, area now covered with sheds

Stage M, Broccoli Drive


Building J, 007 Drive

Side of TV Studio 2

Baker Street, backlot by Pinewood Road

Car Park 4

Entrance to Stages M and L

Administration Offices, Main Road

??? 1

??? 2

Boiler House/Power House Workshop


??? 3

??? 4

??? 5


??? 6