Southern District

THE CHAMPIONS: Desert Journey (Paul Dickson: Spring 1968)
The Bey of El Ham is kidnapped and conveyed across the desert of his homeland in a Jeep by Sharron and Craig. The Bey is shot by his political opponents when he escapes from The Champions. The trio call on local Bedouin to help treat the Bay's wound (this footage is taken from an unknow film).

Please note that we would very much llike to identify the film that this footage came from.

Tzuk Tamrur -  half-way along(31), the Arad-Sodom road

DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old (Leslie Norman: 1969)
Jason King is travelling across the desert in a Land Rover with a companion.

DEPARTMENT S: A Fish Out of Water (Cyril Frankel: April 1969)
Stewart Sullivan and Annabelle Hurst drive across the desert from Damascus to Beirut to meet Jason without being spotted at the airport.

Dead Sea Lookout - Highway 31, the Arad-Sodom road

Wadi Zohar (around the site of Fort Zohar), visible from Highway 31, the Arad-Sodom road


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