F1: Littleworth Common, Burnham

THE AVENGERS: The Rotters (Robert Fuest: September 1968)
Tara pursues Sawbone in her Lotus Europa along the road (Common Lane) but he manages to lose her.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Man From Nowhere (Robert Tronson: Spring 1969)
Sheldon takes Jeannie to re-visit their honeymoon hotel in the Cotswolds (on the way there they pass: The Church of St. Anne Dropmore on Dorney Wood Road, Abbey Park Lane/Littleworth Road Junction, the crossroads by The Beech Tree pub, and the junction of Bovenay Wood Lane/Dorney Wood Road/Littleworth Road).

CARRY ON LAUGHING: The Nine Old Cobblers

F2: Burnham Beeches, Burnham

Thompkins Lane junction

THE BARON: Portrait of Louisa (John Moxey: September 1965)
The Baron drives David and Jane in his Jensen past the Thompkins Lane junction as they race to save Louisa.

THE BARON: The Persuaders (Leslie Norman: October 1965)
The Baron's Jensen is followed by Hollins in a blue car past the Thompkins Lane junction. The Baron manages to lose his pursuer in the woods and then runs him off the road at the Morton Drive/Halse Drive junction. The Baron (Steve Forrest) confronts Hollins (Charles Houston) but he flees into the path of a speeding car.

THE BARON: So Dark The Night (Robert Tronson: June 1966)
Cordelia drops Joyce off at Doctor Thornton's house (Gypsy Cottage: junction of Egypt Lane and Duke's Drive). Doctor Thornton arrives back at his house in his mini.

THE BARON: Night of the Hunter (Roy Baker: July 1966)
Two government agents follow Cordelia's car through the woods as Mannering makes his escape by leaping into a passing car.

THE SAINT: Invitation to Danger (Roger Moore: March 1967)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) is chased in his Volvo and captured by Ramon Falconi (Julian Glover), Moreno (Bryan Marshall) and Al Vitale (Charles Houston) who have been tipped off about his whereabouts.

THE SAINT: Little Girl Lost (Roy Baker: Aug/Sep 1966)
Simon Templer rescues a girl from a pair of killers and offers to take her to Dublin (back projection Stewarts Drive/Dukes Drive/Egypt Lane ).

THE AVENGERS: The Bird Who Knew Too Much (Roy Rossotti: October 1966)
The mystery solved, Steed and Mrs Peel drive in the Bentley to Heathcliff Hall (back projection Stewarts Drive/Dukes Drive/Egypt Lane).

THE AVENGERS: Murdersville (Robert Asher: August 1967)
Doctor Haymes drives Mrs Peel back to Paul’s new house, and then back to the village in his Ford Corsair (back projection Stewarts Drive/Dukes Drive/Egypt Lane).

THE AVENGERS: The Forget-Me-Knot (James Hill: December 1967)
Steed tells Mrs Peel she is being taken to see 'Professor Mater'. Brad (Douglas Sheldon) and Carl (Alan Lake) have driven there on their motorbike and chop a tree down to block the path of Steed’s Bentley. When Steed stops to clear the road they attack. Later Steed and Burton, in Burton’s Hillman and Tara in her AC Cobra race to the villain's hideout at ‘The Glasshouse’ where Emma is being held.

THE SAINT: The Organisation Man (Leslie Norman: Spring 1968)
Simon leads a small group from Roper's private army when they hijack an army lorry carrying a consignment of kilts. Later Leander (Glynn Edwards) diverts the genuine fusiliers convoy up the wrong road (Morton Drive/Halse Drive junction). He is observed by Kate Barnaby stationed in a nearby car. After Roper's men are defeated Craddock and Spode attempt to escape (up and down Sir Henry Peakes Drive) but they are cut off by Kate and Simon in an army Land Rover.

THE SAINT: Legacy for the Saint (Roy Ward Baker: Spring 1968)
Simon, Tony, Pietro and Charlie stop their car by a road junction (Dukes Drive) to plot their ambush. The two policemen in their telephone repair van drive past. A few days later Pietro (Edward Brayshaw) and Tony (T. P. McKenna) lead the crooks as they fool the police by exchanging the van carrying the bullion for a fake and generally play cat and mouse with Inspector Teal.

THE AVENGERS: You'll Catch Your Death (Paul Dickson: May 1968)
Tara follows the Rolls Royce driven by Dexter and Preece from Seaton's surgery in her AC 427, but loses it at the crossroads in the woods (Victory Cross). As she leaves she is followed by the Rolls.

THE AVENGERS: Super Secret Cypher Snatch (James Hill: June 1968)
After Steed (Patrick Macnee) leaves the Class Glass Cleaning Company in his yellow Roll Royce he is followed by a company van. Maskin (Simon Oats) attacks Steed with a ladder as he is driving. After crashing off the road once, Steed attempts to follow the van but finds Maskin and Vickers (Donald Gee) waiting around the corner with a surprise for him. Later Steed goes to pick up Tara King (Linda Thorson) in the Rolls and questions her about her day working at Cypher Headquarters. Later Steed creeps up on Fred Davis (Anthony Blackshaw), who is guarding the woods by Cypher Headquarters, and overpowers him. Dressed in Davis’ Classy Glass uniform he soon overcomes Warren, Davis’ partner.

THE SAINT: The Ex-King of Diamonds (Alvin Rakoff: Summer 1968)
Rod Houston and his chauffer are driving from Nice Airport into Mote Carlo when Simon Templar passes them in a yellow Rolls Royce. They both stop at some road works (Victory Cross) and Rod offers to race Simon to the steps of the Hotel Magnificent.

THE SAINT: The World Beater (Leslie Norman: Summer 1968)
During a test drive, Simon Templar races his car through the woods. Kay Collingwood departs in her white Rolls through the woods after watching The Saint crash. Whilst driving back to her office Kay drives past The Stag pub but, when she enters the woods, has to drive onto Morton Drive due to roadworks at the junction. Simon, who is following, is able to overtake her in his Volvo by driving straight through the road works. On his way back from seeing Kay he drops the bugging device she has planted on him by a workman's pneumatic drill.

Morton Drive junction

THE AVENGERS: They Keep Killing Steed (Robert Fuest: August 1968)
Steed escapes from the grounds of the conference centre and races through the woods in a borrowed car with Tara and the Baron in hot pursuit in the Baron's vintage Mercedes. Steed attempts to lose them at the Morton Drive and Morton Drive/Halse Drive junctions.

THE SECRET SERVICE: A Question of Miracles (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin drives Gabriel to the desalination plant. He pulls off the road but when he is about to leave he is delayed by an enthusiast interested in the Model T Ford.

Junction of Thompkins Lane and East Burnham Lane – photo Sam Denham

THE SECRET SERVICE: The Cure (Leo Eaton: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin (Stanley Unwin) drives his Model T Ford, Gabriel, through the gates of Greenways Nursing Home (Junction of Thompkins Lane and East Burnham Lane) to investigate after Sakov has been followed there.
(Identified by Sam Denham, June 2003)

THE SECRET SERVICE: To Catch a Spy (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin in Gabriel drives to investigate Burton's house. Later Unwin follows Matthew as he leaves the house aboard the Heli-jet.

THE SECRET SERVICE: The Feathered Spies (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
As Masden drives to deliver the photographs of the SK-4 to De Groot he drives past the Thompkins Lane junction. Later Father Unwin and Matthew follow Masden in Gabriel when he returns. The next day Matthew and Unwin go to see Masden driving Gabriel across Victory Cross. Later De Groot parks his Jaguar at the roadside near the air base as he attempts to destroy the SK-4. Gabriel with Unwin and Matthew aboard arrive just in time to foil the attack.

THE SECRET SERVICE: Last Train to Bufflers Halt (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
As it turns from Park Lane onto to Morton Drive an attempt is made to rob a Securicor van carrying one million pounds in used notes but the ambush fails when McGrath, the van driver smashes through the roadblock.

THE SECRET SERVICE: More Haste, Less Speed (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
Matthew and Father Unwin arrive in Gabriel at a junction (Junction of Green lane etc.) and turn towards Eastford, they encounter the junction again later. Lady Martha passes the junction on a motorbike she has stolen from a car park (the Dell) on the way to the farm three times. The ambulance carrying Spiker turns towards Eastford at the junction, passing it twice before it pulls up to let Spiker out.

THE AVENGERS: Killer (Cliff Owen: September 1968)
After leaving The Pirate armed with a shotgun Brinstead (William Franklyn) races to the woods and waits in ambush for Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney (Jennifer Croxton) when they arrive. After Brinstead shoots at them they fight back using a convenient dog cart. Later Lady Diana follows a bus from the factory to the woods in her M.G. where it stops. Diana investigates the bus cautiously, but when she finds it full of dummies she fails to notice Paxton (Harry Towb) before he jumps her.

THE AVENGERS: The Rotters (Robert Fuest: September 1968)
Sandford (Noel Davis) blocks the road with his truck and attacks Tara (Linda Thorson) when she arrives in her Lotus. He attacks her with an axe, but when she gets the better of him he steals her car driving through a gate he rots on the way. Later Tara follows Sawbow (Frank Middlemass) to the woods where he is attacked by Sandford and Jackson (John Scott). Sawbow is shot when Tara tries to save him and is herself captured when the shed she is hiding in is rotted away.

DEPARTMENT S: The Man From 'X' (Gil Taylor: Early 1969)
Stewart is driving back from Farnborough when the liquid oxygen released into his car starts to affect his mental state. He only just manages to escape death when his car crashes off the road. Later Jason King, posing as Max Rinston, is driven through the woods to the villain's hideout. Later still the villains in their space suits travel in a transit towards the cold store (Thompkins Lane junction).

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Vendetta for a Dead Man (Cyril Frankel: Autumn 1968)
When Jeff follows Sam Grimes in his Vauxhall they pass a distinctive gateway (Keansacre, Hawthorne Lane). Jeff's Vauxhall attempts to force Sam off the road by the Morton Drive/Halse Drive Junction but an on-coming lorry forces Jeff off the road and into a tree. Jeff and Marty drive to the cold store past Thompkins Lane. Later Jeannie's mini passes the same junction when she is kidnapped by Roden.
(Keansacre identified by Alan Hayes, November 2017)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Money to Burn (Ray Austin: Late 1968)
Elizabeth and O'Malley are involved in a furious car chase through the woods as they try to capture Anne-Marie and Olga. Later they pull the car off the road near the Thompkins Lane junction in order to get better acquainted.

UFO: Identified (Gerry Anderson: May 1969)
A u.f.o. attacks the convoy taking Straker, Henderson and the Minister to an important conference as they travel through the woods.

UFO: Destruction (Ken Turner, 1970)
Admiral Sheringham’s limousine is escorted to S.H.A.D.O. headquarters through the woods (footage from Identified).

UFO: The Responsibility Seat (Alan Perry: September 1969)
After running Jo Fraser off the road Ed Straker drives her through the woods to a restaurant so they can talk (back projection).

THE PERSUADERS!: The Gold Napoleon (Roy Ward Baker: 1970)
After escaping from the smuggler's factory on a motorcycle Danny Wild is chased by Pullicino in a Mercedes through a wood. Pullicino gives up the chase and Danny makes his way to his Ferrari.

THE PERSUADERS!: That's Me Over There (Leslie Norman: 1970)

THE PERSUADERS!: The Time and the Place (Roger Moore: March 1971)
Brett in his Aston Martin DBS races after the two men who tried to burn Danny alive in his Ferrari.

THE NEW AVENGERS: Hostage (Sidney Hayers: Spring 1977)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) drives in his yellow Rover to the 'phone box at Pembury Park (Hawthorn Dell Car Park) to receive further instructions from Purdey's kidnappers.

DOCTOR WHOState Of Decay (1980)

F3: Stone Dean Farm, Potkiln Lane, Jordans, nr. Chalfont Common

UFO: The Sound of Silence (David Lane: May 1970)
Russ (Michael Jayston) and Anne (Susan Jameson) exercise their horses at their farm. A tramp, Cully (Nigel Gregory), steals into the stables at night and comes to a sticky end. Paul Foster (Michael Billington) visits the farm whilst searching for a grounded ufo and joins Anne and Mr. Stone (Richard Vernon) in a search for Russ.

F4: Harefield Church, Church Hill, Harefield

JOE 90: The Unorthodox Shepherd (Ken Turner: 1968)
Joe and Sam investigate a supposedly haunted church.

UFO: The Square Triangle (David Lane: September 1969)
Liz Newton (Adrienne Corri) visits her husband's grave and is met by her lover, Cass, as she leaves.

THE NEW AVENGERS: To Catch A Rat (James Hill: Summer 1976)
Gunner (Ian Hendry) enters the church and radios to his base to be collected. Cledge (Barry Jackson) arrives at the church and begins to hunt for Gunner who gets to him first. When Gambit (Gareth Hunt) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley) arrive in their Range Rover they find Cledge dead and Gunner gone.



F5: Hall Barn, Beaconsfield

THE HUMAN JUNGLEFine Feathers (Vernon Sewell, 1963)
The country house where Penny's parents live.
(Spotted by John Stewart, October 2017)

THE BARON: Masquerade (Cyril Frankel: February 1966)
A Rolls Royce arrives at 'The Gables' and drops off Mannering before driving away. Later Mannering escapes from the house but is seen by Revel (John Carson). Cordelia manages to find the house but is later captured. The following day Mannering has to knock Revel out in the grounds in order to keep his identity secret.

THE SECRET SERVICE: To Catch a Spy (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
The heli-jet carrying Grey after his escape lands in a secret hanger beneath the tennis court of Sir Humphrey Burton's country house. Father Unwin arrives at the house (Stanley Unwin) in Gabriel whilst investigating Grey's escape.


THE GOOD GUYS: Relative Values (1991)
JONATHAN CREEK: The Eyes of Tiresias (1999)

F6: Holy Cross Church, Church End, Sarratt

THE NEW AVENGERS: K is for Kill Part One: The Tiger Awakes (Yvon Marie Coulais: Summer 1977)
A Russian soldier sneaks through an English church yard with deadly intent.

F7: Sarratt Village


THE NEW AVENGERS: K is for Kill Part One: The Tiger Awakes (Yvon Marie Coulais: Summer 1977)
A village in England, July 25th 1965. A Russian soldier runs past The Cricketers public house before and after gunning down a Salvation Army band in the Village Hall. Steed goes to investigate but is unable to solve the mystery.


F8: Commonwood Common House, Commonwood Common, Quickmoor Lane nr. Sarratt

THE BARON: The Maze (Jeremy Summers: June 1966)
Cordelia drives her Daf past the Commonwood Common House whilst The Baron tries to re-trace his steps. Cordelia drives her Daf across the crossroads (at Red Lion Lane/Plough Lane) as she follows Mannering's directions.

THE BARON: Roundabout (Robert Tronson: August 1966)
Jeanne Varda drives The Baron and George Declair out of Paris followed by the police.

THE SAINT: Flight Plan (Roy Baker: September 1966)
Simon Templar's white Volvo drives through the countryside passing the house.

THRILLER: Murder In Mind (1973)

F9: Great Missenden

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Charlie Boy (Robert Young: 1979)
Graham Elder (Leigh Lawson) is chatting to girlfriend Sarah (Angela Bruce) while driving his orange Ford Escort when he overshoots the give way (at the junction of Rignall Road) cutting up a Mercedes (approaching from Aylesbury Road) forcing it to screech to a halt. Later Graham proceeds with haste to recover his stolen antique African wood carving nicknamed "Charlie Boy". He pulls up outside a house (The GatewaySchool)and confronts a antiques dealer (David Healy) forcing his way inside after spotting the item in question.
(Identified by Ros Connors with thanks to Yvonne Williams, June 2004)

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Rude Awakening (Peter Sasdy: 1980)
Norman Shenley (Denholm Elliott) arrives for work at his estate agency (Station Approach) and is greeted by his secretary, Lolly (Lucy Gutteridge). Mr. Rayburn (James Laurenson) arrives with a property to sell.

F10: Marlyn Cottage, Blackwell Hall Lane, Ley Hill, nr. Chesham

THE SAINT: Little Girl Lost (Roy Baker: Aug/Sep 1966)
Simon and Mildred eventually find their way to Brendan's cottage. Mullins and Brine arrive in their Beetle soon after. In the morning Simon leaves in a vintage car to collect his Volvo, on his return he finds that the villains have made their move.

UFO: A Question of Priorities (David Lane: August 1969)
Straker (Ed Bishop) arrives at the cottage with his son (Barnaby Shaw) and meets his ex-wife Mary (Suzanne Neve) and her new husband (Philip Madoc). As he is leaving, his son is involved in an accident. An ambulance is called and it arrives at the Ley Hill Road junction and speeds past Ashridge Farm towards the Cottage. Straker follows in his car as it leaves.

UFOSub-Smash (David Lane: December 1969)
Straker thinks about his son's death when he is trapped in Skydiver.

UFOThe Man Who Came Back (David Lane: June 1970)
The ambulance carrying Colonel Grey speeds past Ashridge farm on its way to hospital.

UFOMindbender (Ken Turner: August 1970)
Straker sees a film of the death of his son being screened as he walks around the film studio.

F11: Latimer, Bucks.

DEPARTMENT S: The Pied Piper of Hambledown (Roy Ward Baker: Summer 1968)
Susan Lewis (Gina Warwick) wakes up in the village of Hambledown to find all the inhabitants have disappeared. Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) and Annabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicols) arrive at the village to investigate and they book into The Duke of Cumberland.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: For The Girl Who Has Everything (Cyril Frankel: Summer 1968)
Jeff stays at the pub, The Duke of Cumberland.

DEPARTMENT S: Who Plays the Dummy? (John Gilling: Autumn 1968)
The location of the Duke of Cumberland pub.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Man from Nowhere (Robert Tronson: Spring 1969)
'Marty' and Jeannie arrive at the inn, The Duke of Cumberland, in a Cotswolds village, followed rapidly by Jeff and Marty in the Vauxhall, plus the villains who leave Griggs (Neil McCarthy) guarding the van with Rex.

INSPECTOR MORSE: Deadly Slumber (Stuart Orme: 1992)
Constable Willis (Connor Byrne) arrives in his police car for a meeting with Detective Sergeant. Lewis (Kevin Whately) after visiting Stepping's house.

PATHFINDERS: Nightmare (1970)

F12: Bulstrode Park gates, Hedgerley Lane, Gerrards Cross

photo: Jaz Wiseman

STRANGE REPORT: Report No.4407-HEART:'No choice for the donor' (Robert Asher: 1968)
The car with Gynt aboard drives along a country lane then turns sharply down a lane blocked by a road works sign (a couple of hundred yards from these gates). The police do not notice and continue past the junction. Later the police retrace their steps and remove the road works barrier. Whilst searching for Ham, a police car carrying Strange enters the gates of one of the many local estates (Bulstrode Park). The police arrive at one of the many large houses in the area (‘Ponders’) during their search for Gynt.
(Ponders found by Jaz Wiseman, April 2005, blocked lane Identified by Alan Field, July 2007)

F13: York House School, Redheath, Sarratt Road, Chandler's Cross

UFO: Ordeal (Ken Turner: August 1969)
Foster's car approaches the health centre, from where he is later kidnapped and taken to a waiting u.f.o.

F14: Moor Park Golf Club, Anson Walk, Batchworth Heath

THE BARON: The Maze (Jeremy Summers: June 1966)
Agents check the motorcade as it arrives at Martinfield Golf Club gate house on Anson Walk. The motorcade arrives with the delegates for the conference at the Golf Club.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Dark Island (Cyril Frankel: February 1967)
Craig (Stuart Damon) and Richard (William Gaunt) use their powers in a friendly game of golf.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Interrogation (Cyril Frankel: Autumn 1967)
Stock footage from The Dark Island.

THE CHAMPIONS: Shadow of the Panther (Freddie Francis: Late 1967)
Stock footage from The Dark Island.

JASSY (1947)

THE BROKER'S MAN: Keyman (1998)

F15: Christ Church, Rickmansworth Road, Chorleywood

THE BARON: Portrait of Louisa (John Moxey: September 1965)
Louisa arrives at the church to meet her blackmailer who escapes later in his car.

F16: Old House Lane, Langley Bury

THE AVENGERS: Death's Door (Sidney Hayers: May 1967)
On the way to see Sir Andrew with Emma, the brakes fail on Steed's Bentley and they crash into a fence at the bottom of 'Spout Hill'. Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Sir Andrew Boyd (Clifford Evans) depart from Sir Andrew's house (Great Westwood) aboard a black limousine after Sir Andrew checks the butler for missing buttons.

F17: Denham Golf Club, Tilehouse Lane, Denham

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Which Way Did He Go McGill? (Freddie Francis: Summer 1967)
McGill (Richard Bradford) goes to the golf club to interview the Secretary, Soames (Hugh McDermot), and identify a former member.


F18: Denham Golf Club Station, Slade Oak Lane, Denham

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Brainwash (Charles Crichton: October 1966)
McGill (Richard Bradford) arrives at the station by train and is met by John (Colin Blakely). He is taken to meet his client (Howard Marion Crawford), who is waiting by his car. As McGill gets into the car he is knocked out by the chauffeur and is driven away by the three men.

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Which Way Did He Go McGill? (Freddie Francis: Summer 1967)
Kevin Earle (Donald Sutherland) arrives at the station on the London train and walks down towards the railway bridge.

F19: The Rose and Crown, Harefield Road, Batchworth

INSPECTOR MORSE: The Ghost In The Machine (Chris Burt: 1988)
Lady Hanbury (Patricia Hodge) gets her chauffeur (Michael Thomas) to drop Betty Parker (Lill Roughley) off at her pub in the Rolls.

F20: The Bricklayer's Arms, Bricklayers Arms, Hogpits Bottom, Flaunden

THE BARON: The Maze (Jeremy Summers: June 1966)
Cordelia and Mannering leave The Ancient Golfer and walk across the golf course followed by Walter Farrell.

F21: Denham Aerodrome, Denham

THE PERSUADERS!: Chain Of Events (Peter Hunt: Peter Hunt 1970)
Eastern Europe - An small aeroplane arrives and the pilot gets out watched by four Soviet officials by a jeep in the nearby trees. They are all waiting for Baxter (Gerry Crampton) who arrives on a motorbike with a case. The pilot attempts to shoot Baxter as he arrives, but his gun jams. Baxter tries to escape, but he is pursued and gunned down by the men in the Jeep. One of the men, Profokiev (Leon Eagles), gets into the plane with a case identical to that of Baxter and flies off with the pilot.

THE PERSUADERS!: The Morning After (Leslie Norman: 1971)
Lars Seelman (Griffith Jones) is kidnapped by Kristen (Catherine Schell) and Jon (Tony Bonner) and driven from the main road to a Cessna aeroplane parked at a small airstrip (the field opposite Denham Aerodrome end of the runway 24).  Later Brett (Roger Moore) and Danny (Tony Curtis) arrive in a Range Rover just in time to prevent the plane taking off. The police are called to take Kristen and Jon away (Denham Aerodrome).
(additional information from Mark Pond, December 2012)

THE PROTECTORS: 2000 ft To Die (John Hough: 1972)
Harry Rule (Robert Vaughan) and the Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) attempt to persuade Freddie Reiwald (Harvey Hall) not to partake in a parachute jump but Freddie is adamant. To be on the safe side both Harry, the Contessa, Paul (Tony Anholt) and Chino (Anthony Chinn) keep an eye on the filming. Whilst Freddie makes the jump, Susan (Jacqueline Stanburg) is being watched by a sniper with a telescopic rifle. Paul and the Contessa attempt to locate the sniper before Freddie jumps from the plane. Once they have located the gun which is concealed in the camera, the Contessa drives a van between Susan and the camera whilst Paul tackles the sniper. Harry and Freddie land safely but they are nearly killed when a car driven by MAN 3 attempts to run them down.


DOCTOR WHO: The Five Doctors (1983)
MADAM SIN (1972)

F22: Sandy's Garage, Long Lane, Hogpits Bottom, Flaunden (demolished, Cowslip Cottage built on site)

THE BARON: The Maze (Jeremy Summers: June 1966)
Mannering (Steve Forrest) pulls up at Sandy's garage and asks the attendant to fill his Jensen. Later Mannering is able to take Cordelia (Sue Lloyd) there in her Daf in an attempt to find out what happened to him and they search the garage together.

F23: Rickmansworth Masonic School for Girls, Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth

INSPECTOR MORSE: Cherubim & Seraphim (Danny Boyle: 1991)
Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) goes to Marilyn's school and talks with her teacher, Mr Greenhill (Charlie Roe), about her suicide. They are watched by Vicky Wilson (Liza Walker). The following day Morse interrupts a sex education lesson looking for Vicki, where the teacher (Tania Rodrigues) is telling off Simon (Simon Gilbey).

F24: Ye Olde Green Manne, Batchworth Heath Hill, Batchworth Heath

INSPECTOR MORSE: Cherubim & Seraphim (Danny Boyle: 1991)
Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) leaves a pub without finishing his pint.

F25: Wellington Place, High Street, Harefield (Demolished)


INSPECTOR MORSE: Seasons Six, Seven and Eight
This building featured as the Oxford police station where Morse and Lewis worked.

F26: Abbey Park Farm, nr. Littleworth Common

THE SECRET SERVICE: More Haste, Less Speed (Ken Turner: Autumn 1968)
Lady Martha arrives at Greenacre Farm on her stolen bike followed by the miniaturised Gabriel with Matthew and Father Unwin aboard. Unwin and Matthew leave later with the counterfeit bank plates.

F27: Shardeloes House, nr. Amersham

JASON KING: Chapter One: The Company I Keep (Cyrel Frankel: )
A party of Roman Diplomats arrive at a Villa near Gorizia for a wild party. Later Jason and the Contessa di Magiore arrive at the villa after following the description of the route in Jason's latest chapter. After the police arrive Jason and the Contessa make a hasty retreat. Jason returns to the house in his Bentley to find Alfred Thistle dead. Jason chases the killer out of the villa and gives chase as she drives away.

F28: Beaconsfield

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Fine Feathers (Vernon Sewell, 1963)
Beaconsfield Town Hall - The exterior of the magistrates’ court
(Spotted by John Stewart, October 2017)

THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Time-Check (Alan Cooke, 1963)
Beaconsfield Town Hall - Magistrates’ court (re-use of footage from Fine Feathers)
(Spotted by John Stewart, October 2017)

THE SECRET SERVICE: May Day May Day (Allen Parry: )
As Joe is about to inform the police about his suspicions he is shot down from a passing car (on Windsor End).


F29: Dodds Mill, Chenies

INSPECTOR MORSE: Deadly Slumber (Stuart Orme: 1992)
Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) arrives in his Jaguar at Michael Steppings' house just in time to find Steppings (Brian Cox) having problems with his Ferrari Testarossa. Morse talks to Steppings about Brewster's death. Later Constable Willis (Connor Byrne) knocks on the door posing as a crime prevention officer. A few days later Morse returns with Detective Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whately) looking for Steppings and they find his body in the garage.

F30: Gerrards Cross

photo: Jaz Wiseman

THE PERSUADERS!: The Long Goodbye (Roger Moore: 1971)
Danny is taken by force and held in a house (Badminton House) on the corner of Vicarage Way and Marsham Way. On the way there Danny hears a schoolgirl (Deborah Moore) rattling her ruler
against the iron gates of a house (Cleveland in Marsham Way). Later Danny phones Brett to tell him the location of the house and we see him drive into the road Vicarage Way. Sir Hugo Chalmers (Leo Genn) is later run down (at the junction of Vicarage Way and Marsham Way).
(Found by Jaz Wiseman)

F31: Moat Farm, Hedgerley Lane

THE PERSUADERS!: Someone Waiting (Peter Medak: 1971)
This is the farm used by the Jenkins brothers.

F32: Little Westwood, Bucks Hill, Kings Langley

THE AVENGERS: Death's Door (Sidney Heyers: May 1967)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives in his Bentley at the home of Becker (Marne Maitland). Steed interviews Becker while he shoots a target to the rear of his property. Becker takes the opportunity to attempt to shoot Steed when his questioning gets too close to the mark.
(Identified by Matthew George)

F33: Sherwood House, Tilehouse Lane, Denham

THE PERSUADERS!: A Death In the Family (Sidney Hayers: 1971)
General Randolph Sinclair Strathers (Roger Moore) is dictating his memoirs in the garden of his country house when he spots a remote control model tank moving across his lawn. On closer inspection, the tank explodes killing the General.
Note: this was Roger Moore home at the time of filming.
(Found by Jaz Wiseman, August 2002)

F34: Wooburn Green


THE SECRET SERVICE: To Catch a Spy (Brian Heard: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin, in his Model T Ford, Gabriel, follows the Jaguar carrying Sir Humphrey and Grey as it makes its way into London (Town Lane and Wycombe Lane).
(Spotted by Ian Pratt, November 2002)

F35: Hedgerley

Photo: Alan Field

THE NEW AVENGERS: House Of Cards (Ray Austin: Spring 1976)
Cartney (Lyndon Brook) arrives at a church (Saint Mary the Virgin) where The Bishop (Derek Francis) is giving a sermon.
(Identified by Alan Field, July 2007)

THE PERSUADERS!: A Home of One's Own (James Hill: 1971)
Brett buys a drink for a local poacher at the pub where he is staying (The White Horse, Village Lane). The following morning Brett (Roger Moore) meets Lucy Scott (Hannah Gordon) just as she is leaving. Danny (Tony Curtis) arrives in a Land Rover and drags Brett away.
(Identified by Nick Haugh, February 2004)

F36: The De Vere Bellhouse Hotel, Oxford Road, Beaconsfield

THE PERSUADERS!: Nuisance Value (Leslie Norman: 1971)
Brett Sinclaire (Roger Moore) arrives in his Aston Martin at the . Hotel Don Juan in Spain. Soon after Lisa (Viviane Ventura) and Mary (Sarah Lawson) leave the hotel to go to town and Lisa is kidnapped by two masked men in the car park. Danny (Tony Curtis) races after them in his Ferrari. Later that evening Mr Zorakin (George Murcell) arrives in his Daimler with Patterson (David Cargill) and is shown straight in. Lord Sinclair finds Danny’s car in the car park with a ransom note attached,. Zorakin and Patterson are nearby and jump to conclusions.
(Found by Sam Denham, February 2004)

F37: Meadow Cottage, Private track, off the A413 St Peter by Pass (demolished)

THE PERSUADERS!: A Home of One's Own (James Hill: 1971)
Brett (Roger Moore) and Danny (Tony Curtis) arrive at Danny’s country cottage.
(Found by Jaz Wiseman June 2004)

F38: Chalfont Saint Peter

STRANGE REPORT: Report No.2475 - REVENGE: 'When a man hates' (Charles Crichton: November 1968)
Mrs Mary Hanson (Rosemary Leach) goes to St. Monica’s Church (St. Joseph's Catholic Church) to find some sort of answer to her families’ problems. Instead, she finds Adam Strange (Anthony Quayle) waiting for her.
(Jaz Wiseman, April 2005)

F39: Holy Trinity Church, Seer Green

Photo: Alan Field

MAN IN A SUITCASE: All That Glitters (Herbert Wise: August/September 1966)
The church in the village of Norton.
(Spotted by Alan Field, June, 2007)

F40: Junction of Old Uxbridge Road and Denham Way

Photo: Alan Field

STRANGE REPORT: Report 0649 SKELETON: 'Let Sleeping Heroes Lie' (Peter Medak: August/September 1968)
Clinton (Tom Adams) takes Strange (Anthony Quayle) in his own taxi to a sand quarry outside London.
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2007)


F41: Chalfont St. Giles

Photo: Alan Field

THE NEW AVENGERS: The Tale of the Big Why (Robert Feust: August 1976)
Purdey (Joanna Lumley) and Gambit (Gareth Hunt), in their Range Rover find themselves in the village of Neverton which reminds Gambit of a conversation he once had with Brandon. Poole (Rowland Davis) and Roach (Gary Waldhorn) have been watching the two agents and Poole makes the connection with Turner a friend of Brandon.
(Identified by Alan Field, July 2007)

F42: Springwell Chalk Pit, Springwell Lane, Harefield

THE BARON: The Long, Long Day (Roy Baker: April 1966)
Marco Navini (Peter Arne) and his brother, Bruno dispose of the body of Pia Vallachioin a quarry, but they are watched by Maria Pullerno who drives away before they can dispose of her as well.
(Identified by Alan Field, August 2007)

THE AVENGERS: The Fear Merchants (Gordon Flemyng: September 1966)
Gilbert (Garfield Morgan) attempts to bury Steed (Patrick Macnee) after luring him to a quarry. A fight ensues which ends with Gilbert being crushed by a bulldozer.

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Variation on a Million DollarsPart 2 (Pat Jackson: November 1966)
The crate carrying McGill (Richard Bradford) is taken by truck to a quarry outside Lisbon. Once opened McGill is confronted by hostile members of the ships crew who beat and rob him. They do not find his key. McGill dust himself down and starts to make his way on foot to Lisbon.

THE AVENGERS: The Interrogators (Charles Crichton: October 1968)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives too late to save Izzy Pound, who is rehearsing his amazing marching sound, from being eliminated by Corporal Blakie (Glyn Edwards)
(Identified by Alan Field, August 2007)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: The Trouble with Women (Cyril Frankel: October 1968)
Jeff is taken to be executed and he is forced to walk across a deserted quarry by Alan Corder. Marty’s message has got to the police and they arrive just in time to sve Jeff and arrest Corder and Susan Lang.

THE AVENGERS: They Keep Killing Steed (Robert Fuest: August 1968)
Arcos (Ray McAnally) and Zerson (Norman Jones) work on their project to duplicate John Steed in an underground bunker concealed beneath a derelict London taxi sitting in a chalk quarry. They kidnap the real Steed (Patrick Macnee) to help with the process. The site is guarded by a number of Arcos’ men. Steed eventually manages to escape, but has to return to the quarry in order to prove his true identity. He is followed by Baron Von Curt (Ian Ogilvy) in his car with Tara (Linda Thorson) who join in a battle between Arco’s forces and Steed.
(Spotted by Sam Denham, August 2007)

THE AVENGERS: Thingumajig (Leslie Norman: January 1969)
Inge Tilson (Dora Reisser) takes Steed (Patrick Macnee) to see a nearby quarry in the Landrover. She claims it has not been used in years, but Steed soon spots that a vehicle has recently run over the quarry wall and crashed to the floor.
(Spotted by Sam Denham, August 2007)

STRANGE REPORT: Report 2641-Hostage: 'If You Won’t Learn Die!' (Charles Crichton, February 1969)
The exchange spot - lots of action with ALL the cast members.
(Identified by Alan Field, August 2007)

THE NEW AVENGERS: Obsession (Ernest Day: Spring 1977)
Larry Doomer's father is stopped at a road block in a middle eastern country and killed.

DOCTOR WHO: The Three Doctors (1972)
BLAKE'S 7: Cygnus Alpha (1977)
BLAKE'S 7: Orac (1978)
DOCTOR WHO: Earthshock (1981)
DOCTOR WHO: The Twin Dilema (1984)
DOCTOR WHO: Edelta and the Bannermen (1987)

F43: Junction 2, M40 nr Beaconsfield

Photo: Mark Pond

UFO: The Psychobombs (Jeremy Summers: July 1970)
Mason (Mike Pratt) is having trouble with his men on his motorway construction site when the aliens summon him to do their will. He walks off the site, narrowly missing being ‘graded’ on the way.
(Identified by Mark Pond, August 2007)

Photo: Mark Pond

THE PERSUADERS!: The Gold Napoleon (Roy Ward Baker: 1970)
Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore), in his Aston Martin and Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) in his Dino Ferrari with Michelle Devigne (Susan George) are on the trail of the Gold Napoleons which are being smuggled out of the county in a truck. Brett has found the truck on a motorway (A355 between M40 and Pyebush Roundabout) but he is delayed at the border crossing. Danny finds a side road on to the motorway and catches up to the truck. Brett manages to persuade a customs officer (Jean Driant) to let him through and soon Danny and Brett have captured the truck. They head back to France but are spotted by Pullicino (Alfred Marks) and his men in their Mercedes. Pullicino gives chase and they all end up back at the customs post.
(Identified by Mark Pond, August 2007)

F44: Greensleeves, Manor Lane, Gerard’s Cross

photo: Sam Denham

THE SECRET SERVICE: The Feathered Spies (Ian Spurrier: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin (Stanley Unwin) arrives in his Model T Ford, Gabriel, at the home of John Masden. As he berates Masden for speeding the previous evening, Mathew has a look around the property.
(Sam Denham, November 1998)

F45: Packhorse Lane, Gerrards Cross

Photo: Mark Pond

STRANGE REPORT: Report 1021 Shrapnel: ’The Wish in the Dream’ (Brian Smedley-Aston, February, 1969)
Carol Webber (Sylvia Syms) returns a very mysterious dinner jacket to the dry cleaners (17 Packhorse Road).
(Identified by Mark Pond, September 2007)

F46: Bulstrode Court, Oxford Road, Gerrard's Cross

photos: Sam Denham

THE NEW AVENGERS: The Eagle's Nest (Desmond Davis: April 1976)
John Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives at George Stannard’s to collect him, but finds Ralph (Jerold Wells) has taken up residence.
(Identified by Sam Denham, October 2007)

F47: Thatched Cottage, Slade Oak Lane, Upper Denham

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: For the Girl Who Has Everything (Cyril Frankel: Summer 1968)
Jeff follows Larry to a cottage where he is meeting his girlfriend, Laura Slade.

F48: Little Chalfont

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Carpathian Eagle (Francis Megahy: 1980)
Natalie (Suzanne Danielle) is propositioned by a businessman as she walks down the street.
(Found by Hammer House of Horror Web Site)

F49: Gerrards Cross Lawn Tennis Club, Bull Lane, Chalfont Saint Peter

STRANGE REPORT: Report No.4407-HEART:'No choice for the donor' (Robert Asher: July 1968)
Whilst playing tennis, Tony Williams (Mark Hawkins) is approached by Segarus (Kenneth Griffith) with an offer of work in his country.
(Identified by Mark Pond, July 2008)

F50: Peterley Manor House, Prestwood, Great Missenden

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: Charlie Boy (Robert Young: 1979)
Graham Elder (Leigh Lawson) is and Sarah’s (Angela Bruce) house.
(Identified by www.maverick-media.co.uk)

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: The Guardian of The Abyss (Don Sharp: 1980)
Mikes House.
(Identified by www.maverick-media.co.uk)

F51: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire

SABER OF LONDON: Saber's Bow and Arrow (Max Varnel: 1958)
Linda (Ann Stephens) and Frank (Michael Bryant) attempt to get married so they drive to Gretna Green and book into an inn (The Coach & Horses, The Green). Pete Paulson (Neil McCallum), Mark Saber (Donald Grey) and Harold Gregson (Vincent Holman) arrive at the inn looking for Gregson's daughter in Saber's Porsche 356 cabriolet.
(Identified by Greg Mishevski, 13th April 2012)

F52: Tilehouse Lane, Denham

DEPARTMENT S: Who Plays the Dummy? (John Gilling: Autumn 1968)
From his helicopter Gilford (Alan MacNaughton) watches as he drives Jason and Annabelle's white Jaguar by remote control (interior helicopter and aerial shots of Jaguar).

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water (Leslie Norman: September 1968)
Johnny Cracken drives his borrowed Jaguar along a country road (aerial shot from the above)

MADAM SIN (1972)

F53: Springwell Lane, Harefield

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Brainwash (Charles Crichton: October 1966)
John projects an image of a car speeding down a narrow country lane into McGill's cell. The car appears to crash into a lorry blocking the road and McGill is sent crashing to the floor by the impact.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2012)

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water (Leslie Norman: September 1968)
Johnny Cracken drives his borrowed Jaguar along a country road (driver's point of view from the above).
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2012)

F54: Tara Stables, Colley Hill Lane, Hedgerley, Slough

THE PERSUADERS!: Element of Risk (Gerald Mayer: 23rd Feb 1971)
The farmhouse where Danny and Lord Brett are held the night before the raid on the Amercian Air base. They leave in the morning with disguised as USAAF personell.

F55: Beaconsfield Cricket Club, London Road junction with Minerva Way, Beaconsfield

photos: Geoff Dodd

THE NEW AVENGERS: Dead Men Are Dangerous (Sidney Hayers: Spring 1977)
John Steed (Patrick Macnee), Gambit (Gareth Hunt) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley) relax off duty playing a few cricket strokes. Between them they christen the ‘purdka’ and Steed notices a strangely familiar figure in the distance.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2013)

F56: Harefield Road, Rickmansworth

THE BARON: Diplomatic Immunity (Leslie Norman: August 1965)
Mannering and Cordelia are driven (along Harefiled Road) and taken to a timber yard (W.H. Walker and Bros. Timber Merchants, Frogmore Wharf, now a supermarket). They are sealed inside the car and gas is introduced.

F57: Gordonbush House (formerly Egypt End) on Egypt Lane, Farnham Common

THE BARON: Red Horse, Red Rider (John Moxey: July/August 1965)
The Baron arrives at the home of Olmira. They have been followed by Salar and Shamir who wait outside in a Jeep. After a while they drive a little further down the road.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2021)

F58: West Sheepcote, Wooburn Common Road, Wooburn Green

THE SECRET SERVICE: The Deadly Whisper (Leo Eaton: Autumn 1968)
Father Unwin (Stanley Unwin) arrives in his Model T Ford, Gabriel, at the home of Professor Soams.

F59: Abbey Park Lane, Burnham, Slough

THE PERSUADERS!: The Time and the Place (Roger Moore: March 1971)
Brett (Roger Moore) and Danny (Tony Curtis) are driving home in the DBS, BS1, after an unsuccessful day at the races. They stop when they see a girl (Anna Palk) standing by her Triumph, by the side of the road. Brett and Danny top to offer assistance..
(Spotted by Sietse Postma, April 2022)

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