P1: Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, Harrow Weald

THE SAINT: The Russian Prisoner (Peter Moxey: February 1966)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) attempts to rescue Karel Jorvitch from the Russian counsel in Switzerland whilst Irma Jorovitch (Penelope Horner) causes a diversion. KGB agents then turn up to collect the girl.

THE SAINT: The Fiction Makers (Roy Baker: May 1966)
Men with guard dogs patrol the grounds of SWORD HQ, with its front as the Northfield Clinic for Nervous Disorders. Simon (Roger Moore) walks in the grounds with Galaxy (Justine Lord), watched by Monk (Tom Clegg). Frug (Philip Locke) is alerted to a light in Templar's room by a guard. Amos Klein (Sylvia Syms) and Simon escape from the house and crash out of the grounds in a car. Warlock (Kenneth J. Warren) watches his men practise moving through the infra-red beams. Simon tries to alert the dustmen to his plight, and later races back to the house to rescue Amos.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Mission (Robert Asher: May 1967)
A van arrives at the Winthrop House Mission which is later visited by Richard (William Gaunt). Craig (Stuart Damon) and Sharron (Alexandra Bastedo) overpower their guards by the car. Craig and Richard steal the van to chase the escaping Peterson.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Experiment (Cyril Frankel: June 1967)
Cranmore (Allan Cuthbertson) arrives at Glind's training centre in the taxi. Richard (William Gaunt) and Craig (Stuart Damon) jump over the walls of the house and watch Sharron training inside. Richard and Craig overpower two guards that night.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Body Snatchers (Paul Dickson: Autumn 1967)
Craig (Stuart Damon) and Sharron (Alexandra Bastedo) arrive at the Mellion Research Centre and overpower guards on the entrance road. Craig and Richard pursue the escaping Squires.

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Killing Bottle (John Gibson: 1968)
Rello Verdew (Roddy McDowall) lures Jimmy Kintoul (Barry Evans) to the home of his brother Randolph Verdew (William Marlowe). With the help of his girlfriend Vean Verdew (Ingrid Brett) he intends to manipulate the eccentric Randolph into killing Jimmy (the majority of this episode is filmed on location within the house).

THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown (John Gilling: Early 1968)
Kruger (Derek Newark) and his men load the drunken pilot into a white Jaguar. Later, Craig stops and asks directions in Germany on the entry road.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: But What a Sweet Little Room (Roy Ward Baker: June 1968)
Arthur de Crecy drives Anne Fenwick to his 'cottage in the country' in his Peugeot (back projection of driveway).
(Confirmed by Vince Cox, November 20th 2012)

THE AVENGERS: Game (Robert Fuest: June 1968)
Brigadier Wishforth-Browne is lured to Monty Bristow's house for dinner. Having completed the jigsaw, Steed visits Bristow's in his Rolls.

RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: You Can Always Find A Fall Guy (Ray Austin: August 1968)
Jeff (Mike Pratt) and Marty (Kenneth Cope) meet a nun (Juliet Harmer) at what they think is a convent, but on the entrance road are soon stopped by Edwards (Garfield Morgan). Jeff flees from the Winchester Electronics Research Corporation whilst Marty holds the dogs at bay, but later returns and talks to Edwards about his cars.

DEPARTMENT S: The Bones of Byrom Blain (Paul Dickson: 1968)
The house at Marling Dale.

THE ADVENTURER: The Case of the Poisoned Pawn (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Bradley arrives to face Hamilton for an important game of chess.

DOCTOR WHO: The Evil of the Daleks (1967)
THRILLER: K is for Killing (1974)


P2: Bentley Priory Gate House, Common Road, Harrow Weald

H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Behind the Mask (Pennington Richards: 1958)
Peter Brady arrives at the gate house to the home of Raphael Constantine. Brady returns at night, sneaking past the gate keeper (day for night); later he escapes from the house and makes off in his car.

P3: Caldecote Towers (Rosary Prior High School), Elstree Road, Bushey

ONE STEP BEYOND: The Villa (John Newland: early 1961)
During a psychological experiment Mary Low has a vision of a large house with a distinctive lift, the following morning she finds out that the house, Villa Orlando, actually exists and she feels compelled to visit it.

THE SAINT: The Contract (Roger Moore: October 1964)
Simon and Eileen Ballinger go to visit Chuck Powers at Craven Wood Military Hospital to talk about his last flight.

THE AVENGERS: The Master Minds (Peter Graham Scott: December 1964)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives at the Dorrington Dean School for Young Ladies where he meets Holly Trent (Patricia Haines) and Leeming (Bernard Archard). Later, the conditioned Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) indulges in some archery with Steed. (There is extensive use of the interior of the school in this episode.)
(Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989)

THE BARON: Diplomatic Immunity (Leslie Norman: August 1965)
The Baron sneaks up to Comrade Sforza's house.

THE BARON: And Suddenly You're Dead (Cyril Frankel: January 1966)
Franklin escapes from Sorensen Laboratories and steals Holme's limousine; he is followed by Frederick who mounts a motorcycle.

THE BARON: The Maze (Jeremy Summers: June 1966)
The Baron and Cordelia approach Crestview House, and after talking to the occupiers leave. Mannering runs towards the house to stop the assassins shooting the General.

THE SAINT: The Ex-King of Diamonds (Alvin Rakoff: Summer 1968)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) arrives at the Hotel Magnificent followed soon after by Rod Huston (Stuart Damon) and his Chauffeur (Ray Chiarelle). They meet Janine Flambeau (Isla Blair) who refuses a dinner invitation from the two men before driving off in her Citroen 2CV.

THE AVENGERS: They Keep Killing Steed (Robert Fuest: August 1968)
Numerous fake Steeds arrive at the conference. Baron Von Curt (Ian Ogilvy) brings Tara (Linda Thorson) to his home which is to be used for the peace conference. Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives by taxi and has to deal with a double in a car. Chasing another double into the grounds he throws the bomb away and is pursued by guards. Steed steals a car and leaves, pursued by Tara and the Count.

INSPECTOR MORSE: Who Killed Harry Field? (Colin Gregg: 1990)
Helen Field (Geraldine James) takes Harry Field Snr. (Freddie Jones) home. Later Sgt. Lewis (Kevin Whately) pays a visit.


P4: Melbury Cottage, Caldecote Lane, Bushey

THE AVENGERS: Dead Man's Treasure (Robert Day: June 1967)
Carl and Alex drive their car past the house just after leaving Mithering.

P5: Wood Lane, Little Common, Stanmore

THE SAINT: The House on Dragon's Rock (Roger Moore: February 1966)
The Saint enters Llanfairtraws Sychnant in his Volvo.

THE AVENGERS: The Forget-Me-Knot (James Hill: December 1967)
Steed persuades Burton to drive him to the factory where Mrs Peel is being held and they pass a pond on the way there.

THE SAINT: Time to Die (Roy Baker: 1968)
Simon instructs the chauffeur to take the "cut-off road to Fathersham"

THE SAINT: The Ex-King of Diamonds (Alvin Rakoff: Summer 1968)
Janine Flambeau and Professor Flambeau drive from the Casino to the card factory in a Citroen 2CV (Wood lane looking towards Stanmore Hill).
(Spotted by Geoff Dodd, December 2006)


THRILLER: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are (1974)

P6: Capel Road/Villiers Road, Oxhey

THE AVENGERS: Death's Door (Sidney Hayers: May 1967)
Steed and Mrs Peel follow Melford's route in his Rolls in order to check his premonitions. They stop at a road junction where they hear "machine gun fire".
(Richard McHale: January 2002)

P7: Rossway Farm Little Bushey Lane

THE ADVENTURER: Skeleton in the Cupboard (Cyril Frankel: 1972)
Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) goes to talk to the former stunt man, Marks, (Roy Kinnear) at his car wrecking yard.

P8: Bushey Manor School on London Road/Falconer Road

GIDEON’S WAY: The Tin God (John Gilling: June/July 1964)
Constable Lashbrook (Vincent Harding) escorts Liz (Shelley Crowhurst) and Syd Benson (Michael Cashman) to School. Charley Muliver (Arthur Lovegrove) is already waiting in a grey Morris panel van in a wood yard beside the school. Syd is driven away by his Uncle Charley and the policeman is left to explain all to Det. Chief Insp. Keen (Alexander Davion) when he arrives in his police car.
(Confirmed by Geoff Dodd, December 2006)

P9: Cross Road, Bushey

GIDEON’S WAY: The Tin God (John Gilling: June/July 1964)
Ruby Benson (Jennifer Wilson) arrives home at Musket Street after a hard day’s work. After Commander Gideon’s visit police guard the house, but they allow Uncle Charley (Arthur Lovegrove) access. The following day Constable Lashbrook (Vincent Harding) arrives to escort Liz (Shelley Crowhurst) and Syd Benson (Michael Cashman) to School.
(Identified by Alan Field, August 2007)

P10: Brookshill Drive, Harrow Weald

GIDEON’S WAY: The Big Fix (James Hill: September 1964)
Posing as a friend of Janet Middleton (Penelope Horner), Detective Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion) is shown around the stables (Brookshill Farm / Dairy Cottage / Farm Cottage / Bridle Cottage). He is introduced to Jo Short (Michael Ripper). Dandy Johnson (Brian Phelan) watches the stable and is waiting when Hilarion is delivered.
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2008)

P11: George V Avenue, Pinner Park, Harrow

GIDEON’S WAY: The Tin God (John Gilling: June/July 1964)
On their way into London John ‘Benny’ Benson and Freddy Tisdale spot a Police road block.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November, 2009)

P12: High Street, Bushey

GIDEON’S WAY: To Catch A Tiger (Les Norman, April 1965)
Nurse Smith is rushed to hospital in an ambulance after being knocked down (Bushey High Street/Park Road).
(Identified by Arthur Broadley, February 2010)

P13: Pinner Road/Aldenham Road, Watford

THE AVENGERS: Death's Door (Sidney Hayers: May 1967)
Steed and Mrs Peel follow Melford's route in his Rolls in order to check his premonitions. The "machine gun fire" is explained by the pneumatic drill being used by workmen constructing a service station.

P14: The Kiln, Old Redding, Stanmore

GIDEON’S WAY: The Big Fix (James Hill: September 1964)
Posing as a friend of Janet Middleton (Penelope Horner), Detective Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion) arrives at the Middleton residence.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2014)

THE SAINT: The Fiction Makers (Roy Baker: May 1966)
Simon Templer (Roger Moore) arrives in his Volvo at the home of Amos Klein.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2014)

P15: Warren Lane, Stanmore

THE SAINT: The Sporting Chance (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
After leaving Torono, Professor Otto Mueller (Gerald Heinz) redezvous with Cleaver (Brandon Brady).
(Identified by Alan Field, June 2023)

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