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THE AVENGERS: The Murder Market (Peter Graham Scott: December 1964)
John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Lovejoy (Patrick Cargill) and his staff attend the 'funeral' of Mrs. Peel. Robert Stone (John Woodvine) is seen watching the events from a distance.


THE AVENGERS: Silent Dust (Roy Baker: June 1965)
Unknown 1 -  Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) and Quince (Aubrey Morris) are stopped in their tracks by Mellors (Conrad Phillips). Peter Omrod (William Franklyn), rides up on his horse and sends Mellors on his way. Mrs Peel asks Omrod if he knows anything about the vanishing birds.


A number of farms and fields feature in this episode, but this one has not yet been identified.

Unknown 2 -Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) confronts Quince (Aubrey Morris) as to why he was spying on here and Steed.

This is either shot at the above location or N35: Aldenham Park.

THE AVENGERS: Killer (Cliff Owen: September 1968)
Unknown 1
- Steed and Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney watch from The Pirate as a bus leavesd the factory and drives away.

Unknown 2 - On Steed's instructions Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney follows the bus from the factory in her MG.


THE AVENGERS: Quick-Quick Slow Death
Mrs Peel meets Steed whilst he is shooting tin cans in his backyard.



THE SAINT: The Well Meaning Mayor (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
The home of Mayor Sam Purdell and his family.

This house bears a resemblance to the, now demolished house, Hillcrest, O10 – but it is not Hillcrest.

THE AVENGERS: False Witness (Charles Crichton: June 1968)
Unknown 1 - Tara is searching Plumbers home when she sees an milkman take something from the kitchen. As he leaves in his ‘Dreemykreem Dairies’ milk float she follows in her Lotus Europa.



THE AVENGERS: Man-Eater of Surrey Green (Sidney Hayers: May 1965)

Steed and Mrs Peel exit the episode on the back of a hay cart.

Mike Richardson - could be a road within the grounds of The Grove, Watford.

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