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THE AVENGERS: Epic (James Hill: February 1967)
Mrs. Peel is tricked into using a taxi driven by a disguised Stewart Kirby's. Mrs Peel soon realises that they are going the wrong way, but when she protests she is rendered unconscious by gas fed into her sealed compartment.

This first shot looks like the swamp on London Road near the entrance to High Cannons. The taxi is seen on London Road near the entrance to High Cannons , Shenley Road and heading up Theobald Street, so obvious options are going to be within the area defined by Theobald Street, Radlett Lane, Silver Hill, London Road, Rowley Lane, Cowley Hill/Gateshead Road and Shenley Road.

Cowley Hill:
(Identified by Stephen Winterbottom, June 2015)

Unknown 2:

THE AVENGERS: Have Guns - Will Haggle (Ray Austin: October 1967)
As Tara heads home in her Lotus she passes Conrad's Jaguar. Conrad is waiting inside and drives off after the Lotus.

THE AVENGERS: The Nutshell (Raymond Menmuir, May 1963)

Anderson and Venner drive to the airfield where Steed is meeting with Jason.


THE AVENGERS: Build a Better Mousetrap (Peter Hammond, August 1963)
Unknown 1: Mrs. Gale (Honor Blackman) joins a group of motorcyclists on their cross-country run to Vernon.



Is that a train in the background of the last shot?

Unknown 2: During the point-to-point suggested by Steed, Mrs. Gale’s (Honor Blackman) motorbike breaks down 7 miles from Vernon.

Longcross, Surrey is near the former M.O.D. vehicle testing centre ‘Longross Proving Ground” and areas of heath land such as Chobham Common and Aldbury Bottom.

THE AVENGERS: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station (John Krish: March 1967)
Unknown 1: Crewe takes Mrs Peel and the Secret Service agent to his signal box.


Stephen Cowin, May 2007 – “I’m pretty sure this is of the old Napsbury signal box on the Midland

Alan Field – “Although I agree the signal box does look like Napsbury, I don’t think it is. Napsbury was (apparently) famous for having three very tall signals, which would be visible in the shot. See what you think. http://www.signalbox.org/gallery/lm/napsbury.htm

Unknown 2: Mrs Peel is told to open the door of the carriage and jump.


THE AVENGERS: The Rotters (Robert Fuest: September 1968)
Tara, in her Cobra, drops Steed off at the home of Victor Forsyth.


THE AVENGERS: The Interrogators (Charles Crichton: October 1968)
Unknown 1: The first paid informant, Wilson, is killed with his own bow and arrow whilst practicing archery.


There are lots of cedar trees at Brocket Hall, see below.

Brocket Hall, Marford Road, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City: Tara arrives with Col Mannering (Christopher Lee) and Captain Soo (Cecil Cheng) for a special course. Later Steed arrives at the mansion, but he is expected. Later Minnow (David Sumner) watches as Steed pursues the pigeon in a Brantly B2B helicopter and finds the house.




This is included to give an indication of the parkland around Brocket Hall. Lots of cedar trees.

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