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DANGER MAN: Koroshi (Michael Truman: March 1966)
Unknown 1 - Cherry Blossom – Drake walks from plane to terminal of Tokyo airport.

There is a white hut with a window hidden behind the trees.

Unknown 2 - Drake is driven to meet potter at a record shop.

World Backgrounds clip 307039 – “Record Shop, Tokyo”

Unknown 3 - Tanaka drives Drake from the record shop.


Unknown 4 - Drake goes to visit the Old Japanese Man to find out about the medallion.


From Sietse Postma: The characters on the building are not Japanese but Mandarin: the black characters say: "ming yu business competition association"; the two red characters says "vacant"

Unknown 5 - Drake uses a bug hidden in a flower to follows Rosemary to Sanders’ house.


In this sequence we can see a large area of mown grass behind the trees and a wooden building that could be a shelter – this could be a cricket pitch.

Unknown 6 - Sanders’ takes Rosemary back to Tokyo in his Rolls Royce. Again he is trailed by Drake, but this time there is a bomb in Drake’s car.





Given the number of driveways leading off this road and the quality of the road surface this could be a ‘gated community’.

Unknown 7 - Sanders tries to escape in a light plane, but Drake uses a Jeep to prevent him from taking off.


DANGER MAN: Shinda Shima (Peter Yates:March 1966)

Unknown 1 - Fisherman is diving off this island when he is attacked by a frogman.

Tokyo Airport – Edward Sharp arrives in Tokyo by plane and Drake already there to assume his identity.

Unknown 2 - Drake is sent to the Island of Shinda Shima on the next stage of his journey.

Seasalter, Kent - John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) is taken to a small motor boat where a masked man is waiting to take him to the island of Shinda Shima. Later Drake and Miho Nakamura (Yoko Tani) manage to escape Shinda Shima and swim to the mainland.
Identified by Zeania Squires on the 'Unidentified Photos of the Briitish Isles' Facebook group.


Unknowns 4 to 9 - Drake returns to the fishing village with Miho. Later the villagers make their way back to the island of Shinda Shima.



Unknown 10 (World Backgrounds clip 3275) - Drake returns to the fishing village with Miho. Later the villagers make their way back to the island of Shinda Shima.


This long stock footage sequence also includes images of holiday makers and a steel band. So this is a Caribbean island.

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