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THE CHAMPIONS: A Case of Lemmings (Paul Dickson: Summer 1967)
Unknown 1: Craig looks for a suitable high building from which to jump.



This is the “Hotel Restaurant Bristol” or the “Bristol Hotel Restaurant” depending on which sign you read. This is supposedly in Cannes.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Gun-Runners (Robert Asher: February 1967)

Unknown 1:

Where in Burma?

Unknown 2:

I think the sign reads “Olympic” – which makes it a Greek airport.

THE CHAMPIONS:Reply Box No. 666
The Ponce Intercontinental Hotel, Ponce, Puerto Rico:
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, July 2009):

Unknown 1:

Also seen in monochrome in DEPARTMENT S: Blackout


THE CHAMPIONS: Desert Journey (Paul Dickson: Spring 1968)
Unknown 1:


Looks like the Suez Canal – but have had no joy matching Port Said or El Suez images.

Unknown 2:

Aden, The Republic of Yemen, Middle East:Establishing shot of a busy town.
(Identified by Dr S Straw, January 2011)

THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown (John Gilling: January 1968)

THE CHAMPIONS: The Ghost Plane (John Gilling: July 1967)
Hāna Bay, Maui, Hawaii, USA:

Unknown 1:

Probably Saint Moritz.

THE SAINT: The Persistent Patriots (Roy Baker: October 1966)

Unknown 1:

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