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THE CHAMPIONS: The Gun-Runners (Robert Asher: February 1967)
Unknown 1

Where in Burma?

Unknown 2:

I think the sign reads “Olympic” – which makes it a Greek airport.

THE CHAMPIONS: Reply Box No. 666
13th Street NW/F Street NW, Washington, DC, USA:
(Identified by Sietse Postma, July 2023)

Also seen in monochrome in DEPARTMENT S: Blackout


THE CHAMPIONS: Desert Journey (Paul Dickson: Spring 1968)
Unknown 1:


Looks like the Suez Canal – but have had no joy matching Port Said or El Suez images.

THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown (John Gilling: January 1968)
Brissago, Ticino, Switzerland: Nazis divers search lake near Hallstadt, Germany, where the bomb was dropped.
(Identified by Sietse Postma, July 2023)

THE CHAMPIONS: The Ghost Plane (John Gilling: July 1967)
Hāna Bay, Maui, Hawaii, USA:

Unknown 1:

Probably Saint Moritz.

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