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GIDEONíS WAY: The Firebug (Roy Baker: September 1964)
Junction of Southam Street and Kensal Road, Kensal Town, London W10
- Keen sets off on his borrowed bicycle.
Found with the help of Geoff Dodd, November 2021


Also junsiton of Kensal Place/Edenham Street, London W10 in the same sequence

St Pancras Cemetery, Camden, London N2 - The funeral of Constable Jarvis, Bishop () and Gideon () are both present.
Identified by Mandy Cox of the 'Unidentified photos of the British Isles' Facebook group, November 2021

Willes Road, NW5 - Tom Bishop (George Cole) goes back to his digs (23 Willes Road) with the new scooter.
Identified by Paul Canty, January 2011

Unknown 1 - Tom Bishop (George Cole) goes to the Atlas Paint co to start a fire.

Unknown 2 - Gideon follows

Golborne Road,  W10 - Gideon and Keen back on the trail of Tom Bishop again (back projection featuring the Golborne Grove at the Southam Street junction).
(Identified by Marishka von Saatz, July 2012)

Could be Golbourne Road, with Earl of Warwick in the background.

Unknown 3 - Keen reverses the car out of the cul-de-sac. 

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