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DANGER MAN: The Hunting Party (Pat Jackson: 1965)
Unknown 1 - Drake flies out of London to investigate the Jordans at their Chateau on the Loire.

Unknowns 2 to 6 Establishing shots of the Loire where the Jordans have their chateau.



Unknown 3 John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) follows Basil Jordan (Denholm Elliot) to his meeting with Zephos (Michael Peake). Later Basil persuades Drake to join him and Claudia Jordan (Moira Lister ) for their hunting party. When Drake spots Zephos amongst the guests he realises his cover has been blown.



DANGER MAN: Two Birds with One Bullet (Peter Yates: 1965)
Unknowns 1 to 5 John Drake has been installed in a British Colony to investigate the methods and intentions of the nationalists led by Doctor Shargis.


Unknown 7 Drake picked up from prison and taken to militia training school. Drake offers to drive Doctor Shargis home, but the car is sabotaged. Drake is able to avoid a serious crash.


Also Black Park footage?

Unknown 8 Riots after assassination of Doctor Shargis.


Unknown 9 Speech to Nationalist crowds about the succession to the assassinated Doctor Shargis.


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