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GIDEONS WAY: Gang War (Quentin Lawrence - January/February 1965)
Unknown 5 – One of the policemen watching the Romano’s flat leaves a shop and notices Waldo leaving the building with Lollo.

Unknown 7 – Blake goes for a meeting with Romano at Weller’s Warehouse.


Unknown 11 – Ronald Lacey (Jerry Blake), Frank Romano (Ray Brooks) and Lollo Romano (Jane Merrow) leave Weller’s Warehouse via a coal hole and leave in a waiting Morris car.

GIDEON’S WAY: The White Rat (Roy Baker, August 1964)
Unknown 1 – The West End Fur Co. – Mickey Keston (Ray McAnally) is robbing the factory with the help of Yob (David Gregory), After knocking out the watchman they make their escape in a van.


Unknown 4 – Chief Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion), Detective Sergeant Syd Taylor (David Davies) and Mary Henderson (Susan Lloyd) arrive at Mickey’s party.

Unknown 5 – A policeman comes running when he hears that shots that have been fire by Mickey.

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