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DANGER MAN: The Relaxed Informer (Anthony Bushell: 1960)
Unknown 1

This footage appears to be out takes from the film 'State Secret'.  Locations identified for this hilm include Trento and the road around Lake Garda, Italy.

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Unknown 4

Probably from the Pembroke location shoot.

Kyrenia Castle, Cyprus

Kolossi Castle, Cyprus

Unknown 5

Probably Crete from the same stock footage reel as the castles.

DANGER MAN: The Black Book (Michael Truman: 1965)
Unknown 1 - Sir Noel Blanchard drops of blackmail payment from a train.


Unknown 2 - Drake's Mini arrives at the home of General Carteret and approaches along the drive.

Old MGM footage?

Unknown 3 - Sir Noel Blanchard sets off out of Paris with his blackmail payment and talks to Drake by radio as he leaves town.



Unknown 4 Drake finds a suitable spot to continue his electronic surveillance.

More Desborough footage.

Unknown 5 Drake finds a suitable spot to continue his electronic surveillance.

Unknown 7 John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) uses his tracking device to find the car containing the blackmail money and gives chase.



DANGER MAN: English Lady Takes Lodgers (Michael Truman 1965)
Unknown 1 - The Portuguese home of George and Emma Stanway.

Footage from  'Chase a Crooked Shadow' (1958)

Unknown 4 to 8 - Establishing an stock shots of Portugal?



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