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DANGER MAN: The Outcast (Michael Truman: 1964)
N16: M.G.M. Borehamwood Studios, Elstree Way, Borehamwood - Gates of W.R.N.S. Quarters, Gibraltar.

Unknown 1 - Establishing shots of Spanish Village on the cost de Sol.

Quai du Large, Cannes, France  - **
(Identified by Sietse Postma, August 2023)

DANGER MAN: Judgement Day (Don Chaffey: 1965)
Unknown 1 to 3 – Footage of Arabic scenes.


Aden, The Republic of Yemen, Middle East,
(Identified by Dr. S. Straw, January, 2011)


Unknown 4 – Aircraft is made ready to fly to Baj Jabrin  Bir Azhad. Aircraft flies from Amman to Bir Azhad then has to make an emergency landing in the desert.



Aircraft was G-AHHN, a Auster J/1 Autocrat destroyed in a hangar fire in Belfast 1987. It was at the Biggin Hill Air Show in 1960.

Unknown 5 – Suddenly, as if by magic, a Land Rover appears.

DANGER MAN: Say It With Flowers (Peter Yates 1965).
Unknown 1 - Establishing shots Alps on flight into Switzerland.

Unknown 2 – A Heibeck street.

Unknown 3 - First train in the morning to Heibeck.

Caux Palace Hotel, Montreux, Switzerland – Wallace is summoned to Die Brajanska Klinik, Heibeck.

Unknown 4 – Drake goes to visit Wallace in his house in Einhousen, Austria on the road to Innsbruck.

DANGER MAN: To Our Best Friend (Patrick McGoohan: 1965)
Unknown 1 – Signal is transmitted from Moscow to London.

Unknown 2 to 3 - Stock shots establishing Bagdad and the Vincent’s apartment building.


Martyrs' Square, Tripoli, Libia - Stock shots establishing Bagdad and the Vincent’s apartment building (corner of Martyrs' Square and Omar Almukhtar Road).

Staple Hill Chobham Common and then Burma Road Chobham Common - Shots of road in and out of roadhouse/petrol station outside Bagdad.
(Identified by Gordon Thompson, 8th October 2012)




Looks like Chobham Common, Surrey

Unknown 4 – Motorway under construction where Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and The Colonel (Jack Allen) rescue the Vincents from their speeding car.




If the above is Chobham Common, Surrey these road works could well be part of the M3 Jn.3 to Jn.8 which was being constructed at the time.

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