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GIDEON’S WAY: How to Retire Without Really Working (George Pollock: November/December 1964)
Belgrave Gardens NW8– Driving away from the crime scene the Greshams run into a police diversion. The police have cordoned off a street where an armed robber, Shorty Flemming is hold up. Gideon (John Gregson) and Keen (Alexander Davion) arrive on the scene to take charge of the situation. Gideon recognises Robert Gresham and comments to Keen about the Rolls. Gideon’s intervention is cover in that night’s television news.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)



Unknown 9 – Mr. Pater drives the Greshams to the docks and gives them their passports.


Could be warehouses by the docks or by King’s Cross.

Surrey Docks, SE16(redeveloped as Surrey Quays shopping centre) – The Greshams find their way to meet their contact in Docklands

Whitehall Court/Charring Cross, SW1– Later that night the Greshams arrive at the docks and realize that they have been duped.

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