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THE BARON: There's Someone Close Behind You (Roy Baker: December 1965)
Unknown 1 - Mannering arrives at The Worker’s Hall and finds a concert taking place. Thankfully the police are not too far behind.

Unknown 2 - All three cars approach the site of the ambush.

Camley Street looking towards the Goodsway junction but needs confirmation.

THE BARON: The Edge of Fear
Unknown 1 - Mannering thinks he is being followed.

Camley Street looking towards the Goodsway junction?

Pancras Way, London NW1 - Mannering knows he is being followed.

Unknown 2 - Mannering lures his tail into a dead end street.

THE BARON: Red Horse, Red Rider (John Moxey: July/August 1965)
F57: Gordonbush House (formerly Egypt End) on Egypt Lane, Farnham Common - The Baron arrives at the home of Olmira. They have been followed by Salar and Shamir who wait outside in a Jeep. After a while they drive a little further down the road.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2021)



Unknown 1 - The Baron drives away from the home of Olmira with the four horsemen in his possession.

Unknown 2 - Using the tracking device Salar and Shamir drive their Jeepout of its hiding place to follow The Baron and Savannah.


Unknown 3 -Miros knows the area and finds a place for Mannering and Savannah to wait until nightfall to cross the border into Greece.

Unknown 4 - Miros, Mannering and Savannah find themselves somewhere near the border of Khakaniaand Greece.

Unknown 5 -Miros, Mannering and Savannahcatch a ride in a train to Alriba and the border.



Unknown 6 - Miros, Mannering and Savannahwatch as a truck unloads soldiers near to where they intend to cross the border into Greece.

Neither the soldiers nor the truck are seen at any other time in the episode.

Unknown 7 - Miros, Mannering and Savannahfind themselves somewhere near the border of Khakania and Greece.

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