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THE BARON: The High Terrace (Robert Asher: September 1966)
Unknown 1 - Johnny Haswell and Rhys Brown run Mannering off the road with a lorry


Unknown 2 - Johnny Haswell and Rhys Brown phone The Chosen One after running Mannering off the road.


THE BARON: The Seven Eyes of Night (Robert Asher: April 1966)
Forte Post House Hotel, Hemel Hempstead (site redeveloped as a Holiday Inn) - John Mannering is in France to buy "The Seven Eyes of Night". As he arrives in his Jensen at this motel and is watched by Jeff Walker and Vevel who later attempt to steal the jewels from Mannering.
Identified by Andrew Pearce, April 2017


Unknown 1


THE BARON: Something for a Rainy Day (Cyril Frankel: November 1965)
B23: Barnes Lodge, Kings Langley (demolished 1975) - Max Holder and Lucas (Derek Newark) are holding Ann Seldon at the Chateau Celeistine. Mannering (Steve Forrest) and Cordelia (Sue Lloyd) attempt to rescue Anne, but The Baron is confronted by a vicious guard dog and is captured by Lucas.



Looks like another white house directly opposite across the valley.

Also appears in THE SAINT: The Desperate Diplomat (Ray Austin: 1968)
Simon Templar (Roger Moore) and Sara (Susan Farmer) arrive in at the house near Zurich where Jason Douglas is hiding. Unfortunately, Walter Faber (Robert Hardy) is already waiting for them.

By this time the house looks fairly derelict.

Unknown 3 - Charlotte Russell and Mark Seldon drive to a collect the collection from where he has hidden it.

Unknown 3 - In the Citroen Mannering, Cordelia and Ann Seldon try to locate the place where Mark Seldon hid the collection he stole.

Unknown 4 - Charlotte Russell and Mark Seldon drive to a collect the collection from where he has hidden it.


Unknown 5 - John Mannering drives in his Citroen towards the farm where he is to meet Seldon's daughter.

THE BARON: Portrait of Louisa (John Moxey: September 1965)
Unknown 1 - Louisa drives her Jaguar to Peter Langley's home, Barnsmore Cottage. Later John Mannering arrives in his Jensen to question Peter but Peter is shot before he can talk.



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