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GIDEON’S WAY: The Prowler (Robert Tronson: March 1965)
Unknown 5 - Alan Campbell-Gore (Davis Collings) makes his way back to Winfield Square. Detective Inspector Doug Brown (Richard Burrell) is hot on his trail. Gideon (John Gregson) and Keen () arrive on the scene in their car.

Cheapside, EC4 – Gideon and Keen make their way to Winfield Square.
(Identified by Alan Field, May 2009)


The lights are similar to those at London Wall. The nearest Bennett’s Cameras found so far is 49 Cheapside.

Alan Field - There is a near identical shot from the same point in Starring The Saint but in that one the camera pans far enough to see the tower of St Mary-Le-Bow church. The row of shops and the building they were within were demolished a couple of years ago.”

Unknown 6 -– Gideon and Keen make their way to Winfield Square.

GIDEON’S WAY: The Thin Red Line (Cyril Frankel: March 1965)
Unknown 3 - Amsterdam

Unknown 4 - Amsterdam

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