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THE BARON: Countdown (Robert Asher: October 1966)
Unknown 1 - Arkin Morley drives his Rover from the film studios and brags to Compton how he tricked The Baron.



Unknown 2 - Mannering and Cordellia drive to Parkstone House.

THE BARON: Roundabout (Robert Tronson: August 1966)
144 Champs Elysees, Paris
- It is night and Georges Delair is in his apartment on the Champs Elysees with his mistress, Jeanne Varda (Cinema UGC George V, 144 Champs Elysees).

Eifel Tower, Paris- Establishing shot of Paris.

Champs Elysees - The Baron is driven by Peter Savell down the Champs Elise towards The Gare du Nord (corner of Rue Balzac).

Place De Opera - The Baron is driven by Peter Savell past the Opera towards The Gare du Nord.

Gare du Nord, Place Napoleon III, Paris - The Baron is driven by Peter Savell to The Gare du Nord.

Unknown 1 - The Baron is driven by Peter Savell to The Gare du Nord.

Is this The Gare du Nord?

Hotel Raphael, 17, Avenue Kléber- The Baron goes to the male beauty salon run by Jeanne Varda (Hotel Raphael, 17, Avenue Kléber).

Avenue Kléber- Establishing shot of Paris showing Eifel Tower as seen from the roof of Hotel Raphael, 17, Avenue Kléber.

Unknown 2 - After their escape John Mannering is driven through Paris by Samantha Ballard.

Piazza della Borsa, Naples Italy- John Mannering is waiting for Georges Delair and Jeanne Varda in their apartment. Samantha Ballard watches from the street outside (1 Corso Umberto, Naples, Italy).

Unknown 5 - The car with John Mannering, the wounded Georges Delair and Jeanne Varda travels north on Route National 1.

Hadley Common?

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