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THE SAINT: The Desperate Diplomat (Ray Austin: 1968)
Unknown 4 - Walter Faber phones Simon Templar from a phone box (Assume that this is a prop phone box). Later that night Simon Templar arrives in his Volvo to collect information about Sara's kidnap.

Unknown 5 - Simon Templar drives towards the phone box.

Unknown 6 - Simon Templar drives towards the Phone box and passes Faber's car. A few minutes later Faber follows.

Unknown 8 - Faber is holding Sara Douglas hostage as Simon Templar arrives on the opposite side of the lake. Faber tries to negotiate a deal with Templar as Eddie Margoles waits with a gun to kill Templar. Simon grabs Eddie and Faber shoots him by accident. In the confusion Sara is able to drive away in Faber's car.


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