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THE SAINT: The Crime of the Century (John Gilling: January 1965)
Unknown 1 - Betty Tregrath finishes her work at International Chemicals, European Research Division Chemical before leaving on holiday

Unknown 2 - Betty Tregrath is taken by one of Raxel’s men to where her brother is supposedly being treated after a traffic accident.

Unknown 3 - Betty Tregrath is taken by one of Raxel’s men to building where her brother is supposedly being treated by a doctor after a traffic accident.

Unknown 3 - Posing as Carl Munster, Simon Templar is escorted by Crantor and Gregory from the Rake’s Progress Club.

THE SAINT: The Saint Steps In (John Gilling :March/April 1964)
5, The Avenue, Radlett  - Taxi with Miss Grey in arrives at Quinell’s house for an appointment. two fake policemen are not far behind and stop her before she can get to the house. Saint intervenes. Walter Devan is watching and only makes himself known as the two detectives flee. Simon returns that night to talk to Mr. Quinell and meets Andrea.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, October 2018)



Unknown 3 - Fake detectives have village/wall back projection.

Unknown 4 - Saint is not far behind in his Volvo - Ingram Avenue?

Probably on, or near, Ingram Avenue.

Unknown 5 - BP of For sale signs

Unknown 6 - BP Wall plus shots of road as Simon drives Madeline, in his Volvo, to Calvin Grey's house

Unknown 7 - Simon drives Madeline, in his Volvo, to Calvin Grey's house in his Volvo.


Unknown 8 - Villain drives off after Lab raid

Unknown 9 - The lab police arrive to investigate the dead prowler. Villain sets fire to lab as a diversion to kidnap Madeline.


THE SAINT: One The Saint Plays with Fire (Robert S. Baker: 1963)
Redhill Street, London, NW1 – Ralph arrives at John Kennet’s flat in a taxi. A day or so later Simon Templar arrives in his Volvo to speak to Ralph Windlay. 
(Idenified by John Pizinas, January 2024)

Unknown 2 – Simon Templar drives Jacko Jackman around in his Volvo. Route goes from modern houses to old village shops then to large houses behind high walls.


THE SAINT: The Well Meaning Mayor (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
Unknown 1 – Simon Templar drives his Volvo towards the seaside town of Seatondean.

          Also see in The Talented Husband when Simon drives John Clarron to the railway station.

Unknown 2 – The Saint drives through Seatondean to pop in on his good old friend Jack Bryant.

Ian S. Bolton – “not Peacehaven”

Looks like the van may say ‘FREEMANS BUTCHERS”, in which case: 12 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 / 67 Lordship Lane, SE22 / 159 New Cross Road, SE14

THE SAINT: The Man Who Liked Toys (John Gilling: June 1964)
Avenue Close, Avenue Road, NW8 – George Fowler (Maurice Kaufmann) is dropped off at his flat by Enstone in his Rolls Royce. Soon after Marjorie Enstone (Jeanne Moody) leaves watched by a private detective, Bishop.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, April 2023)


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