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THE SAINT: The Set-Up (Roy Baker: October 1964)
Clarendon Court, Staverton Road, Wilesden Green, North West London, NW2 -  Simon watches as Corrigan arrives home. He enters the building, but Orping arrives in his car soon after.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, November 2019)


THE SAINT: The Contract (Roger Moore: October 1964)
Unknown 1 - Dunstan chases to Farnberg from Eileen Ballingerís home to his waiting car, but one of his men intrceeds. Farnberg escapes in the car.

Unknown 2 - Simon drives Mrs Ballinger in his Volvo to a meeting at a pub with Dunstan.


THE SAINT: The Damsel in Distress (Peter Yates: Aug/Sep 1964)
Unknown 1 - Allesandro and Simon Templar arrive in Florence and take a taxi to see Guido.

Unknown 2 - After taking a job as a chauffer for Guyiseppe Rolfieri,

Unknown 3 - Simon Templar drives Barbara Astral into the local village near Florence where Guyiseppe Rolfieri has his villa.

158 boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris, France - Barbara Astral takes the opportunity to talk to the new driver, Sebastian, as they begin their journey back to Vila Di Milo.
(Identified by Pierre Alfonsi,  December 2014)


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