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GIDEON’S WAY: Boy With Gun (Jeremy Summers: May 1965):
Unknown 1 – Establishing shot of London Market

Unknown 3 – Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) is cornered by a gang of youths, Charlie  in a back lane. Mick Murphy (Roger Foss) is shot. Doctor Kirk (Anthony Bate) goes to the crime scene to attend to the injured boy.  Detective Inspector Smith (Tony Thawnton).


Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) runs into the street, but has to turn back when he sees two of the gang members talking to a police man.


Unknown 4 – Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) find a phone box and calls his father about the accidental shooting.

I7: Napsbury Station (demolished) – A shocked Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) walks along the railway tracks with the gun,
(Identified by Victor Hall, August 2009)

Victor Hall: “This looks very much like the Midland Main Line running through Napsbury at the sight where the Signal Box once stood.  the Signal Box would have been situated behind the camera.  In the background is a BR Sulzer class 45 locomotive which were indigenous to this line.”

Unknown 6 – Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) leaves his house with the gun.

The house from LS Page 15

Unknown 8 – He sees some lorries at a greasy spoon and hides inside one of them.


Unknown 10 – Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) finds a farm and steals some milk it is here he first meets Vince Kelly (Michael Craze).


Geoff Dodd - “I think the farm could be Summerswood Farm on the east side of Summerswood Lane, just north of Buckettsland Lane. The shape of the building seems right and the distinctive chimney is present but none of the out buildings match unfortunately. It would appear to be in the right area though, with O16 being very near by.”

Unknown 12 – Chased past warehouses


Unknown 14 – Finny goes around to Tim Murphy’s (George Sewell) house.


Unknown 16 – Keen’s car make a U-turn.

Unknown 18 – Keen reports to Gideon

Randolph Avenue, W9 - Gideon himself decides to drive down to the wharfs.

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